eBooks currently down.

Some of you may be unable to find my books on Amazon.com currently or read them on your kindle. This is because my account is currently suspended for a ridiculous reason which is actually quite frustrating. I am trying to contact amazon kdp at the moment but their contact us page just leads me directly back to the homepage and I can only wait for them to reply to my email. I have copied the content of my reply below to show you what I mean.

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Current Status (Book finished-ish)

I really hate too many post on updates and not chapters, but I can’t keep hiding from you all because I’ve been reading and not writing. Seriously, I know how you feel when you need just one more chapter.

Anyway, here is the current status.

I’ve had quite some problems getting stuck back into writing, and it all mainly stems from being absent too long. I started the bonus chapter for CotE Vol.2 at the beginning of last month (I think it was), and I couldn’t get past the first paragraph. It’s almost like when you don’t do anything for a long time and forget how to do it.

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The Big Update


Update: Chap 14 – 17 unedited are available on my patreon for everyone. Just click on the link and follow it there ^.^  No sign up required. That’s the end of this book, all that’s left is a bonus chapter, consistency checks for names etc which I ended up changing half way through, and battle edits pre chap 11.


So many of you are worried. I am here to tell you, there is no need to!

I originally wanted to post this once I had finished Chronicle of the Eternal Volume 2, but I’ve been busy the past couple of days and haven’t had the chance to finalize the writing. I only have half the final chapter remaining plus the bonus chapter. Here is what has been happening.

As many of you know, before I disappeared, my brother had been living with me and I we were looking for a new house. Well, we got a new house! But this is where everything also started going wrong.

Here in Australia, we have a new type of internet rolling out called the National Broadband Network(NBN). I contacted my isp in regards to changing address, and they informed me that I can’t continue on a landline and need to transfer over to the NBN. I don’t understand why when a phone line is still connected to the house but they were adamant on the fact. I even had to buy a new router as their branded router that was NBN ready is apparently not compatible with the NBN – I raged at them pretty hard over this.

I was also assured that the transfer would be 3 – 5 business days to complete then my internet would be ready. I didn’t have a problem with this as it wasn’t a significant deal. Little did I know that that was a big fat lie.

Ignoring the nitty details, The NBN is installed and run by a single company called NBNCO, who are massively understaffed with technicians and services are extremely poor. Customers can’t even contact them to ask what is going on.

It took over 3 months for me to finally get working internet again! That’s the main crux of the problem, I simply have had no internet.

While I’m sure there are methods around this and I could have done better to find internet elsewhere, it wasn’t the only problem I ran into. I have had no money and have been struggling to look for work in order to pay rent. My bank keeps singing Lunchmoney Lewis to me which, whilst being a funny analogy, is quite serious.

My Microsoft Office subscription also ran out not long after moving house. If any of you don’t know what happens in that scenario, Microsoft Word basically becomes Adobe Reader. You can view files, but you can’t do anything else. I had no money to renew it at the time, and no internet to renew it through!

I’ve had internet for about the past three weeks, and have been working on getting back into the rhythm of writing, but it is a gradual process to find the state of mind you were in previously.

Nowadays, I have been getting stuck into writing more. I do have six kids running around the house Friday evening to Monday morning which can be quite distracting (I am the easiest person to become distracted in the world), but I am getting there.

That’s why, I do apologize for being slow, but you don’t have to worry about me dropping the series or anything like that. No matter the speed, it will still be coming… eventually. Anyway, I’m hoping CotE Vol. 2 will be published between 1 – 2 weeks, after which I will be getting stuck into End Online.

Well that is my status update and rage at the world ^.^ I would like to give a personal thank you to everything who has stuck with me and supported me through Patreon, there was one month I was VERY short on rent and the money accumulated helped me make up the remainder. The remaining unedited chapters of CotE will be published there this evening, as well as being sent to my editors.


End Online: Chapter 44

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: The only chapter of End Online that was held back. It is the first chapter of Volume 7, and has been collecting dust for too long! I never got around to finishing the editing earlier because I was too focused on trying to catch up. I won’t ask for you to vote for End Online at topwebfiction just now, I want to get better and be writing more first.

Chapter 44 – Guild Hall

– Lost –

I squint my eyes against the morning sun shining brightly through the forested swamp where I fought the ‘King Class’ AI, Ladon. I sit against a tree with Fen sleeping on my lap, her health still at zero, and observe my surroundings. All the frozen swamp water has long since thawed, and the dire flames used to light the area during our fight have vanished. Broken and charred trees litter the area like in a disaster scene. The occasional tree still falls down nearby, each creating a resounding crash and splashing the shallow swamp water in all directions.

Gladox sits nearby, fortunately on a dry log, unlike me, still bitterly soaking in the freezing cold water. He is inspecting his equipment and recently gained loot, while occasionally glancing at Fen in my arms with envy. I glare at him menacingly to remind him to mind his own business, but he just lightly chuckles before returning to whatever he was doing.

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Writing Style

I have a question for you all that I would like some feedback on. I have also created a poll for those who don’t have any particular remarks to comment but favour one opinion over another.

Poll can be found here.

As many know, or have noticed, I write in the present state, save for events that have already happened. I grew into this style early on when I started writing. During the initial feedback from readers, there was one about “showing not telling”, along with some examples. I found it puzzling at first and was comparing the examples with my work, and also doing research on the subject.

I have learned about it now, but at the time, I had taken it as writing in the present tense was “showing” (involving the reader in the action as it’s happening) where as writing in the past tense was “telling” (telling the reader about what happened). I often mistook verbs back then and wrote as a jumbled mess of both present and past tense. Thankfully weakwithwords, then genericIntent, came along and helped me fix most of it in the editing process.

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End Online Volume 6 Available

I had some considerable troubles getting photoshop to work over the past few days, preventing me from completing the cover art, but I finally managed to solve the problem!

As quite a few people have found already, Volume 6 of End Online is now available at Amazon. You can find it by following this link to Amazon.


Here is the full cover art of Volume 6. If I do say so myself, I am getting much better with photoshop! If only I was this good when I started creating the cover art.

For all those wondering, it will be KU in one month from now, just like the rest of the books. And as always, should any problems appear with it being available here too, it will have to be removed from here.

Volume 6 Cover 1 EmbossedDigitalRGB

End Online: Chapter 42

Editors: Dyngari, Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang, genericIntent
Author’s notes: Only one more chapter to go! Well, for all those who have been following my blog for a while, you will know I’m nasty and don’t release the final chapter of a book until 1 week after the book is released. A good thing it is all written! Only pending edits, art and compilation. Also, we are now endonline.net !! ^.^
I fell a little behind on my schedule, but as of today I am up to date again, for chapters at least. I have decided that I will rewrite my schedule on the last day of every month, and plan the following month in its entirety – for all of those interested. I also had a fantastic, and insightful, idea for my fourth series. Far too early to actually write #3 and #4, gotta finish #1 or #2 first, but it’s good to write them down and slowly work on a skeleton for them.
Another chapter release, please show your support by taking a minute of your time to follow the link and vote for End Online at TopWebFiction.com! Votes are reset weekly so even if you have voted before, please do so again! ^.^

Chapter 42 – Escalating Challenge

– Lost –

“Why are we leaving!? I could have taken him!” Sir Laurence states bravely, puffing out his chest for Verde’s benefit.

“No, you couldn’t. Not alone at least. He is an AI, just like Fen.”

“What!?” Sir Laurence and Verde both cry out in surprise. Gladox seemed to already have figured it out and lightly sighs.

“He is strong, extremely strong. I don’t want to fight him if we don’t have to.”

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End Online Chapter 41

Editors: Dyngari, Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang, genericIntent
Author’s notes: Second chapter release! Also, lots of news! the schedule has been updated (trail #2) to be a little more lax and easy to maintain. For all of you interested, the page link is on the sidebar.
I’ve been meaning to post this as well, but one of my readers has created something incredible. Christoffer R has composed a track for End Online. It is titled “Iceridge”, and if you haven’t guessed it already, is inspired by a winter landscape of ice and snow. I had wanted to create a video for it as it makes an excellent backing track, but I did not have the time. The track is planned to be uploaded to Soundcloud, at which point of time, I will remove it from here and add a link to the track in the End Online ToC. (Now in End Online ToC)
End Online has now been upgraded to a wordpress premium site! This means several things. First, now I will be earning money from the ads on my site instead of wordpress. I have a rough understanding of how it works, but I’m no techwizard. Should any ads redirect you from my site, feature inappropriate content or such, send me an email. It also means I can customize my theme, so you may notice me play around with it over the next day or two.
Lastly, a free custom domain! Unfortunately endonline.com is already taken, but I am currently tossing up between endonline.net , endonline.org , or just keeping it as is. Please follow the link to a poll and vote which you think is better. The most votes will be the final decision – Strawpoll
Considering that this is a double chapter release, please show your support by taking a minute of your time to follow the link and vote for End Online at TopWebFiction.com! Votes are reset weekly so even if you have voted before, please do so again! ^.^

Chapter 41 – For Survival

– Mikhail –

I hope we never have to play the part of Michael and Rood again. I can feel the cold sweat dripping down my forehead as Ralph and I leave Hollis Sylvester’s home. This whole thing was a first for me, as I’m usually a straightforward person, not inclined to such dubious acts as pretending to be from a company I’m not.

Technically speaking, Virtue is an under-the-table affiliate company of ours created solely for the distribution of the Virtual Link, but that doesn’t make it any better. This was the plan Ralph and I came up with after discussing what to do. The only other viable option was to break into the house and steal it; security isn’t very strict in this outer region of the city anyway.

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End Online Chapter 40

Editors: Dyngari, Templar, Jack Vanatis, genericIntent, Orang
Author’s notes: Several pieces of news. First is a big welcome to our two new editors: Dyngari amd Orang. Thank you to everyone who applied for the editor position, there were quite a lot of you and your willingness to help is more than one man can ask for. Unfortunately I couldn’t choose you all, but I hope that if any new editors are required in the future, you will apply again.
I have received a few words from our new editors for you all.
Dyngari – “Hi all, I’m your new editor for End Online, Dyngari! I’m glad to be working on a fun web serial that I’ve been enjoying for a bit over a year now; Yoroshiku ne!”
Orang – (Orang has opted for the ye’ olde tradition of editor silence. Perhaps next time!)
Lastly, today is a double chapter release! I have been holding back despite editing finished as writing Chapter 42 was my top priority. Chapter 41 and all updates to ToC and links will be posted shortly. More news too.

Chapter 40 – Temple Trap

– Lost –

“Gladox? You’re the Gladox?!” I can’t help but cry out in surprise.

When I look at the four-eared wolf man, I can indeed see similarities between him and the famous player Gladox. However, there are a few differences, making me wonder if it is actually him.

The biggest difference is the armor, which is a deep obsidian color instead of the silver armor I saw on his videos. His sword is also different, but I can understand changing equipment as you get stronger, even if I haven’t done it that much myself. No, the main problem I have with him being Gladox is his height.

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Editor Recruitment

As I’m sure you all saw in the last post. genericIntent is retiring and we are in need of new editors. I will keep it short so see the below rules for applying ^.^


~ Comment below your intent to join our team, or send me a private email to drunkenwolfin[at]gmail[dot]com

~ All editing will be done in google docs. It is preferred if you have a gmail account, but it is not entirely necessary. I should still be able share the document with you if you don’t, google docs just complains to me about it.

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