CotE Decision

This is a relatively short post, but it is something I would like all of your input on. I have changed various things as I am going progressing in the story, mainly because it is Volume 1 so it serves as the foundation for the entire series.

I am currently getting further through Volume 1 and have come across a decision that needs to be decided upon. The energy/ion weapons. I haven’t really included them at all in the story since the beginning of the novel. Should they stay, and become a part of the novel during the latter half, or be removed? Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts on the matter.

This series is aimed at a Victorian Steampunk setting so I have the inclination that perhaps they don’t fit in. I can still have a form of rail gun within the novel by having a positive charged barrel when firing, arcs of electricity jumping off the barrel tip instead of a muzzle flash and all the fancy fireworks still.

P.s. I’ll remove this post after the decision is made to avoid clutter on the homepage.


      1. Thanks for the awesome novel. Ithe must be hard considering you likely have received plenty of people begging for a chaptereason or update. Just like I said to Brent Roth “I would rather wait for gold than hurry up for garbage “



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