Chronicle of the Eternal: Volume 1 Paperback giveaway

I have finally received the paperback copies of Chronicle of the Eternal: Volume 1. As I am not able to reduce the cost of the books to a reasonable amount, I have only had several copies printed which I had decided to give away in a competition.

There are three copies to give away to you, the readers.

To take part in this competition, all you need to do is submit an entry to an email I specifically created for this event. Please submit all entries to

The idea behind this competition is simple, all you need to do is submit, in 500 words or less, what you would like to see the most in Chronicle of the Eternal.



Subject: Wolfin Competition (Or whatever you prefer)

Email: What I want to see the most in COTE is…


That is all! There’s no need to include your address or country, all winners will be notified on 4th September and asked to provide an address then to post their copy of the book to.

I wish you all the best!

image (15)


  1. It’s been a week since September 4th, but nothing has been released about the results of the giveaway and the progress portion of Chapter 43 has not been edited. What is the current state of affairs of the two novels?



    1. The winners were already notified but I have not had a response from two of them, hence the delay in announcing who they are. I will send a reminder today to those people, and if I still do not hear back from them, I will choose two different people from the entries.

      EO chap 44 will be done today or tomorrow. I’m not entirely sure on how much of the editing is done at the moment though. I’ve had a bad session of binge reading the past couple days. I’m going to get it out of my system by early afternoon today and get to work on catching up to my schedule.



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