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Thanks to all the different ways you can help support me and my work, I have decided to add them into a single page for easier navigation. This way there is no longer multiple places where you can decide how to support if you do.

Don’t be fooled, you do not have to donate money or purchase anything to support. I do try stress this as I don’t want people to feel they have to donate in order to help me and my work. I am also aware that there are a lot of people who wish they could but simply have no money.

All the links and information are further down this page.

Therefore, I have this list of ways you can support End Online:

-Leave your comments and feedback, it helps me pick up on stuff I miss and areas where I can improve on (This is free and the easiest way to give your thumbs up)

-Let others know about my work and where it is (This is also free, and I highly recommend it)

-Donate to the War Chest, all donations are permanently added to the total tally and you get a position in the Hall of Glory (HOG for short, recently updated name) along with an honorary title

-Support me on Patreon, you set a monthly donation amount of as small as $1

-Purchase a copy of the book, either ebook or paperback copy. They have much nicer formatting and I will be adding in extras and trying to publish them earlier than the free releases. The paperback copies will take time and money to be released but I will do my best for all of you!


Letting others know about my work

To be completely honest. I am not a fan of throwing out yet another “Hey everyone, I did this. Come check it out, you won’t regret it!” simply because they are everywhere and hence a lot of people ignore them.

It is much better for any new readers to see “I’ve been reading this, it’s really good and I recommend it.” It leaves a lot more confidence in the new readers and more people decide to try it out.

Secondly, I am often quite forum incompetent. Seriously, I’m just horrible with most of them. I maintain a thread on the animesuki forum’s ‘Fan Creations’ sub forum and will continue to do so for some time. It will however eventually be requested to be removed in the hopes that in the future I will reach the Manga & Light Novels sub forum, but that is in the future. I also had one in the BT forum, but for some reason the site has auto spammed my email so I cannot log on to update it (Apparently this happens a fair bit, but I don’t know how to contact admins to undo it)

I see every single link that people follow to my site and read them all, so your efforts are always appreciated. Even if I don’t comment on them, trust me, I’m there lurking in the shadows!

Donate to the War Chest

You may be wondering what the war chest is. It is the current funds that have been donated to help me combat poverty, and hopefully purchase a new computer. In all honesty, my current one has more problems and bugs than Fallout: New Vegas’s initial release, and a broken computer is going to slow down releases (Luckily, I am quite good at keeping it alive so it should have a decent lifetime left)

Please be sure to leave your desired name (To use in the HoG) with the transaction. If you do not leave anything, I will only use your initials, mainly for privacy reasons. If you wish to change any, please email me at drunkenwolfin[at]gmail[dot]com. Send me what you wish for your name to be printed as, as well as some form of proof that you are indeed the donater. (Either use the email that is linked to your paypal, or forward the transaction number.)

Support me on Patreon

In following the recommendation by John, I also have a Patreon page where you can pledge to be a patriotic individual and do a monthly donation, from as little as $1. It doesn’t sound like much, but 1000 people would give me $1000 a month. It is very much so the power of the people!

I am also quite incompetent with this site! But I try to do what I can.


Purchase the Book

Further information for this will be kept on the ‘Purchase the Book’ page. It is a piece that deserves its own page.

But the sale of ebooks are available on amazon. Please do purchase them here unless you are planning on having it on an iPad. The preview of my files does not look nice on iPad after it has gone through amazon’s file make over. In this case I have a payhip page where for the same price you can purchase a DRM-free copy.

I do stress please do not distribute these files. If anyone wishes to read my work for free they are most welcome to come here and read it.

Kickstarter Campaign

This was more been about getting my face out to all of you with a personal message from me to you. It may have failed, but it succeeded in delivering my gratitude in the best way I could.




  1. Recommend you upload your fanfiction to japtem or update the light novel reddit every time you complete a chapter. The majority of your would be readers come from there and its free to post, only costs you some time. Also Japtem allows you to submit a paypal option as long as you don’t abuse and have a significant amount of chapters. Good luck!



    1. I have received a lot of recommendations on also putting my work on japtem and RRL. Also a few others like fictionpress. Although I understand the benefits of these, I don’t want to throw my work into the sea of everyone else’s. I also feel it would be self labelling me as “Fanfiction” and not a “Novel” like I want.
      As for posting to reddit. Lately, there have been a few people that have been amazing, and done it for me. I personally don’t want to do it simply for no reason other than I dislike self promotion, and try to do it as minimal as possible. Everyone has their own “Come check out my work.” I do have a thread on animesuki’s fanfiction forum from when I started the novel, but I am requesting the mods to take it down as I don’t exactly wish for it to be seen as fanfiction. I want to eventually be recognized as full author and while it is still a far way off, I feel like I am getting closer.

      In the end, I suppose I am also just a little stubborn about being different from everyone else.



  2. i will apologize firstly for my nonproficiency in english (as i can read and comprehend it very well i am far[maybe not strong enough to state it ] away to be able to write a decent comment .
    however , that doesn’t stop me from trying .

    i am folllowing your work since the publication of chapter 19 (on this site ).
    I must admit i was a bit redunctant of posting this comment since it will be a bit useless but still i haven’t saw anyone done it before .

    Fankly thank you for your hardwork, and your respect for your fan base i just read the FAQ In-Game information, and i was impressed by how far were either :
    – Your fan were pushing the limit of the research to improve the deepness of the VRMMO world end online is becoming to be

    -Your had already research or think of an appropriate answer to be simple and appropriate to correspond this world .

    in conclusion ,


    ps: i ll propably go to the FAQ to ask for some of my non-aswered question hope it ll not be as long as some post …. feel free to edit this reply if there is too many spelling etc fault .



    1. You need not worry. Everyone here is entitled to their own thoughts and more than welcome to voice them. I only ever audit comments that are unjustfully rude/offensive, or contain a spoiler. To this date, the number of comments I have had to edit are zero.



  3. Really good LN series! This novel is easily one of my favorite reads alongside translations for Legendary moonlight sculptor and Ark / Ark The Legend. Currently reading Only Sense online which is okay but i have yet to really dive deep into it.

    That said your novel theme is very similar to the translated novels i mentioned. Are those possible sources of inspiration to end online? What got it going?

    Anyways much appreciated for this amazing read, keep up the good work!



    1. I have read LMS and I do find it to be a fantastic novel. I am currently stuck on (volume 11?) of Ark but will hopefully be able to get back into it soon.
      It is hard to say if they are inspirations to my novel. I definitely do find them to be inspiring, but I do not actively think of them or really compare mine to theirs.



  4. Hey there,

    I am a big fan of both your novels, I also purchased “Chronicle of the Eternal” and wanted to ask when you continue COTE? Thx again for your hard work and I hope you find the time to answer.

    with kind regards,
    Rogerino. 😉



    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I actually just published a new schedule of mine that I think may be able to answer your question. COTE will resume writing mid next month. (That’s only a little over 2 weeks anyway) But chapters will not be published here until the entire book is completed.



  5. Dear Mr Wolfin,

    How dare you write such good and captivating stories, I have been Wolfin them down since I found them 3 days ago. I only regret that I didn’t find them later so there was more to read 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    Regards from Brisbane,




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