Introduction to Days of Grandeur

 Editors: None! Wahaha

Just a small update on everything. This weekend has been the most productive weekend I have ever had!!

Not only have I published chapter 22; but planned chapter 22.5 and 23, the latter of which is already more than half written. I added in a new part in the ‘About Me’ page, about things that distract me and other feelings, if any of you are interested.

I also added the new page ‘Other Original Works and Reviews’, in which I have already written one review on Zectas, and begun reading into the second on my list.

But let me get straight into the real scope of why you are reading this; my new work that I will be publishing here. Allow me to give you a brief description what it will be.

It is a ‘slice of life’ based around an average male, in an average school, with average friends and average problems. And contrary to how average I describe it, it will be named ‘Days of Grandeur’.

Each chapter will possibly only be up to a thousand words long, but that isn’t where it gets interesting. It is a completely new style I thought up the other week and have been pondering about since. A story told completely through speech! Due to the nature of the story, each release will not be called a ‘chapter’, but instead a ‘scene’.

It will have some short non speech parts in it. The formate for each ‘scene’ will be as follows.


Location – Time & Date

Short description of the scene, weather, any other peculiarities. Single paragraph only.

(Person) “Speech”

(Person) “Speech”

(Person) “Speech”


The main purpose of this work is to actually help me improve my character interactions, benefiting my other works. It isn’t that I think of how I currently write as bad, it is a simple fact of “Can it be better?”.

Although, this does require me to go back and update all the chapters with ‘Previous Chapter’ and ‘Next Chapter’ links, creating a maelstrom of pingbacks from linking posts to other posts, annoying comments created by the pingbacks to delete, and another flood of emails letting me know there are pingbacks on my site.

Actually, it’s not as bad as I just made it out to be, but it is a little irritating.

I also can’t believe that we are already up to 478,000 views! My hat’s off, all you readers are incredible!

Anyway, a big thank you to the editors for their hard efforts in polishing the dusty quartz that is End Online until it shines and I hope all you readers have had a great weekend!

^.^  -( O.o)/


    1. Hahaha I wouldn’t quite put it like that. It is not the drama Shakespear would create. While it is script like, it doesn’t have all the usual script items like emotions, stage exits etc… Oh ‘smth’ reminds me of that horrendous mobile app ‘send me to heaven’. Many people found their phones in ACTUAL heaven as a result.



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