Update, Announcement, and Recruitment

Being such an important title, I have deemed it to deserve its own post. There are three topics I want to bring up with all the readers.

First of all is an update. It has been over a week since I began as a full time author, yet I still haven’t had the time to fully focus on writing! This is because despite leaving my job, a large job came to me that has had me working Monday – Friday and coming home void of energy.

The weekend gone was my first free time, and with my motivation being above normal, got stuck into writing. Within a 48 hour period, I actually wrote 12,000 words. I will never shut up about such an enormous effort, so feel free to refer to me in the future by my Roman name, Gloatius Maximus! ^.^

On a more serious note, I only have one more day of work ahead until I can spend much more time focusing on writing. At least until I move next weekend and will be without internet from anywhere between 1 day and 3 weeks. I will keep writing regardless though so there should not be too many issues. I can respond to all your comments from my phone though.


My second topic is an announcement… of my new story!! Some of you would have seen COTE in the chapter header (I honestly don’t know what to call it, I am rather tired at the moment. I had two beers earlier and this happens every time!).

This is the new story, Chronicle of the Eternal. Each chapter will probably be no more than half the length of a standard End Online Chapter, and hopefully written and released faster. Unfortunately, this mean I finally need to go back through all the old chapters and do the daunting process of adding ‘Next Chapter’ and ‘Previous Chapter’ links.

I hope for COTE to be my masterpiece that I have been playing with in my mind for the past 6 months. It is most likely just a hopeful dream of mine, so I will leave it up to you all to decide whether it is good or not.

I can’t leave you without a description though, so let me drop a few key words/phrases: Life in a New World, MMORPG, Steampunk, Cold iron and Steam, Guns and Rifles, Alchemy, Wasteland, Grand City Theore, Regal, Immortalis and Soulless.

I will leave it up to you as to what you make of that. Chapter 1 is already written so hopefully you will get it soon.

As for what I plan to do with selling the novel, I want to give a little extra to the people who pay for it but don’t know what. I also want to be able to release it here for free so I will work something out!


Lastly, the recruitment!

As our head editor in chief, genericIntent is focused on End Online, we need new people to work on editing COTE. I was originally going to proceed with professional editing for this story, but currently I cannot afford it.

If there is anyone who is willing to work on this story, leave a comment below containing your email (you can also email me directly at drunkenwolfin<at>gmail<dot>com). The same as last time, I will send you a sample text to edit and all decisions will be based off that.

For those who trial the editing, make sure you are using suggesting mode on google docs. Otherwise I do not know what edits you have made.

I hope to hear from all you potential editors soon! For now, I need a short afternoon nap. ^.^


  1. ‘Life in a New World, MMORPG, Steampunk, Cold iron and Steam, Guns and Rifles, Alchemy, Wasteland, Grand City Theore, Regal, Immortalis and Soulless.’

    So, just throwing out some guesses, but to me it seems like some sort of post-war-apocalypse in a world similar to ours originally, but with the addition of magic for the new world. I’m guessing the character gets sent there through some means, probably from our planet. Soulless gives the impression of some form of demon, or a guy with no soul, but with MMORPG in it, demon seems more likely. The steam punk seems to say that the world is in, well, a steam punk era, and just saying, but that is most always awesome, at least in this context. Oh, I also got magic from ‘alchemy’ although the world could just have altered physics, with end online being based on what it is, I figure some form of magic will be thrown in the mix.frankly I have no clue what ‘Grand City Theore’ is, no offence to anyone if offence could be taken from that, so I don’t know if that would change my ideas. Am I right on any counts, or will I just have to wait and see? 🙂 (well, I am going to do that anyway, but *cough* hints *cough* are cool too)



    1. Also, how long will COTE be? Or at least planned to be – it is probably unlikely it will go exactly to predicted length. Will it be a long series, or a short one. I’m guessing a long one, but I am far from correct on many of my guesses



      1. It doesn’t have a set length at all. I would like it to at least be similar in length to End Online but we will all have to wait and see. Unlike with EO, I haven’t pre planned an ending.



    2. Well, you will have to wait and see. One minor hint I can give: I put it under the “life in a new world” category because that’s the closest one there is. But it’s not what you would normally think when associating that category.



      1. Huh, so, maybe fallout style ‘life in a new world’ – time skip to a time when the world has changed drastically? Eh, I will just have to wait a day or two, or however longit is, until the first chapter is uploaded to find out. Looking forward to it!



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