Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 1

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes:Hello everyone, it’s been a while!! Skipping all the unpleasentries for now, this is the first chapter release. I am going through all the chapters as we speak and releasing them in turn. I expect to have them all out today, but if not, there won’t be many left. I’m not holding back any chapters and releasing as much as I can.
As for my absense, and what has been happening. I will release two posts after the chapter releases. The first explaining what I have been going through lately and all the reasons I haven’t talked about for now. It is a big step coming out with these issues, so I hope you can be patient with me in this regard. The second post is something different, so wait for it to come (Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad).

Vol. 2 Chapter 1 – Registration

The first night after graduating from Bluemist Academy and being officially recognized as an adult, Regal’s home is intruded upon by two people. These interlopers are Aqua, who independently decided she would be stay with him until they departed Grand Theore and Veronica, who resolutely refused to leave Regal and Aqua alone together.

This night is the longest night Regal can recall. On one side of the room is Veronica, for whom he has strong feelings of love. Standing beside her is Aqua, who is fond of Regal but displeased that her feelings aren’t reciprocated.

Regal stands in the kitchen making a hot stew for them all out of a chunk of meat from a Horned Vice, which is a mutant beast that he was told resembles a cow and has a terrifying charge attack. The entire house is filled with a tense silence, only broken by the sound of the stew boiling and the occasional footsteps passing by outside.

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