So the story hasn’t begun yet, as of right now I am “designing” the VRMMORPG system/world and creating back stories for some characters, after all, we need a great protagonist with plenty of room for growth but nothing that will make even me say bull****

The deadline I have set for chapter 1 will be 14 November 2014 and after that a schedule will be put in place after determining how roughly how long each chapter will be, probably in the middle of a full novel such as moonlight sculpture and short chapters like Tate no Yuusha.

So now you know how long to wait! until then, check in from time to time as I may be sneaky and post early!

( O.o)/   TO AVALON!!

Just kidding I don’t know where that came from…

Also I apologize for any ads until I have some funds they may or may not appear.

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