In-Game Information

So I finally decided on a name for the page! Also, I am strongly against the use of hyphons between words such as this, so please do not get used to it. This will not, after all, appear in my actual story!

Without futher ado, I bring you the in-game information. Little snippits of info about playing the game you may become curious about or decide to use for reference.


End Online World Map



Item, Skill and Quest Classification:
white – ordinary
orange – rare
blue – unique
green – epic
purple – legendary
gold – divine

These classifications are different from the standard from of rankings. They are not at all related to the difficulty, but instead used to classify the rarity.

The rarity of a quest is defined by how many people the quest is available to. Whether it is available to every single player (White), has a condition or two to aquire (Orange/Blue), or it is only available to a few lucky individuals and has strenuous conditions that must be met, and once completed, can never be accepted again (Purple)

Items and skills can indeed be viewed as rarity = strength, with a few exceptions such as a skill which is simply rare and difficult to acquire.


End Online Kingdoms
There are three kingdoms in End Online, each starter city being the capital of one of them. You can not leave your kingdom until you reach level 50 and get your kingdoms mark appears on your right hand.

Iceridge – Kingdom of Glace (10% of players start here, symbol is a running wolf in a ring)
Well known for being the region of ice, inhospitable conditions and constant freezing weather. Players don’t like starting here, most delete their character and restart in a new kingdom

Grenton – Kingdom of Forste (30% of players start here, symbol is a tree in a ring)
The kindom of nature, exotic trees and forests with rumours of tribes of elves hiding away, most people who enjoy magic start in this city.

Swordbreak – Kingdom of Dalbe (60% of players start here, symbol is two swords crossing in a ring)
The most renowned starter city, currently overpopulated and most people have difficulty levelling from the lack of free space in hunting grounds and exorbitant prices over a lack of supplies. It is however the home of martial arts with a giant Colosseum that players can fight each other in various competitive matches. Most players dreaming of fame and glory start in this city


Purchasing Skills:
Skills can be gained from certain quests, but most people purchase beginner skills from the confessional box outside the churches, can be done at any church and only costs experience levels. However each additional skill you buy the cost will gradually increase, can not be reset

1st Skill – 1 Lvl
2nd Skill – 1 Lvls
3rd Skill – 2 Lvls
4th Skill – 3 Lvls
5th Skill – 3 Lvls
6th Skill – 4 Lvls
7th Skill – 4 Lvls
8th Skill – 4 Lvls
9th Skill – 5 Lvls
10th Skill – 5 Lvls


Stats and what they do
  Player level, affects maximum hp, mp, stamina. You do not gain and extra stat points on level up, they must be physically earned (Fighting monsters will generally slowly raise your stats over time)
  Strength, determines maximum carry capacity (Str * 10lbs) and maximum damage with a weapon, bear in mind the amount of damage bonus is in proportion to the weapons strength requirement and will also have a limit (A rusty sword is not going to cut off a dragons head no matter how strong you are)
Agi  Agility, determines maximum movement speed. Attacking an enemy at higher speeds will negate defence for bladed weapons while blunt weapons will cause knockback and/or stun. Does not increase reaction speed
Dex  Dexterity, determines skill with attacking and blocking. The higher this skill the more the game system will correct attacks/parries/blocks
Int – Intelligence, determines damage done by magic and chances of inducing status effects via magic. Also effects various skills based on knowledge
Mnd – Mind, the players mental strength, mainly for resisting negative status effects and the strength of concentration (Don’t have your magic interrupted). Magic resistance up to a small amount is also gained at high levels. To have resistances the Mnd must be higher than the attackers Int stat.
Lck – Luck, how lucky the player is. Effects all random chances, at extremely high levels can potentially cause an enemy to trip on their feet, stumbling an attack.


Agility and Speed
All characters begin with 10 points in agility, equivalent to a speed of 1.00, or a top speed of about 25km/hour if running. For every point in agility the player speed is increased by 0.05.

A player with agility: 100 would have a speed coefficient of 5.5, top speed at 137km/hour (Bear in mind this kind of stat is normally incredibly hard to get to.. by standard means)

As you can imagine a player with speed 200 would be quite fearsome.

The deadliest attribute to speed however is the lack of needing to accelerate and decelerate, an agile body can reach top speed in under a second and stop just as quickly


Types of Skills
Skills are defined into two types.

Active – Skills that require certain triggers, such as casting a spell or activating a sacred art.
Passive – Skills that give active bonuses at all times and do not require anything to be utilized.


Religion and Religious skills
You join a religion via a contract between you and the diety/god where upon you swear to uphold your ‘Belief’ in them. The diety/god then imparts a small portion of its power onto that player. This is why a player cannot recruit another player, as they cannot give a portion of that power which is not theirs.

A person granted the power of their god is given a ‘Religious Skill’. Although this appears as a normal skill, there are two differences:

1. They are soul bound, and cannot be unequipped while you are a part of that religion/faith

2. They do not level up by conventional means. The skill level of these skill are equivalent to 1/10 of your ‘Belief’ stat. Rounded down. (Unless it is below 10 and above 0, then it is rounded up)

Your gain ‘Belief’ in your religion/god when you complete quests extended to you by your church/god. Any acts that are against your religion will result in a drop in your ‘Belief’. A ‘Belief’ of 0 will result in your religion’s skills becoming invalid and unusable. You may also potentially be excommunicated.

‘Belief’ is the same as what other games call ‘faith’. ‘Belief’ is the numerical value indicating how strong your connection with your religion/god is. The stronger your ‘belief’, the stronger your religion/god endowed skills are.

One person may only belong to one religion at a time. However, it is possible to leave this religion and join another.


Fame and Infamy

When a player begins playing the game, they will have a neutral stance with neither fame nor infamy. As they progress through the game and complete quests, take certain actions, that value changes.

A player saving the daughter of the mayor or slaying some beasts troubling a village would naturally be thanked and talked about by the citizens in a positive way, causing them to gain fame. Vice versa, a player kidnapping the daughter of the mayor, or accepting the quest but ignoring the beasts troubling the village, would gain infamy as the citizens talk about their ill deeds. Intimidating NPCs will also lead to the gain of infamy, as they will talk about how scary person X was and that they should be careful around them.

Fame and infamy do not have separate values, but one altogether number. Someone being infamous can be said to have a negative fame, while someone famous can be said to have a negative infamy. They are two opposite ends of a scale where each action taken will lead you towards either end.

The more fame/infamy you gain the growth rate and penalties change. The greater the infamy, the faster it will grow. The greater the fame, it will start to grow moderately faster but infamy penalties will become greater as well. As it is said, it is much easier to be a devil compared to a hero.


Mana and Stamina

Mana and stamina are not given to everyone. In order to have mana you are required to have a skill that has the ‘Magic Force’ effect, and to have stamina you need a skill that has the ‘Fighting Prowess’ effect. The amount of mana or stamina you have however, is completely dependant on your player level.

There are different stages of these effects and may sometimes have additional stages to them, where the effect has a + 1 or + 2 attached to it. This means that the skill is still exactly the same, only more potent. While being level 100 with the standard ‘Magic Force’, you might have 500 mana, compared to being level 100 with ‘Magic Force + 1’ where you have a total mana capacity of 620. Please note, these numbers are only being used as an example for this situation.


Player Killer Status

The player killer status is acquired when a player A kills player B, and will appear as a large red skull covering the players back. There are some mechanics to this. first of all, in order for player A to get the player killer status he must land the first attack. If player B is the ‘Aggressor’ in this situation and lands the first attack, player A will not receive the player killer status from killing player B. If player A was to attack a player in a formal party, any member of the party can defend and kill player A without receiving the player killer status.

There are many tactics used when player killing such as working in concert with a friend, who is not in a party with them, and tricking player B to attacking the third person and becoming an ‘Aggressor’ towards them who can now kill the original target. The other popular con to player kill is to have player B join player A’s party. Player A can then attack a third person, causing the entire party to become an ‘Aggressor’. The attacked player can now kill player B without any detrimental effects. These are the most common methods and can be referred to as the ‘Third Party Strategies’.

For every player that a player kills, they will receive ten hours of in game play time with the player killer status. By killing three players, they must play for thirty hours in order to remove this status effect. Killing the NPC guards in any settlement will result in a total time of twenty hours of the player killer status per guard.

When a player has the player killer status, they will not only be hunted by the NPC guards and attempted to be detained for murder, but the detained time will be triple the amount of time as a player killer that player has accumulated. Fortunately, you are not required to be online to pass this time.

Any player can kill someone with the player killer status without any negative effects. In addition, they have a higher chance to drop any equipped items and pay a higher stat penalty when reviving. Death does remove the player killer status.


Magical Elements and their Relations

All the magic in End Online can be broken down into their respective elements. The base elements are fire, earth, water, wind, light, and dark. None have any particular “super effectiveness” over the other, like in pokemon. No matter the element, choosing the correct spell and casting it efficiently is the key component to coming out on top.

An example of this would be, if a fire ball and a ball of water were shot at each other, they would cancel each other out. The water extinguishes the fire, and the fire evaporates the water. Many may contend as to which happens first and be deemed the weaker, but the question of, “What came first? The chicken or the egg?” Has been going on since the discovery of magic and has no end in sight.

There are also many sub elements of magic, caused my skill evolution and skill combinations, but telling those would be a spoiler.


Training stats

The growth in stats is done by ‘exercising’. That is, stats naturally grow the more you rely on them. This causes an even growth in stats when travelling and fighting monsters/players, as the stats you use the most will grow to reflect that. All stats will eventually peak off where raising the levels becomes increasingly difficult.

Doing various tasks will cause the stats the grow either faster or slower.

Strength is trained by undertaking cumbersome tasks, such as wearing heavy armour, wielding heavy weapons, and trying to overpower your opponents with sheer force.

Agility is trained by moving, running, or dodging enemy attacks.

Dexterity is trained by using a weapon or conducting crafting. Anything that requires skill, or a steady hand will increase this skill.

Intelligence is trained through the practice of casting spells. Stronger, higher levelled spells will effect this more. Reading any books will also train intelligence.

Mind is trained by receiving and actively resisting magical attacks or de buffs that are not cast by the player themself. There is no other method to train it.

Luck is trained by being lucky. This can be done by any form of gambling or by simply being lucky, such as narrowly escaping a trap by pure chance.




  1. 1. Endurance
    – Why did you skip endurance/vitality stat? Something that is responsible for body strength itself. I understand that you bind health/stamina to level which is good but it feels like something for physical damage is missing. Considering that there is Mind which acts as mental defence. Not having it makes one dependent on armor alone. You get agility just from running.. strength just from hitting, but there is nothing you get from getting hit, but dexterity for parrying and agility for evading. I am not sure if there are movement penalties for wearing different kind of armor (except class preference) but there could be classes like martial artists that do not use armor. Well bare handed cloth close combat class. Of course there would be skills for defence and offence in that case, and there are already mentioned physical resistance skills. The players that gets hits like warriors/paladins will always use resistance skills, there is just no way not using it which is fine. On the other hand.. dont think that protagonist would use this method of training since he is already speed based character so you can just forget what i said. After all if physical resistance skill do the same thing there is no need for it that much.

    Btw with his speed he should get skill to stun opponents. Like when you hit opponent with blunt weapon you have a chance for confusion or such. Basically what if he punched someone at high speed? He would not kill him but what if he could stun him. That would be useful at lots of situations. And unique to him since it might require high speed. Like getting npc or monster to surrender without hurting him.

    2. Mana
    – No mana? Then what are the limits of magic?

    3. Title
    – You have god to choose. How about title. It is a pretty popular part of games. It does not give much (usually actually nothing), just some minor bonus but one gets huge satisfaction for getting one. He could become apple catcher or something.

    4. World
    – Three kingdoms and map seems pretty small but since the game is considerably new so it is understandable. It will still take a lot of time to move through what you already created. As time pass you can very easily add new content which i hope you will. It feels like it is missing a bit race thing. But it doesn’t bother me at all, actually one would hardly notice that there is no race to choose. After all you can just use various races as npc zones.

    I like when the world is wide and limitless. You could actually make it so new kingdoms are not discovered yet. Like putting dangerous wilderness around but since you already made continent one just might need to get on a boat and become pirate seeking undiscovered islands treasures.

    just my thoughts



    1. To answer those points:

      1. Endurance for physical resistance was an LMS thing lol, A lot of the stats and ideas were really good but the way it kept adding more and more sometimes left me feeling like it was… a bit much.
      Physical resistance is depended on two things, the armour value (Also larger and heavier armour is naturally better, you would even feel the blows less) and also any defence related skills you have, Basically if you get stabbed with a sword there is no stat that is going to make it do less damage, your getting stabbed ^.^
      Mind may be all round magic resistance, but it is primarily negative status resistance and concentration (I forgot to add that I will go do it now) the actual magical damage resistance is minor, about 15% at really high levels. You need to have a Mnd stat higher than the attackers Int to get these resistances of course so it is quite balanced. Magic defence related skills also exist.

      Stun related effects aren’t related to speed but where you hit the opponent, hitting the opponent in the head with a strong attack is usually the method (In the first fight with Fen, Lost was stunned because his head hit the tree!)

      Heavier armour doesn’t.. exactly slow your speed down… yet at the same time it does. Generally light armour you can run as fast as you could without any, medium armour you can run but not sprint quite as fast, and heavy armour you can usually at best jog. Having a strength stat MUCH higher than what is required to equip it can overcome these limitations to some extent but its not easy to do.

      2. There is mana, It was in chapter 2. Basically you need a skill with ‘Fighting Prowess’ to have stamina in order to use sacred arts. Equivalently you need a skill with ‘Magic Force'(Revised name) in order to have mana in order to cast magic. Will add that to intelligence.

      3. Dont worry there is titles ^.^ Just a little different from how you may be used to it. A title appears next to the character name, so if Lost gained the title ‘The Wolves Bane’ then his character sheet would show

      Name: Lost(The Wolves Bane)

      Exactly the same as I’m doing with all people who donate to the book.

      Also you can only have one title at any time, they act as not only giving certain bonuses, Your right it’s nothing major, but it also as a second identity at times. As in you may be known by your title to others even if they don’t know your name.
      When getting a new title you have the option to keep the old one or replace it with the new one(You don’t know what bonuses you get from the new one until it is equipped)

      4. Fear not! First of all the map is a lot bigger than what it looks like. there are also countless small villages and small islands not listed on the map. Basically I wanted to keep it rather simple, just enough to give people a sense of direction and knowledge of where certain key areas are. I was a little confused with LMS being the main culprit of “Hang on, just when I thought I knew the general layout of kingdoms now I’m confused once again about where things were.”

      Also has been an expansion planned since the beginning of the novel. Right now the entire game server is for the city of Taile and no one else. But there is going to be a convergence of multiple servers somewhere between volume 5 and volume 8 I think. I don’t consider that a spoiler as the true spoiler would be to tell of the event that will take place 😛
      Basically multiple servers converge and there becomes about another 4 – 5 continents. I could have started with them all but I REALLY wanted to do this even so… ^.^

      lastly, there are plenty of hidden races, dwarves, elves, various intelligent beast races. But the game is still new and nobody has unlocked them as of yet.

      After the expansion they become quite popular too!

      I think that about covers it ^.^



      1. U really thought it out well, i would like to say nice job but it seems that it wouldnt be enough haha – GREAT JOB 😛



  2. 1. Yeah. Still it was a nice way of training. It’s always good if character is creative or lucky in finding new or rather dangerous ways to train. Like yours agility training or getting life as low as possible. If we are talking about unprotected stabbing, it also creates dangerous possibilities. There is no question that stab does not exacly equal stab. Depending where one is stabbed damage naturally should be higher or lower. After all for a reason there are vital spots. Which makes situations when high level players are basically murdered in one hit possible. Especially by rogues. Like sneaking behind and cutting throat. No armor defence right. All that matters is how much life opponent have vs opressor damage. Not like it’s anything new. After all even in normal games there are skills that penetrate armor.

    1a. Well i was kind of getting oftopic, going as far as martial techniques that use different approach. You hit inside not outside. The speed in that matter would certainly matter. Actually you could kill someone with that. Not mentioning possibility of breaking your hand. Making an art to confuse immobilize opponent using high speed is pretty believable. Actually there are a lots of possibilities with insane speed in combat. Like air punch. Blowing opponent away without even getting close. Yeah that seems cool. Still not like you can’t do that with magic. And not like it hurts much. Like hitting tree and making all apples fall. Call that a professional. If you use strength the tree would just break.

    1b. In a games there are limits as how good you can get. That is what normal games are about. And that is what virtual reality breaks apart. I certainly hopes so. Breaking the limits of a game should be possible in virtual reality. It reminds me of another novel where limits of abilities were S. Yet someone gets SS. That should be impossible right? Lost speed can become impossible in a good way. I kind of hope so. After all becoming a strongest as fastest guy is not exacly easy way. Even if person could teleport in combat without problems. It just makes one hard to catch. With speed he might even learn how to fly. You know like.. air jump. Jumping in the sky.

    2. Ok

    3. I see, that’s nice. Lost lost his title.

    4. Good to know. I was kind of expecting something like that. After all what’s the point of doing small world when you can just create big one. Especially when millions of players are playing the game, world just can’t be small even if it is not mentioned. But still its good idea to mention it. I like reading that kind of things. After all how special is one when he is the best of one thousand players in comparision to billions. Like what if there would be a sport that is the most popular in world, everyone is playing, everyone is trying to be the best. Would the ones that are the best now even be considered good then? No idea if you read Stellar Transformations but there was one surprisingly big world. Way over 10k bigger than earth.

    4a. Considering that servers are continents, they can already be on the same map just with a bit of a distance between each other. In future travelling through portals. Imagine that some sailor/pirate would go on adventure to search for unknown america.. And what he finds after months of journey? New continent. ; )
    Actually that would be a impenetrable force field right before his goal. Too bad you have to go back. Just a few months. Nothing wrong about that.

    5. Races
    – Thats unusual. But you should make him a troll. That would send a message.

    6. Mounts
    – That will be funny. People dreaming of rare fast mounts. And yet Lost. How about no. Too slow.



    1. A strike in a vital area… is call a critical hit 😉 lol its not realistic to the point where you can just bypass armour and one off someone. armour rating is applied all over the body and a critical hit is usually 1.5X+ damage
      The idea in this game is not particularly to break the limits but to challenge them with how you use your skills and interact with the world 😛

      Oh this game does have impenetrable forcefields, but probably not quite what you would imagine.

      The races should work out well, the expansion will be all together new continents that can make room for all the players of the merging servers, the problem with having a world too big is that if there aren’t enough players, people will become too far spread out from each other and the player interaction will drop.
      During the expansion too all players are given a very, very special item to help them adapt hue hue

      Oh the mounts! I can see it now!

      Knight-Captain “Cavalry! Run down that man fleeing at once!”
      Sounds of horses galloping off,
      Cavalry Soldier 4 “SIR! We can’t catch him!”



      1. I know i know. I just didn’t want to spoil it to others : D
        In case that someone or you did not read it. Before he start reading he would just forget about that.
        Not like it is much of a spoiler. Rather encouragement. After all there wasn’t much deeper story about it. At least in the volumes that i read. (English translated)

        I guess that covers it well. If armor applies to full body, at least people won’t get butt hurt.
        Not realistic? I think you mean not realistic for a game. After all if you just get hit with an arrow to the knee.. It’s the end of your adventure days. Not mentioning getting head chopped off. Use bandage it will help. Yes, right. How about glue. : D

        Usually the biggest problem with big worlds is travel time. As long as there is something done about that (Portals between cities). People will find each other. After all in wide world there are always certain spots that lure people in. Like dungeons. Or rare boss hunting grounds. In normal games there are lots of situations where you have to wait for monsters to respawn or even fight for fighting a mob. Just too many people around. And that is allright. Certainly Lost will have lots of fun at those times. ; )

        And thanks for answers to my questions. : }

        btw feel free to delete my post : D



        1. Ah yes I get what you mean, well true it isn’t much of a spoiler, and most new readers won’t be referring to it as danmachi lol.

          Oh getting their butt hurt? that sounds like a thousand years of death reference XD

          As for the world I wouldn’t go so far as to say players wouldn’t meet, but they would meet less. more area means more hunting grounds etc..

          It no worries at all, pleasure to be of service ^.^

          I will keep the posts as it may answer questions other readers may have.



  3. On Agi: I think you can add a minor knockback (if the blow lands on the body) or a quick stun (if it lands on the head) for blunt weapon bonuses

    On Mnd: At what point can casting be “uninterruptible”



    1. Yes I will add that in now!
      For Mnd: there isn’t a completely ‘uninterruptible’ point, more that if an arrow hits you while you are chanting, if your mind stat is low then often it will ‘interrupt’ your chant, causing the spell to fail.



  4. Didn’t Lost get a fang drop from when he killed fen the first time? Don’t remember reading about anything happening to it, but it would make a nice weapon material. Also I like the skill system in how it’s essentially OSO (Only Sense Online) because it allows for many cool combinations instead of just having to try and find the book that has the skill you want. The idea of Class skills is nice too in the fact that it allows for more combining than OSO thus unlocking more possibilities. The beginning of the game made me laugh my ass off when he realized what had happened XD.



    1. Just thought of this as well, but agility also affects hand/arm speed since it deals with all movement speed. Another cool thing would be if Lost had something similar to those ammo belts you see in Westerns except his will have knives (X) the X represents the belts on the body.



      1. Indeed, he does still have the ‘Giant Canine Tooth’, I was wondering just how many people would remember it! Well it is definitely a great crafting material. But, anything crafted out of it would have the issue of being a once only weapon (Can’t repair bone equipment, because they’re made from bones!)
        Yeah, the skills are much like OSO in many ways. I felt a little sour at some points, but I decided to do my work how I originally wanted and ignore how OSO did it, my dream MMO. Ironically, something I have noticed no one has seemed to pick up upon. Technically SAO had the skill oriented system first. They merely did not put as much light on it as OSO did, nor the magic (Until we leave Aincrad lol). But regardless, that is just my opinion.
        Movement speed does also effect arm movement, but people tend to find not as much as it effects running speed. Hahaha but our character is no some Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the role of a commando.



  5. I just caught up and was wondering about a few things; and if anything sounds negative, I apologise, that’s not my intention at all. Also, all of this is based off the information currently available so I might be jumping the gun on a few of these.

    1. 70% of party EXP going to the person who lands the final blow.
    I’m not sure about the reasoning for this choice, it seems like an inherently flawed design choice that would incentivise ninjaing mobs; will it be expanded upon in the future? Also, if ‘the holy trinity’ (tank, dps, healer) exists then surely healers would be heavily punished for their choice? Is this compensated for gaining exp with how much they heal others/give buffs (though that could possibly be abused by players), or some other mechanic?

    2. The scroll of shrinking:
    Talking about this now just because it could possibly have serious ramifications for future plot developments in terms of possible plotholes. Depending on how things like pvp/pve, owning land (e.g. guilds), how valuable reconnaissance works/is considered, plus a million other things I haven’t thought about, the scroll would be incredibly powerful and used in various, ingenious ways by players. This is especally true because of how it doesn’t reduce the recipients stats in anyway beyond reach and, I assume, can be used on anything but the player themselves. For example, (I assume the object’s mass remains the same, considering the weight does; and thus so to does its potential force) using a boulder as a projectile, getting into places unseen, hiding objects, moving unwieldy things, guild warfare (which I assume would become sieges) etc. etc.

    3. Reaction time and agility.
    I think it’s worth explaining, somehow, that the headset helps with reaction time, as the median reaction time for humans is 250 milliseconds and it’d be impossible for people with very high agility to react in time to what they themselves are doing, let alone others being able to react to them.
    With 126 agility Lost can ‘cover a hundred meter distance in about four seconds’, which is 50 meters a second without the hood debuff (a professional sprinter can run at approximately 10 metres per second). If we say 300 is the max you can have of a stat (though I’d imagine it’d be more), that’d be about 120 meters per second (from what you said above about agi, it’s a linear relation). An F1 drives at about 89.4 meters per second and the drivers normally have/need to have a reaction time of below 150-100 milliseconds, which is Exceptionally rare. That means that a high agility player would need to be born with an ungodly reaction time to be able to react to their own movements (let alone others with high agi). Plus, and I don’t know enough about the physics behind this to expand on it, if something is moving (depending on size/distance/angle/etc.) every 41.6 milliseconds, or faster, we cannot see it.
    Above, you said they can accelerate to max speed in under a second, that means the player’s weapons would have an astronomical amount of force behind them (which I think you’ve taken into account; but, I felt was worth my mentioning it just incase). Additionally, I’m not sure how throwing weapons would work against players with very high agility either in terms of projectile speed and whether people could dodge it; either way, this would change the game’s meta considerably.

    4. Fen being able to take on the ice capital’s guards.
    I’m not sure if it’s just Lost’s perception, but I don’t really think a game developer would have their mmo with weak guards in a capital city (even if we consider fen being twice or three times as strong as what’s normal for her level, that’s still only level 105). Otherwise high level players could come in and constantly kill the NPCs and players alike for as long as they wanted so long as there wasn’t enough high level players willing to defend the city at the time. Though maybe it could become a special event for people of that nation to come defend where they get bonuses and watnot for helping out. To be honest, there hasn’t been enough information about it to say; but, I think it’s worth going into detail about it, at some point, as it’s a pretty core mechanic.

    5. How mobs die.
    I’ve noticed a few times that monsters have been killed in ways like:
    ‘She slashed her paw two meters away from the goblins, blades of ice tracing the path of her attack, cutting the remaining two goblins in half, quickly ending their lives.’
    While as in chapter 2 it said that monsters only received a red line when they were attacked.
    ‘I continued to strike the practice dummy at a decent pace leaving red lines where I stabbed and slashed, even if they disappeared relatively quickly. It is the same with monsters, this is not only to prevent any gore complaints and issues, but if the server had to calculate it all, it could potentially be too much.’
    Can they still die in other ways then, and it’s only the actual death that’s done ‘realistically’?. Not sure if it’s a consistency issue, that clarification is needed, or if I missed/misread a part.

    6. Stats
    The number one thing to remember about stats in any game, but especially an mmo, is that people Will min max. While the game hasn’t been out for very long, and it’s incredibly large, people play mmos a Lot. They’ll get to the max level the day it comes out, for a normal mmo. That’s why it’s worth considering the balance of the stats, as currently, I think it heavily incentivises certain builds and players would immediately recognize that/take advantage of it.
    For example, does strength (because it increases how much force you can deal out with each blow) increase the amount of damage you can get from a critical strike/how does it work with casters? Because, otherwise agi would be overwhelmingly powerful as you can easily solo a boss way outside of your league by purely dodging and landing hits on weak spots? How does the insanely high agility effect how other’s play, in both pvp and pve? Is there someway for people to compensate for how fast they move, or do they need a large amount of agi to keep up? How do mounts function, if there are any, for players with high agi then? etc. (These aren’t necessarily straight up questions, but more things that I think are worth considering to avoid plotholes in the future.)
    In terms of mana regeneration: in chapter 7 it says: ‘The issue is mana takes quite some time to regenerate, unless he has the abnormally expensive mana potions or a skill like ‘Meditation’ that allows for faster recovery his mana would take more than an hour to regenerate’, is it this low for only Prince Charming? I feel as if either int or mind should increases mana regeneration (or another stat entirely, which might be needed considering casters only need to spec in int while most others would need at least 2 different stats), as otherwise casters would be completely useless in anything but one off fights and would never be picked by players (something a game, let alone an mmo, would ever do). Even if there’s other ways to increase it, like items, buffs, spells, etc, a regen stat would be crucial, in my opinion. Imagine starting WoW as a mage and only being able to use firebolt 4-5 times before having to wait an hour to do it again; you’d quit or change class immediately. Also, what’s it like in comparison to stamina’s regeneration; because that’d affect a ton of aspects of the game, most importantly balance.
    Out of curiosity, is physical defence purely based on armour/buffs with magical defence being the same but also being effected by the mind stat?

    Writing tips:
    Using ‘however’ in the middle of a sentence should be followed up by a comma and can almost always be the beginning of a new sentence, meaning it needs a semicolon before it. (Semicolons should only be used if both parts of the sentence that it’s separating could be full sentences by themselves.)
    e.g. (made up examples)
    Some people disagree with this theory; however, it’s never been proven wrong.
    Some people disagree with this theory. However, it’s never been proven wrong.

    Another thing worth taking note is the use of adverbs. They’re almost always redundant or mean the verb isn’t a very descriptive one. As a rule, less is more; all written languages are inherently flawed forms of communication so you’re leaving it up to the reader to create the world themselves via their imagination.
    e.g.(made up examples)
    I yelled loudly. <– yelling is already loud, saying that the person did it loudly is unnecessary.
    I walked towards them angrily. <– angrily is there to describe how the person is walking; however, it's only there because 'walked' doesn't tell the reader much by itself (which should always be avoided – everything should be there for a reason). Instead, 'walked' could be replaced with 'stomped', 'marched', 'trudged' 'pounded' etc.

    Also, in terms of the whole 'more or less detail?' thing that's come up previously in comments, I think detail is fine/needed so long as you avoid info dumps, unless absolutely necessary. The idea should be to give detail in an unobtrusive way, bit by bit, that doesn't get in the way of the pacing of the story. For example, in the middle of a fight you shouldn't suddenly have a monologue about the character explaining how something happened, you should show how it happened through actions/body language/etc. That's why 'showing' is better than 'telling' as it's more engaging for the reader while simultaneously feeling less contrived.

    As an aside, (without trying to get into spoiler territory) do you have plans for Lost to meet others with similar 'op' builds, who've gotten unique/legendary/rare/etc. classes? Personally, I think that'd be much better than having no mention of others 'like him', as it'd make it a bit more realistic while creating some competition/a sense of risk and limiting how strong Lost is.

    Ended up writing a lot more than I originally intended, lol. Anyway, hopefully these are helpful; but, feel free to ignore them otherwise.



    1. Wow! Jesus! My God! Sweet mother of..! Deer Lord!
      You most certainly did write a lot. I actually did a word count for you. 1,732 words. Equivalently that is nearly 20% of one of my chapters!
      Honestly, how long did this piece artwork take you to type??

      Well to summarize those points.
      1. The 70% is only viable between 3 people, between two it is about 80% and then again between more it becomes less. The reason for the is primarily to prevent people from abusing exp share to level. You wanna get stronger, you have to use the initiative. Most parties of friends will share kills between then, often allowing the weaker members to get more kills. Then again you have parties that will abuse players and not give them any.
      There were plenty of other ways to do the EXP share system, but they all have their own flaws and ways to exploit.
      You would think it dis favours healers, but in that sense so does a healer solo’ing at lower levels. Anyway there are no actual ‘Healers’ in the game for one reason.

      Consider we have a ‘Healer’, naturally their skills would be:
      – Mage Core (Has the magic force effect that grants people mana)
      – Healing Magic Talent
      – Support Magic Talent

      Now, this leaves six more skills to have, naturally you can fill that with crafting skills or the like, but that would be extremely un-beneficial. Naturally you would have at least one attack skill equipped. Anyone who doesn’t would soon enough get one after experiencing the difficulty.

      2. I went for the less is more on this one. To include all possible information and whatnot would have been the information dump scenario (It is the same with most points you have brought up, hence why I answer most of them in the comments). Basically if you were to try and use it on an enemy you were engaged in combat or various other scenarios it would fail. Or to be more precise -Target resisted magic.
      While you could shrink a fellow player to scout. Maintaining the same mass is to prevent item and others from abusing it to move incredibly large or heavy items, also precasting it on a large enemy before battle, causing you to be able to overwhelm it with mass.
      While you are smaller however, unless you have a spell to erase magical status effects, you are stuck like that. All of a sudden you will have difficulties, such at your weapon range is now 1/10th what it used to be,

      3. A common question, I think I may need a dedicated page on it.
      Indeed reaction time does not increase with agility. I believe I answered someone else in a way that I liked. If a persons reaction time met their high agility stat they would become a god like entity. Able to dodge every single attack and causing agility based users to become overpowered in the game, destroying its balance.
      Basically when using high speed you movements need to be preordained as such. Your reaction speed in the game however can be improved, sort of like mental exercise improving reaction rates that I am not even going to try touch any form of actual science of (I am a writer, writing fiction, not some neural expert). Yet I would not say it can be improved too far beyond inhuman standards.
      There are the skill that forcibly boost it, such as the sacred art ‘Perceptual Sight’ but these are limited and are essentially “Causing the brain to work in overdrive.” I often look at other novel that have one unit of time in real life being three units of time in game and think, “Are you not forcibly causing someone’s brain to react 3x faster than normal? Is that healthy?”
      Arm movement speed is definitely attached to movement speed, but at the same time it is not affected as much as running. Simply because the speed of your attacks is determined by an extra effect called attack speed. You can still use speed in multiple ways, the high speed bashing effect will only work with blunt weapons, high speed blades only cut through an opponents defence.

      4. Hue hue. The guards are not all powerful, but no player would dare oppose them for a simple fact. They are like ants, and we all know what happens when we kick an ant hill. You may consider them to be weak, but they are actually this weak for a specific reason (The future bears many fruit!).
      As for Fen. I massive wolf bordering 3 meters tall is pretty intimidating you know XD Ever fought Sif in Dark Souls? I know I **** myself when he first appeared, I had 60k souls after all!

      5. While I do say that damage is only shown as a red line. This dismemberment comes under the same principle. In the sense that when killing a creature it is possible to cut it in half at the death blow. You could imagine it like separating two building blocks, and the separated parts are just a red cross section. No gore at the end either.
      There are various sacred arts and other ways that you can cut off a limb while they are living. I only cover this as it will be in the future, but that only works on select regions of a monsters body.

      6. Another complicated info dump. Some basic principle to remember, plus I am just going to list it all.
      – High speed attacks with blades cut through defences (Doesn’t work with shields)
      – High speed attacks with blunt weapons has a small damage increase, but can also cause knockback and stun (depending on where the attack lands) This works much greater if using Strength
      – Pro
      – Incredibly fast, can dodge most attacks
      – Can run away from battles more efficiently
      – Negate opponents defense
      – Con
      – Self armour restrictions, wearing any medium armour will prevent sprinting. Heavy armour slowing you down to a jog
      – Some enemies are incredibly fast, inhumanly so. Especially boss’s
      – Can’t dodge or outrun most AoE spells.
      – Damage bonus, depends on strength req of weapon. If you have a large sword requiring 30 str, and you have 50 str, you would get somewhat of a small – decent damage bonus. In the same situation If you have a large sword requiring 50 str, and you have 50 str, you would not get a damage bonus.
      – Pro
      – Incredibly tough, wear heavy armour and can tank a lot of damage.
      – Can completely block many attacks with a shield (sometimes even a sword)
      – No matter how fast an enemy is, an attack blocked will do no damage
      – Con
      – Slow
      – If an opponents attack outclasses your str rating. A blocked attack can throw you off guard, staggering you and leaving you vulnerable to any connecting attacks
      – Can’t damage what you can’t touch

      They are the two main builds, of course the way I have designed the skill system the possibilities are endless. But I have done my best to balance it as much as possible.
      Casters may only need one stat, But they are limited in terms of running out of mana is bad. A warrior can’t run out of Str, Agi or Dex after all. Mana regen boosts are brought on by two ways, Skill effects and equipment effects.
      Maximum mana is generally low, but the same as sacred arts, the more a spell is cast the lower the mana cost becomes. Each magical talent however also has a minute mana regen bonus and minor total mana bonus however. Thus people specializing in magic do gain some magical benefits.

      Defence is broken down to the damage type. Physical armour is great for all physical damage, whether it be sword, mace, or even a magical rock flying at you. Elemental resistance is gained by the Mnd stat (quite minor, I know lost felt the change with Fen’s ice attacks but that was merely his impression) but mostly any effects of equipment worn. Mental fortitude generally consists about 50% mnd stat and 50% equipment effects.

      As for people maxing out their skills, I assure you that is not possible. It would be similar to a person going to the gym and maxing out their stength in a week.
      I designed my game stats this way to solely focus on preventing this. If you want to be mathematical, you could always consider the growth in any stat to be in the shape of a logarithmic graph. There are ways to overcome certain boundaries (Like how lost did with using the slow effect as a form of weight training) but there are very few players who actually discover these methods, and they tend to keep them secret for obvious reasons.

      Of course there are always those players that are naturally better at the game than others. As to who, how, and when. Yep, top secret ^.^

      Writing techniques
      They are the best feedback I get. I notice I get more of it than other authors, Originally I thought it is because my technique isn’t as good as theirs, but after reading more works I think it is because I have better readers.
      Yes that original “Showing” and “Telling” comment I credit for the greatest improvement I made. From it I somehow completely found myself comprehending the use of tenses to engage the readers. I mean in the sense that rather than telling someone about a battle that HAS happened and attacks that DID happen, I write a battle that IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!! If you understand what I mean
      Of course I do understand that it takes a certain level of skill and consideration to do. It is something I will possibly be perfecting for the rest of my life.

      Bringing up adverbs and using semi colons to break up sentences… Oh, if only you saw my pre edit un proof read work. Seriously, you would probably have an aneurysm.
      I don’t particularly like using the semi colons in my writing to break up sentences, my word editor often tells me to and I usually just break it up into two sentences. Sometimes I do leave them when after looking at the sentence I feel like I wanted it to be broadcast in a single sentence.
      Adverbs are the same. A lot are cut out during editing but you are right in that some words are “loud” enough without them. I think I try to add more flavour into the writing and end up overdoing it at parts.
      Never the less! I will keep these two points in mind and now that I am getting more used to using the tenses I will try to work on these as well.

      The “more or less detail” is very important. I find it is a very fine line when using it, but I still do try to bring enough information to the table without overfeeding everyone.

      I think I have covered it all. By the way. Congratulations, you are getting your very own FAQ page because I never want to have to write this again. ^.^



  6. Wow, you guy cover all the thing I want to say, and I know how you confuse about the basic map of LMS. But I think I still got something. What about when old players want to convert to other races? I think you should do something similar to LMS fanfic I read before, they basically let the player who unlock the race have an option of convert race with all the stuff still intact ya know. And the other players who did NOT unlock the race who want to convert, then they have to delete their character and remade them ya know. Also, really interesting idea about a title, I never consider that idea nor any fanfic I read before cover that idea even thought it a very logical thing. Also, what the deal with the queen, knight, boss thing? It is something like a chess thing? But then again, there a queen and an emperor, a queen go with a king and an emperor go with an empress. So yeah, I really confuse right now. Maybe you could answer it to me without spoiling the story much? So now, I just throwing ideas out there. That system is like a monster kingdom system. Hierarchy based on how powerful a monster is. Monster God make monster demigod that spawned monster emperor queen, King, emperor,…………? Well, I running out of idea now. Oh yeah, what about that old man? At one chapter, you talk about how anxious that old man is. Also, you never talk about the employee of the game company try to cheat by know the information about the dungeon, hunting spot,….. At far as I know, if a company make a game like that, the employee will know something, if people make it. Thought, speaking of that, I forgot who make the game, it is an artificial intelligence or group of people or just one person? And who maintained the game anyway? Well, I just ranting right now, and I seen so much big post that I want to write a big post too.



    1. Hue, apparently everyone wants to write the big posts! Anyway, as for that queen, knight, boss classes, It is nothing like chess, I assure you. But other than that, I will hold my silence (It should be covered in the next few chapters, along with the background info on why the game is the way it is)
      The same with when other races are unlocked. I won’t say anything yet, But I already have it planned. There will be some possibilities, but it will be limited.

      The game is created by a company called Idea Imagine, an unheard of company before the release End Online. I haven’t told any more info about it as of yet, but it is coming soon.




      1. So how large are you planning to make the expansion way down the road? I’m really really excited the way this web novel is going and I may buy your book just to support you. Keep up the good work!
        P.S Weren’t you going to release the chapter early?



        1. I was going to release the next chapter early, but I’ve been so caught up with work I haven’t had the chance to finish writing it. I said I will doublepost if I can get two chapters ahead though.
          Glad you are enjoying my work ^.^



          1. That answer isn’t very satisfying =3=
            Yes I am enjoying your work very much to the point where I was reloading the page every 30 minutes yesterday to check for an update
            The possibilities you can do with the expansion pack is limitless and i’m looking forward to it..


          2. Haha I just won’t be giving any spoilers as to the expansion until it happens. (Should hopefully be covered somewhere in vol 6, maybe 5) I put it in the weekly update on Sunday, but there isn’t much I can do when I need to work to earn a living ^.^’


    1. Ah here’s a topic nobody has touched yet, is there a marriage system implemented? And if so, are there any benefits to it like lets say when around your spouse you take 5% less physical damage or something. Also, can you have kids?



      1. As for kids… Online Reproduction? Lol I probably will NOT include this. Can you imagine all those pregnant players walking around and then their online ‘kids’. It would probably cause a mess (Unless I have the good old ‘stork’ delivering babies lol



  7. Hey I found this site yesterday; because I was curious on when volume three would be done.
    It is cool that I can read each chapter as you finish them here, but I will purchase volume 3 once it’s on Amazon; this is a cool story so far. Note: from events described so far I have in my mind three plot predictions for what you will be writing in the future…not gonna tell you or anyone else, I will just be curious how accurate I am;-)

    Regarding Lost and his primary ability…he is a fantasy version of The Flash; not yet as fast as the Flash, but he is still improving and has lots more potential to progress it seems.
    So he has a primary stat of Superspeed that affects everything else he does in combat. Now I remember that DWolfin said that a person wearing heavy armor would be limited to jogging as their fastest speed, however Lost is restricted to light armor only.
    But here is an idea that Lost might or might not do in future parts of story; deliberately carry the maximum he can not in his inventory but in his hands or in a big backpack. What do I mean? If he did that then the way this RPG is described as working; he would be limited to jogging only…and also this would increase his strength stat at the same time. This is a variation of what Lost did when he got frustrated at how much the unequipable Wolf Fur Hood reduced his speed, however it is NOT magical; any character class could do this if they thought to try it. Even a Wizard limited to light armor only could wear a backpack with 100 pounds of lead in it while sprinting all over until exhausted + casting spells at nearby enemies also while sprinting. Then the Wizard could increase the lead in backpack to 200, 300, 500 etc. pounds of lead. But of course I doubt DWolfin would do exactly this; he describes the various players as being secretive of how they got special abilities or secret classes…preserve their game effectiveness + also there is more prestige in being one of a kind character class vs having thousands of other players with the same abilities.

    But the last major changes in Lost characteristics were becoming linked to Grael even though Grael is psycho and seems Evil also; that will be a major plot arc of complications for Lost! and also there was Fen making it so Lost could remove the Hood; causing actual brain damage to the Human in real world playing Lost. So in future of story Lost either will have to limit himself to jogging if his hood is down OR more intriguing would be to have him in some way adapt to thinking faster by his actual physical brain becoming faster at thinking. The second would be impossible for a hard science story, but this is a story with the basic philisophical question of “How real is a computer generated reality full of AIs?” as its undiscussed but existing background….so the complications could be enormous of having any of the AIs becoming not only aware of but able to affect the “real world”

    Well I am sure I will be surprised and I look forward to whatever story DWolfin comes up with; my guesses are currently vague and not enough plot in my guesses to fill up 7 more Volumes of End Online.

    A bit of trivia that is about me not this site; I have many goals, in fact far more goals than time to work on them.
    But here is a goal I have that I never have worked on yet.
    I seriously considered years ago purchasing a vest and putting 60 pounds of lead in various points of vest. Plus also purchasing four of those 10 pound wrist weights. And next is to jog while I was carrying 100 pounds. And then increase the weight carried by me to 150 pound or jog/run faster or for more distance. Why? increase my strength, lung capacity, and anaerobic capacity all at the same time to an unknown degree if/when I get around to doing this.
    Maybe in future I will try this out; I thought of it years ago, but I have had other priorities.
    So what do you think of this idea of mine?



    1. Okay this is info and a warning for anyone who might feel inclined to run while carrying 100+ pounds.
      1st: Infantry or other soldiers can today jog 20 miles while carrying 100 pounds. Not all of them can do that, but some can…with 7 billion people alive the best at any specific ability will be impressive!

      2nd: a note about physiology; bones and tendons/cartilage or discs in spine all receive much less blood from total blood in body, your muscles, brain, liver and other organs do. Why mention this? well the thing about this is that your muscles can become stronger much much faster than your bones or tendons do; the bad cases are weight trainers taking too much steroids…then they can have muscles STRONGER than their tendons and literally disconnect the tendons from their bones by exerting more force than their tendons can withstand! Ouch!

      3rd: okay so if someone reading this decided to try out my idea of running while carrying 50 pounds or 100 pounds, you need to keep in mind a few things I will describe next.



      1. Oops! I do not know why that posted: I did not press enter but it posted before I was done;-(
        Was not even touching my mouse and cursor was not near “Post Comment” button, but it posted anyway.

        Now then note that running while carrying 100 pounds is possible but it is also risky.
        When you walk; for each step you take you get all of your weight on one foot.
        But when you run? You get 4 to six times your body weight on each foot for each step. See that is fine if your bones are in good condition and you are healthy; Humans can run 50+ miles per day if they have trained for that. But the thing is if you are also carrying 100 pounds while running; you get an extra impact of 4 to 6 times the weight of what you are carrying on your feet + extra weight on your spine. Your body can adapt to that, however because your ligaments, bones, and spine get little blood flow relative to your muscles; it is crucial that if you did this you start with a small weight and stay at a weight less than your maximum for months and months before increasing a LITTLE bit not a lot. This is a recommendation of being cautious to avoid a fractured ankle, or squished vertebra in spine or torn tendon. Also Glucosamine + Chondroitin is recommended.

        There was a guy in England who recently decided to run all the way around England while carrying a fridge. Fridges in Europe are generally smaller than in US because the people in Europe have a cultural tendency to like going to purchase Groceries several times per week vs in US people are more likely to shop two or three times per month so they need larger fridges. But that is trivia I bring up to note that the fridge that guy was carrying was smaller than most you would see in a home in USA. I will guess the fridge he carried was 150 to 200 pounds and also that he never truly ran while carrying the fridge; jogging only. But that is a semantic quibble in that jogging is in my mind “slow running” and probably the same in terms of impact on feet for each step. And I will end with the note that he damaged his spine; not crippled for life, but even after surgery his spine will probably never be in as good of condition as it was before he decided to run while carrying a fridge for a charity.



    2. Well, it appears I have another new reader who enjoys the extended comments! lol ^.^
      Anyway, as the body weights thing. It is quite complicated believe it or not. I personally did some similar training with some ankle weights and did jogging with that. First of all, in terms of the weights, what you have envisioned is more or less a bit too much to just jump into. When I did it, I only used ankle weights that were about 6.5 pounds each and while they don’t feel like much at first, about ten minutes in they feel like bricks.
      You would also want to not only half the weight of the vest, but put some considerable research into where to place the weights in the vest. If you do not place them in the correct places and distribute the weight properly, you could cause some serious damage from straining you body.
      The limbs on the other hand aren’t as risky, but I would recommend first of all having the equipment that fits extremely well (Otherwise you will find that it cuts into your ankle) Also it will be more comfortable if you can distribute the weight over a larger space, it will be more comfortable.



      1. Oh well I did not really explain myself that well. I did explain that caution is highly recommended for anyone who might do running with weights; in fact you could talk to an exercise physiologist or a football coach to get more informed info than anything I myself can think of.
        If I were to do this type of weight training; first I would spend at least a year regularly running without any weight.
        Then perhaps three pound weights on ankles; Velcro strap type for ankles, but for arms/hands it is cheaper and in fact also forearm exercise to use ‘dumbbell’ type of weights. If I ran with a weight strap to each of my wrist there would be no muscle effort of my forearm muscles. Three pounds is tiny as a weight only to LIFT; however acceleration and deceleration for arms and legs = multiply the weight effectively by four as a guess just for jogging, and multiply by eight as a guess while sprinting. And for Lost? Minimum of 30 times multiple for the weight of his short swords; you’d need to use a camera to figure the SPEED of acceleration/deceleration of a normal runner, then multiply that by Lost with a current maximum speed of 200? miles per hour. Even at this point if it were not virtual reality; Lost would be 8 times faster than the fastest of Olympic Sprinters! Historically a short sword or a thin fencing sword for lethal dualling/military use, was 3 to 5 pounds. Big Mace and other large weapons rarely exceeded 9 pounds for melee weapons. The reason for this is even if some warrior is STRONG enough to use a 15 pound weapon for 5 minutes; someone equally skilled with a five pound weapon will be MUCH faster. Inertia is more with a big weapon but that means nothing if someone you fight is too fast for you to hit!
        Note: I did long distance running in high school and a 10K race in Hawaii, but that was a long long time ago, so at this time I would not do well if I ran more than three miles.

        Anyway with 3 pounds of weight for each ankle and wrist + 20 pounds in a vest; that would be 32 pounds as a baseline first attempt running with weights…after trying that out I would stay at that weight a few months before attempting more weight.



        1. Okay so when DWolfin described how the Wolf Hood affected lost at first; lost did not notice anything while walking in town. But even only walking while out of town he was slowed 50% So there is also a detail that it was not a TIME effect of Lost thinking 50% slower and moving 50% slower; if that were the effect it would have been noted.

          The effect of the Wolf Hood seemed to be a resistance to motion in any direction; that is the only way you can explain Lost getting stronger as he worked on getting faster. Note: not described is if his WEAPONS have any resistance to motion. Since that is not described I will assume there is no extra resistance for Lost when he moves his swords.

          There is a different way that could be used in any Sci Fi with Gravity Control, that fictional characters could become faster AND stronger at the same time; just increase local gravity by 30% then sprint;-) Then once you are used to that you increase it to 1.5 Gs, then 1.8 Gs, then 2 Gs etc. Doing this would obviously make you become stronger, but less obvious is you will become faster in a higher gravity field because everything falls faster so your reflexes would improve up to limits based on how fast signals can travel from your brain to your muscles. Note: this does not imply the signals from your brain to muscles become faster, but what would happen is your SKILL at actions you perform a lot would become faster if you are compensating for effects of gravity making stuff fall faster. Example that is better than running is juggling; if you were to learn to juggle effectively with 6 rubber balls in a 3 G Gravity field then your manual dexterity for much of your actions would become faster to some degree as a secondary effect of that.

          I have read a fair amount of Sci Fi; Gravity Control is rare in Fantasy stories but common in much of Sci Fi. I do not recall any story where someone used Gravity Control for this training purpose. For any TV show or movie it would be difficult to have actors portray speed and dexterity far far above Human norm without some expensive special effects or failing that having the actor be fast by changing the film speed; that option looks fake though. For books that is not a limitation; books only need to describe something well enough that the reader understands what is described enough to imagine it…irrelevant if it is possible if you are only imagining something that is interesting. Well as long as Humanity is stuck on Earth and does not have Gravity Control; it is speculative how people would adapt to long term living in lower or higher gravity fields. But if some huge physics breakthrough makes it cheap to get to Mars? Then there would be a permanent colony of people on Mars….and after one or two generations the Martians would likely be taller and weaker than the first Colonists.



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