I’m Back! (Never really left)

First Agenda: Current Status

Here I am, feeling bright and refreshed. Since my post on suffering from depression, things have become much better. First of all, thank you to everyone who offered me their support and best wishes. While I may not have replied to comments and have appeared to have vanished, I have been here the entire time and have read them as they came in.

An update on my condition, my depression has lifted its grip on me. It truly does feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The only bad news was that the medication didn’t do anything for me! It was actually quite frustrating to be honest. In the end, I ended up taking a classic R&R period to allow myself to forget everything that has been causing stress (Mainly self made writing deadlines, money to pay rent, etc…)

I have been feeling less tired for a while and am no longer sleeping up to 16hours a day, nor feeling chronically fatigued. I actually felt all better a little over a week ago, but have been caught up reading and constantly saying to myself “I’ll get back cracking tomorrow!” day after day. There is a bunch of pent up emails and other items on my agenda that need addressing! Including Tax 😥

I would also like to say that writing this post is feeling extremely good! ^.^


Second Agenda: EO and COTE Chapter status.

Some of you may be thinking “Oh no, here is another novel that has been dropped” or so forth. I have mentioned this before and will remind you all again. My stories will not be dropped until they are completed! I actually have great ideas for three more series, but I am holding onto those until I finish what I currently have.

I don’t have any specific dates or times planned for release of chapters currently as I will still be getting used to writing my series again (basically I have to back track on what I have written so far to ensure I don’t miss anything) I can say I will be predominately writing COTE until the completion of Vol. 2, and will try to get 1 or 2 chapters of EO written as well during the same time. I want to get COTE Vol. 2 released this month but if I work at the pace I would like, it won’t be until the end of January, or the start of Feb.

I will release several chapters at once when they have finished being edited. So with each chapter release, there will likely be about 3 chapters each.

Third Agenda: Novel Recommendations

My R&R has consisted of mainly reading. Actually, basically only reading. I have read a disgusting amount of translated novels from various cultures and bring you D’s Recommendations! These are broken into three separate categories based on nationality to suit your interests. All links are to novelupdates.com for convenient view of synopsis, number of chapters and where to find them, and general public votes on how good it is or not.

KR – Korean novel. These novels tend to favor an MC who becomes stronger than everyone else at the start, and that gap only widens as they receive rare upgrades and heaven-defying lucky encounters. Complete series tend to have 150 – 300 chapters
CH – Chinese novel. These novels generally fall into the Xianxia category (at least for my recommendations) but they can often contain other subgenres as well such as litRPG and such. One distinguished fact about chinese novels is that our MCs are very fond of “pushing down” women. A standard format for MC’s in these novels is typically starting off extremely weak, constantly struggling to become stronger and overcome more difficult adversaries. Complete series tend to have 1000+ chapters.
JP – Japanese novel. These are generally categorized at light novels or webnovels, depending on whether arcs are split into smaller books or large portions of continuous chapters. Both can be equally good, but I prefer web novels due to additional details. The MCs in these novels rarely get to “push down” woman as there is always something that gets in the way (another girl/s, someone barging in, the sky collapsing spontaneously just to cock block the MC) so you don’t really get any steamy scenes with these. A typical format for MCs is to have a unique talent or power, which only truly shines when they need it most, allowing them to overcome impossible odds. Also, if you ever find anything that is becomes overpowered with “the power of love” do us all a favor and start flipping tables. Complete series vary, 200+ chapters or 10+ volumes.

Release that Witch – (CH)(202 Chapters) I found this story extremely intriguing, and it completely took me in. It isn’t litRPG, xianxia or any other genre, just pure fantasy. An engineer is transported (Presumably dead and undergone soul transmigration across dimentions) into a medievil world where witches exist and the church has spread its influence across the land, convining the people that witches are the devil’s hands and taking the lead on “witch-hunts”. Our MC is reincarnated as the fourth (most useless) prince currently embroiled in a power struggle for kingship that he is fated to lose, or is he?

Cultivator Chat Group – (CH)(70 Chapters) An story about xianxia cultivators trying to live in the modern day world, and an innocent “mortal” who is accidentally added into an online chat group they use to communicate with one another. This is a story that toys with the xianxia genre to create an extremely strong sense of humor. There currently isn’t a large number of chapters released, but I can promise you this one will have you checking every day for the next chapter!

History’s Strongest Senior Brother – (CH)(30 Chapters) A xianxia story told from the opposite perspective. Our MC is soul transmigrated to a different body in the future after dying in the great calamity. This is the classic setup for a xianxia novel, except this particular MC is transmigrated into the bad guy, the person who is destined to be defeated by the true main character. An interesting, slightly humorous, story where the true main character is viewed from the outside, and the MC screams “bull$#!%” at how ridiculous plot armor is.

Dungeon Hunter – (KR)(242 Chapters) To your readable pleasure, this tale is currently fully translated! I’m avoiding the main popular translation websites and series, but gravitytales have a large number of series in translation so some of the hidden gems can be missed. This is a story based on devils running dungeons in the human world with the purpose of eliminating humanity and becoming the next demon king. The MC lost the race at the end, but earth’s long forgotten gods have decided to allow him one more chance and send his mind back in time to when the game just begun. They say knowledge is power, and this is most definitely true in this case.

Dimensional Sovereign – (KR)(83 Chapters) Another gravitytales hidden gem currently under translation. The real world and the dream world are two separate realms, yet strangely interconnected in various ways. Our MC is chosen to become a Sovereign in the dream world where he must fight to take over property, expanding his domain and base, defeating residents of the dream world and other sovereigns alike. It may not sound like much with just this, and it does have its moments where it causes you to doubt the series, but it is still an excellent novel.

Long Live Summons – (CH)(393 Chapters) This could be considered a main series by popularity, but it is one that shouldn’t be missed! I have read this for a long time, but decided to add it here in case any of you don’t know about it. This series is a mix of many genres, so much so that it is difficult to place under any particular one. Our MC is classically soul transmigrated to another body in another world (take the start with a pinch of salt) but grows quickly to fight stronger enemies, “capture” more beasts, and grow his harem. Many parts of the novel make me want to bang my head on a wall, but when taken as a whole, it is strangely one of my favorite series. The MC is also excessively perverted and doesn’t hide it, which I think is probably a positive in this series.

Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? – (JP)(296 Chapters + Lots of Side Chapters) A web novel completely unique unlike any other. Our MC is reincarnated in a weak spider monster (Similar to Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken) but focuses on being a spider. The world has a game like system with skills and titles which allow growth of humans, demons and monsters alike. What is unique about this series, is that it is told in two separate ways. The main story which is mostly a relaxed day to day life of a spider fighting to become stronger, and side stories of different characters which should truly be called the main story. It may seem confusing at first, but the different plotlines slowly converge later on and rather than two halves coming together to make a whole series, it actually creates something more. Once of the things that really bugged me with getting into the series, was “doesn’t our spider get a human appearance? The story of a spider, who was once a human, being a spider isn’t that interesting”. Small spoiler alert, a human appearance does happen, around chapter 200, but even before that you will be completely drawn in. A series with excellent pacing, plot twists, mystery, and sudden revalations of the truth that will enthrall.

Knights & Magic – (JP)(34 Extra Long Chapters) I hadn’t thought much about this as it was mecha, and kept thinking of a general Japanese Light Novel so I repeatedly avoided reading it. If you haven’t read it so far, you definitely should. If you have ever seen the anime Code Geass and liked it, you will truly enjoy this. It is not just fighting with mecha’s, but heavily focused and creating new and unique ones as well. Sadly, translations appear to be slow, but there is enough already that you will be hooked for a while.

Death March – (JP)(502 Chapters/15 Volumes) A very casual series which is good for sunday reading. It isn’t to be taken seriously and is more of a refreshment from those series that are more serious. There is a large amount of content translated, but this series can be considered a hit or miss. Some may love it, others won’t find it particularly compelling. I am personally in favor.

So What if it’s an RPG World – (CH)(8 Volumes + 1/3 Volume 9) This is a series with tethers on the border between great, and terrible. You can only enjoy this series while overlooking parts that are nonsensical or completely break the rules the novel set. This is a Chinese series which imitates a Japanese light novel, so this may be a cause of the inconsistency. There are also a bunch of terms that aren’t explained and you are expected to understand. The only saving grace is that the author occasionally adds in scenarios or settings which somewhat patch up the ragged holes in the story, but you need patience to get to them. There is also a large amount of content translated, so if you truly need a new bone to chew on, this may be for you! Warning, this series appears to be on an indefinite translation hiatus, so don’t expect any new chapters soon.

Life Mission – (KR)(128 Chapters) We’ve all seen the game becomes reality game before where death is real, and this is that. The difference is that the game is based on the real world, and it makes us question many times if this is indeed a game in the first place. It is compelling and has many twists within it, but also has some terms that aren’t properly explained. If you are reading it and feel confused about things, try gloss over it and trust you will understand later. The first offputting thing is the “battle shoot”. I couldn’t figure out whether this was something like an armor suit that reinforces the body, or an entire god damned gundam. Well, just treat it as the former as that it what it is. Secondly, I wouldn’t be surprised if “battle shoot” is actually meant to be “battlesuit”.

Sovereign of Judgement – (KR)(56 Chapters) Humans have become “discardable”, thrown into unreasonable situations regardless of their will. Our MC is a natural born fighting genius who after overcoming the initial trials, decides to stand up for humanity and fight to try and allow them to survive. A very compelling, progressive based series that has a levelling system similar to “reincarnator” as found on gravitytales, however I find that this series is much better.

Evolution Theory of the Hunter – (KR)(102 Chapters) Sadly translation appears to be indefinitely halted. This series has an interesting viewpoint on dungeons in the real life world, which are controlled by the governments and used as points of profiteering. Our MC wants to become a Hunter, one of those who clears dungeon systematically for loot to earn a living. Unfortunately the equipment necessary to become a hunter is so expensive only those born with golden spoons can afford them. His chance comes however as the dungeons system begins to change, creating new opportunities while destroying the existing rules and tactics.

Everyone Else is a Returnee – (KR)(85 Chapters) Another series not to be taken seriously, but I still found to be interesting. The earth has suddenly accumulated enough “experience” to level up, giving birth to mana and creating various new raw metals, enhanced magical beasts, and a game like system to the world based on the Akashic Records. Every human on the planet is transported to other worlds for ten years to become accustomed to the new mana while earth remains in statis (kind of). Our MC is the only person on earth left behind, and is forced to endure this time separate from the rest of humanity. An angel descends to accompany him and help him survive and guide him during this time, but this is a world where everything begins to go wrong.


I read many, many more novels, some good and others not so much, but above are the ones that stand out that should hopefully provide enough reading material for those who have waiting for me all this time. Thank you everyone, and I hope to start getting chapters posted soon!

P.S I didn’t include any novels from the main websites wuxiaworld or translationnation, only two from gravity tales that could easily be missed. Feel free to browse said websites for other good series not mentioned at you discretion ^.^


    1. Ahem *awkwardly clearing throat*, I may be a little bit late, but that depends on the book and measuring method. A book may be about 240 – 270 pages in word, but amazon measures them differently and can label it as a bit higher. It is difficult with page count as it all depends on the page size, borders, and font. The most accurate method to calculate a book’s length, would be a word count. In which lately I’ve been trying to aim for 80,000 words per book.

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  1. So it’s February Is there an update on when you expect to publish COTE vol 2. Thank You. I hope you continue to enjoy writing.



    1. Well, aside from me fighting for the throne for the King of Procrastination, I have been working on something else for the past 2 weeks due to some heavy inspiration I suddenly received (Whilst also procrastinating). It isn’t a third project, just something I needed to write down while the idea was fresh.



  2. Hi!
    How are you?
    You can try the exceptional log of the crazy lich.
    This novel may appear at first as a casual day to day novel but it has an interesting plot and characters. You can try it out.



    1. I’m, good! Thanks for asking. The Exceptional Log of a Crazy Lich isn’t a bad story, and I have read around a hundred chapters already, but I find it difficult to get started with and even immerse myself later on. By no means do I think it’s bad, I think it comes down to personal preference and it just didn’t quite resonate with me.

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  3. Glad to hear you are doing well, any update on release dates for your new chapters? It’s been around 6 weeks since your last update. Thanks,



    1. Hey now, I’m not gone. I will be finishing chapter 12 today and posting two or three chapters tomorrow. My sense of time is a little askew, but I won’t be vanishing for good.



        1. I know, I really should! I read all your comments through my email as I receive them, but when I am away from my computer reading, I end up putting it off (intentially only till later, but so much time just flies by!)



          1. They do. But I hope I will be able to win them back when I start releasing regularly again. Until then, constant updates just makes me feel as if I am saying “It’s coming… soon” over and over again, which is terrible.


  4. Take care of yourself first and foremost. I thoroughly enjoy your writing and am greatly anticipating more. However, I care more that you (and anyone else in your situation) is healthy and moving forward before working on additional projects.



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