Chronicle of the Eternal: Chapter 15

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, genericIntent
Author’s notes: First of two (maybe three) chapter releases of Chronicle of the Eternal before Volume 1 is released. The chapters have been considerably long as of late so you can rest assured that the release of the book should have a good page count. Next chapter will come out in a week.
Also, I have been having a terrible time with my google chrome(only chrome). For some reason it doesn’t like my mouse scrolling and scrolls at random speeds, often jumping down or up a page, or scrolling backwards. It is a nightmare when trying to scroll through the edits!
Update change:
~ No more ion weapons. Only alchemy engravings on weapons, various types of bullets, and all combinations of the two.
~ Changed ‘Forging/Beginner’ to ‘Forging – Beginner’. I will revisit old chapters soon.
~ Updated chapter 1 in parents didn’t leave house. All houses are granted by the city/settlement lord/king and the appropriate tax is paid per year to the city guard. Regal’s house is the cheapest in Theore at 1 gold/year. He doesn’t need to pay this yet as he is still young and not graduated school yet. Once he becomes an entitled hunter, however, he will need to pay this if he wishes to remain living in the city. I may revisit this to adjust the word pre book release.


Chapter 15 – Level Up

Regal’s experience at Atelier Gun & Bullet was a turning point for him. He now knows where his talents lie and how best to train. His decision is to be a crafter, someone who supports others and makes them stronger. If his other squad members can increase their strength, that will be a great benefit to him as well as them.

During the week, he trains his martial and alchemy skills after school. Two times a week, Regal practices ‘Cartography’ with Veronica and Piora and earns four silver coins from that. With the three silver coins on the weekend, Regal’s money problems have been completely solved.

For the next three weeks, Regal returns to Atelier Gun & Bullet to train under Tanner’s guidance. During that time, not only do his martial and alchemy skills break through the level 10 bottleneck, but his ‘Forging – Beginner’ reaches level 24.

The forging Tier 2 Divine Art is a passive ability called ‘Molding’, which allows him to create hardened clay molds. This slowed down his leveling progress greatly as Tanner made him study dozens of different mold designs, and the dozen ways in which they can be modified.

The Tier 3 Divine Art is also a passive ability, which increases his strength by four points. The bonus isn’t much, but Regal notices it is a little easier to swing the hammer afterwards.

Nearly all of Regal’s other skills also broke through the first bottleneck and entered the second tier as well as gaining new skills. From ‘Flame Forge Alchemy’, he chose ‘Radiant Enchant’, a Tier 2 Divine Art that will enchant a piece of held equipment with the ‘Radiant Flame’.

‘Ice Heart Alchemy’ grew with ‘Frost Fog’, a non-offensive Divine Art that uses fog to block an enemy’s line of sight, allowing for an easier escape. ‘Vigorous Earth Alchemy’ gained ‘Heavy Step’, which will make the caster’s feet heavier. It helps steady their balance, but must not be used in water or they will sink.

‘Revolver Proficiency’ now includes ‘Target Lock’, a Divine Art that allows the caster to mentally lock onto a single target and be aware of that enemy’s position, as long as they are within a hundred feet. ‘Cartography’ learned ‘Erase’, a passive Divine Art that allows the user to erase some or all of what they have drawn.

Many of these Divine Arts can only be used efficiently in certain scenarios, but the more skills and Divine Arts a hunter has, the more situations they can adapt to.


Regal’s school is once again standing out in front of the large clock tower in the center of the city – the entrance to the Theore Substructure dungeon. It has been a month since they last came, and everyone has different emotions. Some people are excited, while others are nervous, or even afraid.

Regal’s outlook is one of determination. He stands in a group with Veronica, Astore, Kilde and Piora.

“Piora, would you like to be in our squad?” Veronica ask Piora who has become one of our group.

“Yes! I would really like that,” Piora replies cheerfully.

Not a single member of the squad is nervous or afraid of entering the dungeon again. They all bear serious expressions unlike children fourteen and a half years old.

Mr. Razor stands in the middle of the entrance to the dungeon and loudly clears his throat in order to gain the students’ attention. “Students, entering the dungeon will be the same as before. Work hard to become stronger, and don’t die. Remember, becoming strong is not just about levelling up. Strategy is also a form of strength. Now that you have studied the enemy, you should be able to predict their movements better and fight them more efficiently.”

Many of the students enthusiastically nod their heads in response to the teacher’s speech. Some of the students who died last time can’t seem to find their confidence however, as their minds are filled with perilous simulations.

Upon the teacher’s signal, all the students, whether they are in a squad or alone, enter the clock tower and descend into the Theore Substructure. The guards posted outside nonchalantly start fixing their clothes and don’t even spare a glance at the students entering the dungeon.

Veronica’s squad leads the rest of the students entering the dungeon. They quickly enter the dungeon’s first large room before disappearing into one of the random pathways leading away.

“Why are we leaving so quickly?” Piora asks while running alongside Veronica.

Veronica glances behind the group before quietly saying, “To escape anyone who wants to kill us because we are Soulless. There are no rules preventing them from doing so down here.”

“Actually, big sis, I don’t think they will this time,” Regal points out diligently, his attention fixed on Piora.

“Why do you think that?”

“Well, Piora is with us. She is not a Soulless and quite popular, so it is unlikely that they will attack with her around.”

“Then it’s a good thing I’m a part of your squad,” Piora exclaims, puffing out her flat chest proudly in the process.

Regal pays little attention to the enthusiastic redhead, instead focusing on the walls to be prepared for any enemy encounters. Five minutes later, a nostalgic scratching comes from between the pipe-walls. A scrawny level 1 Mutant Rat’s head emerges as it prepares to jump out.

“Keep running and don’t stop,” Veronica resolutely commands the squad.

Feeling like they will not be able to make it past the rat and will take a decent amount of damage passing by, Regal spies a path branching off just beyond the emerging rat and says, “Big sis, we won’t make it past safely if we just keep running. It will slow us down and we will take too much damage for a single rat. We should attack it as quickly as possible while approaching it and then flee down a random path ahead. The network of tunnels will quickly get complicated so losing any pursuers will be easy.”

“Very well, we will do that. Draw your weapons!” Veronica barely hesitates before following through with Regal’s suggestion. It isn’t that she thinks her plan is wrong, but she places the utmost trust in Regal.

“I have a lot of ‘Ice Bullets’ that I have been saving up. It isn’t much, but I hope everyone will take a case of them.” Regal and the rest of the squad pause so he can pass a case of the bullets to each of them.

Loading their pistols with the new bullets, the squad of five charges toward the Mutant Rat now in the middle of the path. Rather than the sound of gunpowder exploding, the sound of ice cracking echoes in the tunnel as the ‘Ice bullets’ are fired at the rat. Regal and Piora’s bullets are the most accurate, predicting the rat’s movements and hitting it.

“Fire in front… now to the left… to the left again,” Regal speaks out and instructs the other Soulless on where to aim.

Following his advice, their accuracy nearly doubles. The Mutant Rat only has a sliver of health left by the time the two forces collide. Kilde suffers a slash on his leg, but Regal quickly fires his last bullet and kills the rat.

Not waiting for anyone to catch up, the squad leaves the rat’s corpse and quickly dashes away from the area. Multiple rats begin crawling out of the walls behind them and Regal gets a strong feeling they’ll soon be attacked from behind. It isn’t just the sound of the rats emerging from the walls, either.  The hairs on the back of his neck begin to stand up, and deep down Regal is convinced that something bad is about to happen.  He’s never felt this way before and can’t explain why he’s so sure an attack is imminent.

“Astore, please use ‘Earth Shield’ to block of the path behind us,” Regal announces hurriedly once they enter one of the forks in the path.

Following his request, Astore casts the alchemy and successfully blocks off the path. Moments later, Regal hears some of the rats scratching at the shield, followed by gunshots. The whole squad quickly realizes that there was more than just rats behind them.

Piora thinks that that it’s a coincidence that people are behind them; Veronica, Astore and Kilde conclude the likelihood that they have ill intentions to be higher than not having them; Regal is almost certain that they are definitely here to cause trouble or even attack them.

Not waiting around, the squad of five quickly move on and leave the area. Once they are at a safe location, Regal starts making a map of where they have travelled so far. It is only a disposable map, so he draws it inside a notebook with a pen. Not only does he draw the layout of the dungeon, he takes extra care to note where the other party was with a small cross on the map. If they run into them again, his thoughts are that he may be able to predict their path and to avoid them in the future.

“Little brother, you are becoming more and more reliable,” Veronica says while showing a rare smile.

“I only want to help our squad, big sis.”

Veronica leans in close and give him a hug that could either be of affection or something else while saying, “I know. I am proud and because of that I also have a request for you. Will you become the squad captain?”

“W-what do you mean? That’s your position.” Regal becomes flustered, pushing Veronica back away from him.

“I want you to become the squad captain. Everyone else agrees, right?”

Kilde and Astore nod their head while Piora averts her eyes. Regal notices this and hopes that Piora won’t leave the squad if he becomes captain. Even without his reply, Veronica presses a few icons on a translucent display and a notification appears in front of Regal.

Squad Captain has been changed to Regal Havier.

A new list of commands in the squad options have also been added, which Regal has never had to use before. They involve promoting and demoting members, removing and adding members, locating all the squad members and even sending a message to all members.

“I… I really don’t know what to say. There is no need for this,” Regal says with a troubled look.

Piora glances at him and snorts, “Stop complaining about it. Veronica decided on it so do it for her.”

Regal silently bows his head, finally accepting the role as squad captain and expressing his gratitude to Veronica for her trust. Studying the map he has begun making, he quickly leads the party away from their current location and to a new area.

Regal’s agility is greatly impacted while holding the notebook and drawing the map, but it is still possible for him t0 draw his pistol with a single hand. His most important role as the leader, however, is directing how each person should attack, ensuring that no one gets in another’s way and that they fight efficiently.

From Regal’s new outlook as squad captain, he notices the different traits about each member. Kilde is skilled at using the combat knife when rats get close, his flexibility is even above Piora’s, who moves around as agilely as a cat. Astore’s uncanny aptitude with alchemy is as shocking as he had thought it would be.

Veronica’s exceptional at using the right control skills in each situation. Regal talks extensively with her to learn her skills so he knows what she can do in a fight. He tries to talk with Piora about hers, but she only gives him short answers in response to his questions. He still discovers a considerable amount about her from their conversation.

Piora’s inherent skill is ‘Parallel Formulation’, a miscellaneous skill that allows her to cast more than one alchemy at a time. She can currently use two different alchemies at the same time but it is quite taxing on her mana so she prefers to not use it. Her strongest skills are her martial skills and a few flame-based alchemy skills.

By lunch time, Regal’s squad has killed over a hundred Mutant Rats, twenty of which were  the stronger, variations of rats. Regal’s experience toward his next level has reached 83 percent, while Veronica, Astore and Kilde are at 94 percent since they didn’t die last time. Piora is quite a bit ahead at 21 percent toward level 3.

All of the loot dropped by the Mutant Rats is split between the members as equally as possible. Regal’s share includes twenty low quality medicinal herbs, two broken level 2 bronze combat knives, seven hardened rat teeth, 27 bronze coins, and an assortment of other random items with little to no value.

Regal and Piora are elated at the squad’s increased efficiency while the others blandly say that Regal becoming the squad captain was the correct decision. Despite speaking of the matter with little emotion, they appear to also be slightly pleased.

Knowing that his cooking is terrible, Regal decided to spend a little extra money the other day and purchased some pre-made food to store in his inventory.

“Why don’t we go down to the next level?” Regal asks the squad after they have all finished eating and recovering their health.

Piora frowns before saying, “We should reach level 4 before we go down. The enemies are much stronger than we can handle.”

Veronica nods her head in agreement, but still looks toward Regal for his decision as squad captain.

“My decision is that we go down after everyone is level 2. Those enemies give a lot more experience points, and these rats are too easy currently. We will stay close to the stairs so we can retreat at any moment.”

Kilde leans forward to glance over the map and asks, “Do you know where the stairs are? Also, there are a lot of rats in that room. Usually several squads will get together to clear the room before the all move down, but there is no one else to help us.”

“Yes, it should be somewhere around this area,” Regal circles a blank section on the map that is still unexplored. “Those rats will be the final bit of experience to get us over to the next level. Astore and I will lure a few out at a time to avoid getting swarmed and we will quickly pick them off. There is no need for more people if the tactics are good enough.”

Regal holds the map in front of him as he carefully navigates toward the area with care to avoid other squads. Along the way, he constantly goes over his plan to eliminate the rats in the stairwell room and every variation of it. The speed in which his mind calculates all the possibilities is without a doubt faster than everyone else.

Half an hour later, Regal leads the party through the blank section of his map and quickly finds the room with the stairs as he had predicted. The fog in the tunnel clears and reveals between twenty and thirty rats crowded in a small room, one in three are also the stronger variations.

“Everyone, this is the plan: I will fire at one of the nearby rats to make it attack us. Astore, once four or five enter the tunnel, create an ‘Earth Shield’ to block the tunnel entrance. The blockage should last between ten and fifteen seconds at least, so we will use that time to run away with only the rats we let past chase us. By the time the wall collapses, the remainder of the rats should have lost us and return to the room. We will repeat this process until the room is clear.”

Astore follows behind Regal as they creep closer to the Mutant Rats, the rest of the squad waiting behind at a safe distance. Neither has any stealth skills, so the rats naturally notice them and send hostile glares with their little beady eyes. However, they appear to be intent on staying in the room and don’t directly charge at them like they usually would.

Regal raises his weapon and aims at the nearest rat while Astore prepares his alchemy, an earthen yellow circular formulae slowly rotating in the air. The killing intent from the rats reaches an unprecedented high right before Regal fires an ‘Ice Bullet’ at the nearest rat.

Like a swarm of angry Grimwasps, all the rats suddenly let out an ear-piercing screech and charge at Regal. Astore follows up on his role perfectly, blocking off the tunnel as soon as four of the rats leave the room. A large drumming and the sound of clay cracking can be heard as the rest of the rats charge into the wall holding them back.

“Run! Run! Run!” Regal shouts as the squad flees as fast as possible.

Regal and Astore weren’t fast enough, and each suffer an attack by the closest rats as they try to catch up with the rest of the squad. Regal blindly fires several bullets behind him to scatter and slow down the Mutant Rats.

After fifteen seconds of running, Regal glances behind him at the rats chasing before calling out, “Everyone hold the line. We will take out the fastest one, the Shadow Rat, first. Veronica, get ready to catch it with ‘Wind Entrapment’. Everyone fire at it during those two seconds and kill it.”

Barely a couple of breaths later, Veronica’s alchemy is unleashed and the Shadow Rat is captured in a ball of wind. Over the two seconds it is captured, fifteen bullets hit it in quick succession. It is only the fact that everyone is using ‘Ice Bullets’ which provide extra damage that allows the rat to be killed so easily.

“Piora, hold back the rest of the Mutant Rats quickly. Veronica, slow down the enemies with ‘Chilling Wind’ as soon as you have a chance. Kilde, use ‘Frozen Spear’ after Veronica slows them down. Astore… you learned ‘Stun Stone’, didn’t you?”

Astore nods his head quickly and is immediately prepared to use it.

“Good, use it as much as possible to prevent them from having the opportunity to attack us. Target any rats about to attack first.”

A wave of flames sweeps through the corridor from Piora, pushing the Mutant Rats back, and Veronica casts ‘Chilling Wind’ the moment it vanishes. Ice and fire alchemy don’t mix well, so they have to be careful not to use them at the same time and risk the alchemies cancelling each other out.

Kilde’s ‘Frozen Spear’ and Astore’s ‘Stun Stone’ are launched as soon as the rat’s speed begins to slow down.

“Kilde, aim at any rats Astore stuns,” Regal commands the squad while constantly firing at the rats.

Two rats get close enough and attack Astore and Kilde. Astore backs away while Kilde switches to a combat knife. Kilde’s twists at the hips and avoids the lunge of one rat but is scratched by another one. Astore’s ‘Stun Stone’ arrives shortly after and stuns a third one that was preparing to attack him as well.

With only two Mutant Rats attacking him, Kilde dashes in a zig-zagged maneuver to dodge one rat and attack the one at the back. His combat knife flashes through the air in a perfect arc and almost severs the rat’s head completely. It is a critical hit, dealing three times the standard damage and emptying the last of its health.

Regal, Veronica and Piora fire their guns repetitively. Under Regal’s guidance, Veronica’s accuracy improves and with the enemies slowed and rhythmically hit by ‘Stun Stones’, five out of six bullets from her gun find their target.

A couple of the Mutant Rats get lucky and manage to hurt one of the squad members, but the damage is minimal and all the rats are dead within a couple of minutes.

Regal and his squad only takes a few moments to catch their breath and start recovering health and mana before returning to the room with the staircase down. If they take too long, more rats are likely to crawl out of the wall and enter the room to replace the ones that died.

They repeat this process several times, until the area around the stairs descending to the second level of the Theore Substructure is clear.

The four Soulless all gained a level, increasing health and mana by ten points, stamina by five, as well as gaining three points to put on any of their stats. The benefits of gaining a level are known to all children, and gaining their first level is always an exciting dream. Regal didn’t feel excited about it in the past, before his soul formed, but currently feels strangely exhilarated by it.

Each stat has its own benefits. Increasing strength will raise the amount of weight that can be carried in his personal inventory and also increase melee damage. Dexterity increases coordination and accuracy as well as damage done by ranged weapons, while agility increases both speed and flexibility.

Every point added to endurance will increases health by two points and stamina by one. Intelligence will increase mana at the same rate as endurance does health, and also slightly increase the damage of alchemy. Luck increases the chance that enemies drop rare items and other luck-based events.

Regal already knows what he wants and doesn’t hesitate. He quickly opens his stats and puts all three points into agility so he can move a little quicker and avoid the Frostbite Wolves.

Name: Regal Havier
Age: 14

Level: 2
Nxt Level: 2%
Health: 110/110
Mana: 110/110
Stamina: 55/55
Class: None

Str: 14
Dex: 10
Agi: 13
End: 10
Int: 10
Lck: 10

Martial Skills:
Combat Knife Proficiency – Lv. 9 ()
Revolver Proficiency – Lv. 11 (Curve, Target Lock)

Alchemy Skills:
Flame Forge Alchemy – Lv. 12 (Radiant Flame, Radiant Enchant)
Ice Heart Alchemy – Lv. 12 (Ice Bullet, Frost Fog)
Vigorous Earth Alchemy – Lv. 10 (Stone Skin, Heavy Step)

Crafting Skills:
Cartography – Lv. 19 (Mind Projection, Erase)
Forging - Beginner – Lv. 24(Smelting, Molding)

Misc Skills:
Future Sight - Lv.100 (Foresight)

Passive Buffs:
~ +5% Attack Speed

“Let’s go down.” Regal stares intently at the stairs, tightening the buckles on his uniform to hide his nervousness. “Remember to remain vigilant. We studied the Frostbite Wolves in class so we already know what they look like and how they will attack.”

With their captain leading the way, the squad descends the stairs in the center of the room. The second floor is about fifty meters below the first, so the stairs continue for a while. The temperature grows colder and the mist filling the air adopts a chilling aspect that penetrates the student’s clothes and chills their skin.

They eventually reach the base of the stairs, the entrance to the second floor which is much like the entrance to the first floor. A large room, fifty meters wide and long, with pipes forming the walls, and a steel crosshatch grate beneath their feet to walk on. The only difference is that now the substructure is cold, with frost and cobwebs decorating some of the walls. The entire area feels lifeless.

“Frostbite Wolves have strong cold resistance, so go back to using the standard bullets. Piora, you will be the biggest damage dealer with your flame alchemy. Kilde and I will use our combat knives to keep them away from you. Veronica, you said you had another wind-type Divine Art to control the enemy. I understand it uses more mana, but please use it even if there is only one enemy.”

Regal hands out instructions while making sure to not underestimate the enemies. Mr. River described that the Frostbite Wolves are in no way similar to the Mutant Rats, but hearing about them and fighting them are completely different.

The squad enters one of the random corridors while shivering slightly. The dungeon has taken on an eerie silence that makes even the Soulless feel uneasy. It is barely minutes before a pitter-patter noise of padded footsteps dimly echoes from somewhere ahead of them.

Regal draws his gun, along with everyone else as the sound gradually gets closer. An outline in the mist forms first, before the creature finally enters view. It is a wolf as tall as Regal’s thighs, covered in brown fur with blue highlights in it, and piercing blue eyes that could freeze someone with a glance. It is a Frostbite Wolf, just as described in class.

“Fire!” Regal calls out, discharging his gun at the wolf.

Three bullets and Piora’s ‘Flame Core’ fireball hit the wolf before it can react, taking away only ten percent of its health. After that it quickly dodges to the side, using the pipe-walls to maneuver around their attack with a vicious snarl before charging at the squad. Its speed is almost twice that of the rat’s, and it is much more agile as well.

Regal and Kilde holster their revolvers and wield combat knives as they charge forward to hold back the wolf. Veronica’s ‘Wind Chains’ passes between them and attempts to tie up the wolf with multiple chains of wind, but it somehow manages to dodge all of them.

Regal uses ‘Radiant Enchant’ from ‘Flame Forge Alchemy’, successfully attaching the ‘Radiant Flame’ to his combat knife and adding a small amount of fire damage to his total attack.

Kilde’s knife emits a red luster as he jabs and slashes at the wolf with the Divine Art from one of his martial skills. Regal also jabs forward at the wolf, but the two series of attacks only take another ten percent of its health and cause it to howl in agony, entering a rage. Regal has to use ‘Foresight’ twice to avoid its counter attacks as he is not as competent at melee combat as Kilde is.

“Quickly, get back,” Regal says to Kilde as he notices it preparing to unleash its signature ‘Frost Breath’.

The two retreat outside of the attacks range, but the Frostbite Wolf dashes forward while unleashing the breath, drastically increasing its range. The attack hits Regal and Kilde and their limbs stiffen from the cold, slowing down their movements by twenty percent.

The wolf doesn’t let this chance pass and immediately attacks the two. Regal is slashed on the hip while Kilde has a small piece of his thigh ripped out by the wolf’s teeth. Each student loses thirty health points, just over a quarter of their maximum health. They struggle back from the Frostbite Wolf with stiff limbs, haphazardly swinging their combat knives at it to keep it away until they recover their movement.

Another volley of Piora’s ‘Flame Cores’ and Astore’s ‘Stun Stones’ passes through and hits the wolf. Veronica casts a second ‘Wind Chains’, which successfully binds the wolf. The Frostbite Wolf will only be immobile for four seconds, but that is enough time for the squad to take away a further fifty percent of its health.

Once the bindings are released, the wolf only has a quarter of its health remaining. It is completely furious now, blindly charging at the closest person – Regal.

Regal sees it happen through the use of ‘Foresight’, but can’t evade in time as the wolf is simply too fast. To Regal’s surprise and shock, the wolf claws across his chest and brings his health well below half way.

“Everyone, Fire!” Regal blindly fires at the wolf from point blank range, not a single bullet missing and two of them even being critical hits.

Bullets blanket the wolf as it snarls and tries to attack Regal. It manages to slash him one more time before it falls dead. Regal looks at his eight points of health remaining with panic, realizing how close he came to dying. Even worse, one of the bullets fired at the wolf had hit him in the leg, bringing him to this point. He looks over to see who fired the bullet, but nobody owns up to it.

“Astore, who shot me in the leg?” Regal asks calmly.

Astore looks directly at him and blandly says, “I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to say.”

Regal feels helpless and doesn’t pursue the matter. He is technically a Soulless so he knows Astore’s answer won’t change no matter how he asks him. He also knows that the only one who could force him to not answer over there is Veronica, which is the main reason why he doesn’t continue questioning it.

“We each gained eight percent experience – Incredible. Let’s also have a look at the loot,” Regal cheerfully says, changing the subject as he inspects the Frostbite Wolf’s corpse.

~ Iron Dagger
~ Frostbite Wolf Fang
~ 20 Bronze Coins

The iron dagger is much like the combat knife, and even comes under the same category of weapon, only it is five inches longer and not a weapon intended for training.

Iron Dagger
A plain dagger without any decorations or ornaments. The edge 
is not very sharp but the iron is solid and highly durable.

~ Lvl 4
~ Dex 12
~ Str 8

Weapon Type: Combat knife/Single Handed
Item Grade: Ordinary
Damage: 5 – 7
Durability: 35/35


Regal hands over the dagger to Kilde since it suits him the best. The squad unanimously agrees that Regal should get the Frostbite Wolf Fang as he nearly died, and the coins are equally shared among the members.

Not only is Regal nearly dead, but most of the squad is completely out of mana, Regal included. They move back to the entrance room and rest, consuming some food to restore their health.

The Frostbite Wolves are dangerous, much more so than they initially thought, but Regal is still intent on fighting them and the others follow his decision without complaint. After all, they can’t complain about a captain who places himself in front to protect them.

The squad repeats the process of fighting a single Frostbite Wolf before retreating to recover several more times. Each time they take slightly less damage as their personal experience grows and they become more used to fighting the wolves.

Piora is the closest to reaching level 3, at 82 percent to the level. The others are at 59 percent with Regal following shortly behind at 57 percent to the next level.

Regal and his squad stop hunting Frostbite Wolves after that – not because they can’t anymore, but because their food supply is running low and they won’t be able to recover health without it.

“Next time, we will bring lots more food,” Regal says depressed as he ascends the stairs, hoping not too many rats have refilled the room.

The squad silently leaves the second floor and returns to the first. Hunting rats has even become significantly easier after fighting the Frostbite Wolves. Regal is unhappy when he fights Mutant Rats, as the excitement and adrenaline of fighting the wolves has made Mutant Rats feel dull. Despite that, he still diligently leads his squad to kill the rats and collect their ears for the rest of the day.

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