Editor Recruitment

As I’m sure you all saw in the last post. genericIntent is retiring and we are in need of new editors. I will keep it short so see the below rules for applying ^.^


~ Comment below your intent to join our team, or send me a private email to drunkenwolfin[at]gmail[dot]com

~ All editing will be done in google docs. It is preferred if you have a gmail account, but it is not entirely necessary. I should still be able share the document with you if you don’t, google docs just complains to me about it.

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Update, Announcement, and Recruitment

Being such an important title, I have deemed it to deserve its own post. There are three topics I want to bring up with all the readers.

First of all is an update. It has been over a week since I began as a full time author, yet I still haven’t had the time to fully focus on writing! This is because despite leaving my job, a large job came to me that has had me working Monday – Friday and coming home void of energy.

The weekend gone was my first free time, and with my motivation being above normal, got stuck into writing. Within a 48 hour period, I actually wrote 12,000 words. I will never shut up about such an enormous effort, so feel free to refer to me in the future by my Roman name, Gloatius Maximus! ^.^

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