Volume 4 is published!

Many of you must be wondering where chapter 27 is, others must have realized my treachery and have found sticks to chase me with.

Chapter 27 is fully done, and has been for a while, but I wanted to publish the book first. I uploaded it last night and woke up this morning six minutes after it became live! I also decided to update my author page while I was making a few changes.

Anyway, this time will not be exactly like last time, I feel that the additional short chapter in the chapter is already enough to give back to all those who puchase my book and support me, So I will be posting chapter 27 in a little less than 48 hours from this post. The exact time will be 8:00pm GMT on 29/8/15

Anyway, you can now find Volume 4 on Amazon here

Volume 4 Cover 1 Embossed


  1. Congratulations on the new book, I can’t wait to read it (already on my kindle).

    On an semi-related note, I have a special stick that I like to call the “stupid stick” IRL. I always try and find a stick-like weapon in games and run around beating “stupid” people with it. You’re safe though. You’re a joker/teaser. I might chase you with it, but won’t try to actually hit you with it ; ).



  2. Sorry for asking Mr. Wolfin, where in the web can I find Chapter 27? it’s already 30 August…
    I can’t sleep if I have not read it yet… :p



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