A world map of the game is now done, this will not only help me direct the characters around, but it will also help you see where they are going. My planning of the game is.. let’s say, 73.4% complete. Don’t ask how I got that number, I just pulled it out of my bat cave.

This map will get its own dedicated page for everyone to easily look at and admire what a beautiful piece of artwork it is, please, no need to shower me with praise.

Disregarding the jargon, the next step to do is to work on the real world outside of the game, as that is going to have a good part of the novel as well. I have some big ideas that could really help to give this story a great mood which you should find easy enough to immerse yourself in.

Writing is planned to commence within 48 hours and until then, please, enjoy this piece of eye candy.


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