News Update

I thought to update you all on several new things, and as it isn’t just a minor piece of news or two, I created its own post to grab your attention.

Part 1:

First of all, I am incredibly excited to announce the page views. I have been waiting patiently for the past month for this blog to reach a million views. I’m not some super conglomerate website, like wuxiaworld – that has recently, very recently, updated the fact that they have now reached 500 million page views, or other massively popular fan translation sites. But to someone like me, a million views is an incredibly big deal to me.

Considering I started End Online as a hobby during unemployment, without the slightest intention or idea I would make it my full time career, a million views back them was smoke and mirrors within a dream.

The site took a large hit when I got a full time job and releases slowed down, it has remained steady ever since. Here are some stats:

~ 10+ views/day was a thrill when I initially started.
~ 2500 views/day was the top average prior to employment.
~ 6392 views, with 617 reddit referrals and  492 others, on May 8, 2015 is the all time high for views.
~ The latest average is about 2000 views/day on average, thanks to the viewership spikes during releases

We are only 34,000 views away from the 1 million mark, so hopefully we will reach it within 17 days!

Part 2:

There are two things I would like to notify everyone of. One I have known about for a long time, and another I found just yesterday after a self satisfactory google search of myself. Some of you may be wondering, “Do you google yourself often?” The answer to that is, “Not often, but frequently, yes. I tend to search myself about once a month, just to see if anything else comes up as I can only usually find out through referrals – when people click a link leading to my blog.”

The first item I thought to share with you all is there is actually a translation of End Online, courtesy of Cheesestick. You can find that one if it piques you interest by following the below link:

The translator contacted me quite some time ago for permission to translate End Online, and I was more than happy for him to go ahead. I would like to thank Cheesestick greatly for the time and effort he has put into this translation, bringing my work to a different community.

Part 3:

This here is the second item I found on the internet, just recently too I might add. A certain individual, who I would like to give a personal commendation for the effort put into making this, posted a certain video on youtube. I know what you’re thinking, an animation of End Online! Well, you’re wrong and wrong again.

This individual, who goes by the name of/whose name is Alex Rider, created a audible reading of Chapter 1 of Chronicle of the Eternal. I’m not much of an audio book listener myself, but I found this piece of art to be quite pleasant. I stumbled upon it by accident, googling a routine tangent of my name and following a link through some back end website search engine to arrive there. A strange coincidence, but I found it.

I would like to give a massive commendation to Alex Rider for taking the time to create this. Please take the time to follow the below link and send him a like, a subscribe, or both for his efforts. If you enjoy audio books, have a listen as well!

CotE – Chapter 1 reading


  1. Thanks you for End online and making it free to read wish I could help by buying the book. I will when I get a job my self for this a good story.



  2. Oh man! I am loving the new CotE book! I can’t wait to read more… and End Online I’ve followed since book 2 (?)-ish… and I’ve bought every single one. I keep trying to convince my friends to read it, but I’ve decided I’ll have to buy them for my friends to show how great the series is!

    My only “complaint” is that I can’t get enough. Every time I finish one chapter, I just want to keep reading more!



    1. I’m glad you enjoy it! Also, you may have better success convincing your friends if you wait until the professional editing of Volume 1 is finished late March/beginning of April ^.^



  3. I have to say congratulations on your achievements, keep aiming higher.

    I also want to say as a fan and writer myself your one of my inspirations and someone I want to rival in the future.

    Again congratulations keep moving forward.



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