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Update: Chap 14 – 17 unedited are available on my patreon for everyone. Just click on the link and follow it there ^.^  No sign up required. That’s the end of this book, all that’s left is a bonus chapter, consistency checks for names etc which I ended up changing half way through, and battle edits pre chap 11.


So many of you are worried. I am here to tell you, there is no need to!

I originally wanted to post this once I had finished Chronicle of the Eternal Volume 2, but I’ve been busy the past couple of days and haven’t had the chance to finalize the writing. I only have half the final chapter remaining plus the bonus chapter. Here is what has been happening.

As many of you know, before I disappeared, my brother had been living with me and I we were looking for a new house. Well, we got a new house! But this is where everything also started going wrong.

Here in Australia, we have a new type of internet rolling out called the National Broadband Network(NBN). I contacted my isp in regards to changing address, and they informed me that I can’t continue on a landline and need to transfer over to the NBN. I don’t understand why when a phone line is still connected to the house but they were adamant on the fact. I even had to buy a new router as their branded router that was NBN ready is apparently not compatible with the NBN – I raged at them pretty hard over this.

I was also assured that the transfer would be 3 – 5 business days to complete then my internet would be ready. I didn’t have a problem with this as it wasn’t a significant deal. Little did I know that that was a big fat lie.

Ignoring the nitty details, The NBN is installed and run by a single company called NBNCO, who are massively understaffed with technicians and services are extremely poor. Customers can’t even contact them to ask what is going on.

It took over 3 months for me to finally get working internet again! That’s the main crux of the problem, I simply have had no internet.

While I’m sure there are methods around this and I could have done better to find internet elsewhere, it wasn’t the only problem I ran into. I have had no money and have been struggling to look for work in order to pay rent. My bank keeps singing Lunchmoney Lewis to me which, whilst being a funny analogy, is quite serious.

My Microsoft Office subscription also ran out not long after moving house. If any of you don’t know what happens in that scenario, Microsoft Word basically becomes Adobe Reader. You can view files, but you can’t do anything else. I had no money to renew it at the time, and no internet to renew it through!

I’ve had internet for about the past three weeks, and have been working on getting back into the rhythm of writing, but it is a gradual process to find the state of mind you were in previously.

Nowadays, I have been getting stuck into writing more. I do have six kids running around the house Friday evening to Monday morning which can be quite distracting (I am the easiest person to become distracted in the world), but I am getting there.

That’s why, I do apologize for being slow, but you don’t have to worry about me dropping the series or anything like that. No matter the speed, it will still be coming… eventually. Anyway, I’m hoping CotE Vol. 2 will be published between 1 – 2 weeks, after which I will be getting stuck into End Online.

Well that is my status update and rage at the world ^.^ I would like to give a personal thank you to everything who has stuck with me and supported me through Patreon, there was one month I was VERY short on rent and the money accumulated helped me make up the remainder. The remaining unedited chapters of CotE will be published there this evening, as well as being sent to my editors.



Chronicle of the Eternal – Vol. 2 Chapter 13

Chapter 14: 10% (Unedited)
I have finally gained some normalcy in my life and should be getting busy writing now. I will finish a chapter today (18/7) and hopefully the rest of the book over the next week. As usual, it won’t be posted here until it has finished editing though. I will do a short update as well with each chapter post

Chapter 13 – Traders

Six days have passed since the night Veronica revealed her emotions to Regal. Veronica has practically become a new person, proactively pressing herself onto Regal and refusing to leave his side. Regal is troubled by this as it has detrimentally affected the squad’s teamwork when entering the dungeon, and has even interfered with his work.

Veronica has continued to try helping Regal with his compounding, even though she lacks the necessary skills. This results in quite a number of wasted materials and failed experiments. She also has started to follow him while he is working with the Community Defence Team, and despite the other crafters happily accepting the sudden addition of her beauty into their mix, her presence constantly distracts Regal while he works on the additional wall armor construction.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 12

COTE Vol.2 Complete: 12/20 chapter written
Chapter 13: 5% written
Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Fifth and final chapter being released! I had also wanted to to finish writing chapter 13 today, but after such a long journey of editing, I can only do my best tonight! I have also brought back the completion percent at the top of the most recent chapter, so at least you should have a rough idea of where I’m at, and when-ahem-if I’m slacking ^.^
For now, enjoy!

Chapter 12 – Soul

That night, Regal and his four squad members returned back to their villa to sit down and make their plans for tomorrow.

“I want everyone to go to the market tomorrow to buy second order skills, one per person. I will be working with the crafters on the community wall, so use that time to practice your new skills,” Regal calmly says to the group

“Is there any skills in particular we should get?” Aqua places her trust in Regal and asks.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 11.5

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Fourth chapter release! Many of you probably wouldn’t call this a chapter. But I can assure you, this took even longer to write!! I am also planning on going back through Vol. 2 prior to publishing and using it as a reference to rescope some battles.
I’m not going to format this as I usually would as it is basically the entire chapter, and such massive character sheets are easier to read as is. I am still contemplating a Char Stats sheet for the beginning or end of Vol. 2

Chapter 11.5 – Character Stats

Name: Regal Havier

Age: 18

Level: 21

Nxt Level: 33%

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 11

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Third chapter release!

Chapter 11 – Rapid Growth

“Theodore, how goes the analysis?” Bryn enters a small room and asks the craftsman who has black rings around his eyes.

“It’s useless! Useless!!” Theodore says in defeat, his head slumping forward.

“What nonsense are you talking about? It is a simple job.”

“Have a look for yourself!” The craftsman shows an ‘Earthen Blood Flint’ modified bullet to Bryn as he explains each part of it and starts dismantling it. “This red ring is a simple ink. I thought perhaps there was some secret to it, before I found this.”

Theodore takes out the four small crystal shards from the bullet, two brown like dirt, and two red like blood.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 10

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Second chapter release!

Chapter 10: Blood Flint

Regal rides Hades south from Greyhorn Townsend in hopes of finding Piora before she goes too far. He takes a snake-like route to cover more area, but pays most of his attention to the path leading back toward Grand Theore. Despite his increased speed, thanks to Hades, after searching for several hours he still can’t find even a trace of her. Regal tried to contact her through the transmission plate several times during his search, but no matter what he sent, Piora didn’t reply.

Returning to the community late in the evening, Regal returns to their villa, where the remainder of his squad has gathered. Everyone is curious as to where he has been, and why Piora left the squad so suddenly. With a gloomy expression, Regal patiently tells everyone about how he had an argument with Piora, which lead to the latter storming off in anger. Apparently, she was seen leaving the city gate.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 9

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Looking at the clock, I have just spent 8 hours editing! This wasn’t even me cleaning up my writing, but going through edits from our grand editors! Anyway, here is the first of several chapters being posted!

Chapter 9: Falling Apart

After Regal finished his third day working for the Community Defense Team, his idea of implementing the new defensive layer around the city wall still hadn’t been completed. Only a small few of the city’s crafters have been helping with the production of the new section of the wall as the rest are busy preparing the new iron mine with cart rails and new supports, while they calculate the size of the vein.

Lord Solace owns the mine, as it was located by members of his community, but he has announced that all crafters with the ‘Mining’ skill are permitted to dig inside it at any time and can keep thirty percent of everything they mine. This is a small benefit to the crafters who uncovered the iron ore deposit, providing them with the means to collect ore without having to buy it from the community.

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