Welcome to the new editors!

Some of you may have been wondering where I have been the past few day, others may have been wondering what I could possibly be up to that no progress has happened on even planning volume 4. Well, here I am! Terrible grammar and all!

I spent most of the weekend looking through various peoples edits and trying to decide who would be best to be my new editor. In the end the decision was incredibly hard. I mean, most of you did incredibly well. Without being able to decide on who would best fit the role, I ended up picking a couple. ^.^

For everyone who I didn’t choose. Thank you so much for applying, you did some rather nice work and can be proud of it. The fact that you applied in the first place shows you have interest and I really appreciate it. If I do end up needing to look for another editor in the future, I hope you will all apply again.

Allow me to introduce the current list of editors and a little about them!

Vincent – The eldest and wisest of us all, slowly becoming a legacy. He is a being of very few words, and thoughts as to whether or not he descended from another plane of existence comes to question. He is that kind of existence.

genericIntent – The current editor in chief. In charge of all the day to day functions and overlooking edits. His keen eyes pick up every little sneaky shift between past and present tense that I place in my writing to the point where they have already started bleeding. I worry I may be developing a sadistic side.

Shieldbasher – He is the Shinichiro Tamaki from Code Geass. He doesn’t have a specific role or title, but we all know he is equally important to the team as the rest of us! A few words from him “Hi Readers, Shieldbasher here, as a new assistant editor for End Online. I’ll try my best to support this novel as much as I can. Please take care of me.”

Scott – The Master of the Blurb. He is a straightforward man whose creativeness inspires children around the world. Little is known about him, but I gladly welcome him to the team and look forward to his future help.

I believe we now have a full team of editors, people who are strong in their own individual ways and should help tidy up my work to a professional level.

As a matter of fact, over the past few days, genericIntent and Shieldbasher have done a full edit of chapter 19 (which should be updated tonight! Some minor, some major changes). The only person who didn’t join in was Vincent, who did the initial proofread, and Scott, who was the last to join us. We will all be slowly working backwards from chapter 19 as well, cleaning up the previous chapters for all future/repeat readers. ^.^

They made so many edits that google docs actually started to break. It was insane. They simply took to my work like tigers that have been starved for the past month! You should see these changes shortly from this post being created.

I am now leaving genericIntent in charge of accepting most edits without me looking over him as he has good judgement in the ways of grammar. While I look over it all I simply have no time to plan or write which is no good!

Once I update chapter 19, I will finally update the weekly update. I will also add another part to the ‘About me’ page if I can remember what I was thinking about ten minutes ago. You know how it is, one moment you have a particular thought, and then the next you simply can’t remember for the life of you!

Anyway, a great big welcome to the new editors!


  1. While we’re on the topic of editing, will the e-book versions be updated with any changes (if that’s even possible, I don’t quite know how the kindles, etc…, handle that)? I noticed while reading the e-book that it seems the text didn’t handle the transition well. I saw quite a few errors that I’m sure weren’t present in the version online. For example, the word “but” turned into the word “buy”.



    1. It would have just been a simple mistake that was corrected after the book was published. I can update the ebooks and I will be doing so, but I’m not going to do it when just a few small errors have been corrected and there are plenty left. I am just withholding from doing so until each volume gets a full edit. I’m pretty sure anyone who has previously purchased the book will be able to purchase the update when it is uploaded. (I haven’t actually done it before so I am not 100% certain.)



      1. My apologies, it seems like I came off a bit agressive (in my opinion, at the least). I was merely curious and was explaining what got me thinking. I didn’t mean to come off sounding rude if that was the case.



  2. New reader here …..

    I was glad I’ve decided to look into my list when I just manage to finish the latest chapter of the series I was following… Looking at my listl I saw end online and found out that it doesn’t have many chapter yet and decided to start reading…

    At first I was kinda hesitating if I should continue .reading after a few chapter… I kinda feel bad for the Mc and start to lose my motivation to read but because of the novels I’ve read before with the same losing everything start I manage to bring up my motivation and start my reading frenzy (finished reading in 1day and 1 night. I would have finished it earlier if I wasn’t savoring the story) the story is so good..

    And here I am posting….. Hungry for more…

    I wish lost convert to the elf race….
    Does elf gain more exp?



      1. Ah waiting something very hard to do especially if you still have the hype from reading….

        But I shall keep myself occupied with other novel but I just have to ask do you have an estimated time of completion….
        So I don’t have to check every time I touch my phone or tablet……



  3. Thnx…. I shall wait patiently….. Ironic thing is end online have some similarity with the game in my mind…. It also have free to pick skill system but unlike end online job act as a booster to the skill… Example… Picking the job Knight can boost physical attack and defensive skill but still able to pick magic but magic lvlup slower if you you don’t have magic related job…. There are also secondary job…. Combat related second job like berserker and hunter….
    Support related second job like scout and carrier…
    Production job like blacksmith and farmer..

    There are also hidden bonus when you choose a job and second job with some relation like choosing berserker and blade Master…. Damage increase the more health you lose…. Berserker and guardian…life Regeneration increased the more you lose health….

    The sad thing is it will never be a game or be written into a story…. But it shall remain in my mind forever….



    1. Well, you know that if you ever do decide to do some writing, you have somewhere to start. I see what you mean, the jobs themselves create a synergy when used in certain combinations. It is an interesting and realistic concept nonetheless.



      1. It’s actually more complicated than that but let’s stop talking about it talk about end online more…..

        I want to know how many race are there in end online
        And Does a race grant special bonus like if your an archer and choose to be an elf does it give archery bonus…



    1. Hue, well while you could probably argue that it is a divine quest i.e. under the instructions of a god. It would probably not be a quest of divine rarity haha



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