Welcome the New Editors!


I would like to thank everyone who trialled for an editor. You all did a fantastic job and left me remarkably impressed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t simply select you all. If I did, we would be following the principle of too many cooks in the kitchen.

The decision was tough, but I believe I made the right one. I would like to welcome two new editors to work with me on the new story, Chronicle of the Eternal. Templar will be the head editor of COTE while Jack Vanatis will work alongside him. I will also try have them help on End Online when they are available to help genericIntent, who is currently working as a one man army.


I also have a few words from the new editors:

Your in for a fun journey!

Jack Vanatis:
Ahem. Editing, like most things in life is a science. In this case, it’s a mad science and if there’s one thing you can trust Jack Vanatis to do, it’s science up something insane and dangerous out of ordinary objects. Like words. Words that are smashed together into a dangerous mashup of universes, quarks, and giant robot. That’s how blueprints work, and not a single person is going to tell me otherwise. With me on the job/s, I promise both effective grammar and correct levels of tense, with the occasional giant robot out of nowhere. Scratch that last one, I’ve just been informed that an editor is not allowed to mess with the plot. Vote Jack Vanatis, 2016.


Hello, I’m Jack Vanatis. I’m editor number two. Hope you like the story.


… (silence intensifies)

Thanks for choosing me.


That will be all for now, so give a big welcome to our two new editors!

I also have a few words myself to say. I am currently all packed up and will be moving house today/tomorrow. The only problem is that I will be without internet for an indefinite amount of time (Maybe between 1 week and 3 weeks)

Still, Chapter 1 of Chronicle of the Eternal should be posted tonight and even without internet, I will keep on writing! ^.^


  1. I was just looking for a way to contact you about possible help with editing, and I am very glad that you have seemed to have found it. I am curious what the chances are your early books may be re-released with fresh editing?



      1. That is awesome! I look forward to the re-read. The first time through the books I was so into the story I either autocorrected as I read or simply didn’t notice. On the second read though though the errors became very distracting. I am looking forward to more of your work.



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