End Online

Update Schedule : 1 Chapter/week beginning as of approximately 21/3/18


Sometimes, virtual reality isn’t always what it appears to be on the surface.

Hollis Sylvester, lost everything in a distopic world where money is status and status is everything, leaving him with no support. He turns to a virtual reality game called End Online, at first as an escape from reality but eventually as a hope for the future. Inside the game, he has a not only a name enforced on him but also a skill which appears to be nothing but detrimental.

He continues on however, meeting new people and even gaining a companion to journey with him. He only fails to realize the severity of some of the issues that arise in the virtual world around him and that he will still have to face reality within the game.

Volume 1
Chapter 1 – End Online
Chapter 2 – The Irritation of Aggravation
Chapter 3 – Money Made and Everything Lost
Chapter 4 – Determination
Chapter 5 – Companion of Loyalty
Chapter 6 – Welcome to Goblin Central

Volume 2
Chapter 7 – Party of Four
Chapter 7.5 – The Christmas Update
Chapter 8 – Grigor
Chapter 8.5 – Chronix’s Fury (Only in the ebook!)
Chapter 9 – Wolf Girl
Chapter 10 – Leaz in Trouble
Chapter 11 – Grael’s Lair
Chapter 12 – Two Brothers

Volume 3
Chapter 13 – Law of Vexl Underground Prison
Chapter 14 – Religious Conscription
Chapter 14.5 – Valentine’s Love (Part 1)
Chapter 14.5 – Valentine’s Love (Part 2)
Chapter 15 – Chain Quest
Chapter 16 – In Search of ‘The Mysterious Boy’
Chapter 17 – Eldenweiss
Chapter 18 – The Second Grand Inferno
Chapter 19 – The Ghost of Eltreant

Volume 4
Chapter 20 – Reunited
Chapter 21 – Dalbe, Kingdom of Summer
Chapter 22 – No Caller ID
Chapter 22.5 – Three Hours of Joy (Only in the ebook!)
Chapter 23 – Swordbreak
Chapter 24 – Gladiator of the Colosseum!
Chapter 25 – Ambush
Chapter 26 – Royal Summer Tournament
Chapter 27 – Fragment of Something Greater

Volume 5
Chapter 28 – Three Months
Chapter 29 – Escape from Swordbreak!
Chapter 30 – Voyage on the High Seas (Part 1)
Chapter 31 – Voyage on the High Seas (Part 2)
Chapter 31.5 – Sunken Rock, Mermaid’s Lair (Only in eBook)
Chapter 32 – Poison and Sand
Chapter 33 – Sphinx
Chapter 34 – Battle for Supremacy Commence
Chapter 35 – Rivalry and Justice

Volume 6
Chapter 36 – Kano City
Chapter 37 – Forgotten Ruminu Temple
Chapter 38 – University
Chapter 39 – Separate Paths
Chapter 40 – Temple Trap
Chapter 41 – For Survival
Chapter 42 – Escalating Challenge
Chapter 43 – Possession Chase
Chapter 43.5 – Stalwart Troubles (Only in eBook)

Volume 7
Chapter 44 – Guild Hall



    1. It will be published as soon as I can fix photoshop to create the cover art. I’ve been working on it since yesterday and I’m confident it will be within the next few hours. Although, the book won’t be available for purchase for 12 – 24 hours after I publish it.



    2. Good news, my computer problems are over. Book 6 has been published! (pending amazon’s checks and will be live within 24h)

      Also, my proudest cover art yet! I’m getting better with photoshop ^.^



  1. how op is the mc? i still havnt read this novel yet and i dont want to if the mc is just average through out the story.



    1. there are always something that get him very close to death. then he does a little magic. and everyone dies. or he does something stupid and gets himself killed



  2. why doesn’t lost coat himself in dire. he immune to it so anyone hits him. they will get dire flame on them. plus it would look f-ing awesome. or at less coat his blades with fire.



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