Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol 2. Chapter 4

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Fourth chapter release, half way there.

Chapter 4: Dust Storm

Regal and his squad enter the makeshift Silverstone Temple of Life. The inside is somewhat dim, the area lit by a long line of torches along the wall. Compared to the temple in Theore where Regal revived at previously, which has a golden luminescence that falls from the large stained glass windows and creates a holy atmosphere, this Temple of Life is like a cave.

There is also a detailed map of Greyhorn Townsend and the area around it, extending all the way until the dungeon in the west.

“Would it hurt to at least install some windows?” Aqua says disapprovingly while squinting at the map illuminated only by the flickering flames.

Piora seems deep in thought, calmly looking around before replying, “Perhaps it’s because new Immortalis aren’t born in the communities and only in the Grand Cities, so they don’t pay too much attention to the decor.”

Regal shrugs indifferently. His own thoughts are that this is only a small community so it is natural the buildings aren’t extravagant.

Regal is the first person to step into the rebirth pond in the center of the building, the cool water coming halfway up to his knees.

Do you wish to select this rebirth point to be your primary location of revival?

A prompt Regal hasn’t experienced before appears before him as he stands in the pond. He isn’t surprised by the translucent window appearing in front of him and immediately selects ‘Yes’.

The rebirth pond glows with a faint light and Regal feels something inside of him changing, forming a faint connection with the pond itself.

Greyhorn Townsend is now set as your point of revival.

The rest of his squad then follow his lead and each step into the rebirth pond to set it as their location for revival in case they die.

Leaving the local Temple of Life, Regal and the others find a member of the Greyhorn Guard waiting for them outside. He is a middle aged looking man with a tired expression. Not the type Regal’s teacher from the academy, Mr. River had, but one that looks like he has seen all of the world, and his soul is now crying for peace. Regal isn’t aware of it, but the guard has spent the last month contemplating a visit to the Temple of Rest to enter the eternal sleep.

“Regal Havier, I have come to help you all choose a residence in this community. I also have the information for the community defense crafter team ready as well. However, first we need to sort out a pair of goggles for everyone.” The guard says unhurriedly.

“I noticed nearly everyone has a pair. Is there some kind of reason?”

“Yes, this area is hit by frequent dust storms. They don’t cause any damage, but greatly reduce visibility and if you are caught in one without protection for your eyes, you are inflicted with a ‘Blinded’ status effect.”

Regal blinks in surprise at the explanation. He has never heard that such storms existed before now.

“As you will be working for the lord, a pair of standard brass goggles has been provided to you. Lord Solace must value you highly, as I have been instructed to provide a pair for everyone else in your squad as well. Here, please take these.”

The guard takes six pairs of brass goggles out of his inventory and hands them over. Each member of Regal’s squad thanks him in turn, even if the procedure is just a formality and not an object of his kindness.

“Do we look around at different residences first?”

“Yes, I will be with you for the rest of today to help you choose one, so take your time. I don’t have a personal wagon, so I will join you and guide you around.”

“Thank you,” Regal says gratefully, his impression of this community continuously improving.

Regal climbs onto the front seat of the wagon, the guard ascending as well to sit next to him. The rest of the squad sits in the back with their heads hanging out to gaze at the town.

The guard directs Regal to head to the east side of the town where most of the unoccupied residences are located. The squad sitting in the wagon constantly question the guard about the town and various locations, each of which he answers one by one patiently.

The average level of the community is only in the lower 40s, but that is because the final floor of the nearby dungeon only has level 50 mutant beasts. Increasing their level beyond 50 is simply too difficult without finding stronger enemies that will drop more experience.

It would only take a month of hard work to go from level 49 to 50 in the last floor of the dungeon, but would require six months to reach level 51, and then a few years to finally grow to level 52. This is what holds back many of the residents, and about half of those who reach level 50 will decide to migrate to another community that is closer to a higher levelled dungeon. The other half are those who are either content with their strength, or decide to focus on improving their skill levels to ever greater levels of mastery.

The main market district is a street in the south wing of the community which Regal passed by when following the guard leader to the Lord’s mansion. This is the location where everyone can purchase their goods and where the traders who visit once a month can be found. There are also shops that Regal can rent as long as ten percent of his sales are given to the Lord. This is a tax percentage that all residents and visiting traders alike have to pay to sell their goods in Greyhorn Townsend.

“So what does my work with the community defense team involve?” Regal questions the guard of whom he still doesn’t know the name.

“Those crafters’ job is to repair and improve the defenses of the community, mainly the wall. Small hordes of mutant beast tend to attack this place once a week or so, and each time the town’s wall needs to be repaired. Other than that, they will often hold meetings on plans to improve the wall, even if just by a small amount. They also join with the other crafting teams and dig mines to search for ore.”

“There’s a mine nearby?”

“A few, but none of them really have any resources. Our community doesn’t have enough gold to purchase large amounts of valuable resources from those that do, so we are constantly trying to find them in our lands. Anyway, we are now in the east wing, so let’s look at a few places.”

The guard hops off the wagon and heads over to the front of one of the houses. Regal noticed that most of the houses in the area are two stories tall with large courtyards out front and rather than calling them houses, it is more appropriate to call them villas. The guard explains this is to accommodate residents who are a part of squads, as they often prefer to reside together when migrating here.

The guard leads the way and opens the residence with the heavy iron key hanging on the front door, the indication that the villa is unoccupied. Regal follows the man in to see the inside brightly lit by the afternoon sunlight pouring in from wide, open wooden windows.

The villa, situated almost in the direct center of the east side of the town, has six large rooms and several living areas, with full accommodations for an entire squad. Regal and the others find it to be adequate, but the guard lets Regal know that it is better to look at some of the other places before deciding.

Regal’s squad spend the last hours of daylight looking at different villas, but inevitably go back and choose the first one. Lande and Lore, the two Mutant Stone Beasts, lounge in the courtyard in front of the house like statues, guarding the wagon as they wait for Regal to need them. Regal, on the other hand, is busy saying farewell to the guard who is finished with his duty for the day.

“Thank you for everything today,” Regal politely says to the guard.

“There’s no need, it was my duty. Here, take this, it is all the information about the position the lord has given you. I also have a few items I no longer need. I hope they will be helpful to you.” The guard hands Regal a small book of only a few pages, three candles, and an old map which is a copy of the large map at the Temple of Life.

Regal is stunned, immediately asking the guard not to go out of his way and tries to return the items. The guard refuses to take them back and quickly dismisses the issue. He then disappears after a short farewell with a content smile forming on his face. Regal realizes he never did ask what the kind guard’s name was.

After leaving the young Regal and his squad the kind guard made his way toward the makeshift Temple of Rest. It was even more poorly constructed than the Temple of Life. “Well Britan, that was a good way to end things.” The guard says quietly to himself with a soft smile. Britan enters the temple with his soul at peace and lies down in the shallow pool of purple tinged water. Not long after lying there his body seems to sink into the pool, going far deeper than the depth of the pond and fades from the world of Grandosa with a gentle glow.

He had lived for over a hundred years and was already tired of life. Some people could live forever, but Britan found every day seemed to weigh on his mind like an invisible and intangible pressure. He had wanted to seek the eternal sleep for a long time, but lacked the courage to say goodbye. It wasn’t until today, after he got the chance to provide a small kindness to a young man, that he finally knew it was his time to rest.


The sun sets over the low, craggy hills in the west. Unseen, a thick cloud of dust fills the sky obscuring the heavenly bodies and wreathing the land in darkness. Within Greyhorn Townsend, the only lights that can be seen are from the few torches the guards hold as they patrol the city wall and a few faint rays of light filtering out of houses and villas.

Regal and Aqua are in the kitchen of their new villa cooking dinner for everyone under the faint light of two candles. While it appears that both of them are cooking, it is actually Regal helping Aqua train her ‘Cooking – Beginner’ skill by trying to explain the essence of cooking techniques and focusing on the sight, smell and taste of ingredients.

“I don’t get it!” Aqua loudly complains, glaring at an onion and Regal in turn.

Regal goes back to explaining the latest concept he is trying to teach her from the beginning, but this only frustrates Aqua more and she ends up storming out of the kitchen, leaving Regal to finish cooking dinner by himself.

Regal soon emerges from the kitchen with plates of steaming meat and crisp vegetables. A thick onion sauce covers each meal and threatens to drip off the plates with each step.

The rest of the squad are sitting around on the wooden floor as they currently have no furniture to sit on. Despite having a home to call their own, the scene of everyone sitting on the ground is a strange sight. Even when they were camping, there would at least be rocks that they could sit on.

Aqua is the first to eat, viciously chewing her food to expunge some of her frustration. Piora pokes fun at her for it and receives a snappy rebuttal, sparking hostility between the two who began wrestling on the ground. Regal and the other soulless casually watch the two fighting while continuing their dinner. It isn’t until the situation begins escalating and the two start casting alchemy at each other that Regal finally steps in and separates them.

It is at this moment that the large dust cloud covering the night sky outside descends with violent winds in tow. The storm reaches the town before many people can react, extinguishing the few torches outside and buffeting the houses and villas.

Perhaps it is because their natural affinity with the earth, but Lande and Lore are still calmly sleeping outside the villa as if there is nothing wrong. The villa still has all its wooden windows open though, this allows the large gusts of dusty wind to blow through the squad’s new home.

The sudden incursion of the dust fills the living area where everyone is still eating dinner, catching the group by surprise.

“Damn it! Everyone, quickly close the windows!” Regal shouts while jumping away from Aqua and Piora toward the nearest window.

Regal grabs the small wooden handles of the windows, pulling them shut against the fierce barrage of the storm. A cloud of dust still enters through the window as he is shutting it, catching him unprepared and with a stinging in his eyes, Regal’s vision goes black.

You have been blinded.
Time remaining -- 2:00

Regal curses under his breath, quickly telling everyone to equip their goggles. Regal tries to put his own on, but can’t see to open his inventory due to the ‘Blinded’ status. It is only Piora and Kilde who react quick enough and equip their brass goggles before being blinded. Everyone else is left to stumble around the room, trying to find open windows by feeling along the walls. Several of them even bump into each other, further hindering progress.

Piora and Kilde work quickly, shutting the windows in the living area and then rushing around the villa to close all the others that are open. When the two minutes of being ‘Blinded’ are finished, everyone’s vision hazily comes back and reveals the messy state of the villa.

The dust is still settling, creating a thin blanket over the ground, including everyone’s dinner. Regal, Veronica, Kilde, and Astore’s food didn’t matter as they were nearly done eating before the storm hit. Aqua and Piora however, look at their barely eaten meals with tears in their eyes and grumbling stomachs. Both of them weakly say, “My food…” as they poke at the dust covered dinners.

“I’ll make you some more,” Regal helplessly says to the two distraught women. “First though, help me clean this mess up.”

The candles are relit and everyone proceeds in silence to clean up the ruined food and all the dust on the floor. Veronica exercises precise control over a wind element Tier 2 Divine Art to sweep all the dust on the floor into a small pile in the corner of the living area.

Regal then returns to the kitchen and after some quick cleaning, creates a new dinner for Aqua and Piora. Although it isn’t as tasty as the meal before, the two women eat their food in silence, no longer squabbling among themselves.

The squad then each selects a room in the house to sleep in. The house doesn’t have any beds, so they end up sleeping in the equipment they used while camping. Veronica doesn’t pick a room like the rest of the squad. Instead, she stays close to Regal and follows him into his room.

Regal doesn’t say anything or stop her from doing so, but a cold sweat forms on his head from nervousness. He sets down his sleeping equipment like Veronica isn’t there, but can’t stay silent any longer when she places hers down next to his and connects the two.

“V-Veronica, you’ve been very quiet since we got to this community. Is there something wrong?”

“Do you like this community, Regal?” Veronica ignores Regal’s question and asks him one of her own while changing into thin sleeping clothes and crawls beneath the woolen rug she has been using as a blanket.

Regal always becomes passive when it comes to Veronica, so he doesn’t pursue his initial question. He is hesitant initially, but quickly builds up his courage and also enters the bedding in his own sleeping cloths. The two lie there facing each other, close enough that that they can see each other’s faces even in the darkness.

“I haven’t gotten to know the town just yet, but so far I do. It has a good lord and the guards are very welcoming. Don’t you like it?”

“I know I should, but I don’t. There is something strange inside of me, Regal. I don’t understand it, but it tells me we should leave this place.”

“Something inside you?”


“Perhaps you are just overthinking it.”

Regal heart starts pounding like crazy, but he still moves his arm beneath the rug and places it around Veronica’s waist, gently pulling her closer to him. Surprisingly, Veronica complies with his incentive and moves closer until their bodies are pressed together. Their clothes are thin for comfort when sleeping, so Regal can feel every contour of her body.

“I am not. I didn’t think about this at all. It is like something invisible pulling-”

Veronica is cut off as Regal brazenly seals her lips with his. He doesn’t even hear her words properly, his every sense overwhelmed by his desire for her.

“This is what lovers do, isn’t it?” Veronica quietly asks, allowing Regal’s hands to wander.

Regal silently nods his head, mouthing the words, “It is,” while continuing. Their previous conversation is gone as Regal begins taking their clothes off, testing the boundaries of their relationship over and over again. Veronica entrusts her all to Regal, permitting him to continue each time.

Not long after they are both completely naked beneath the woolen rug, the lesser material causing a minor itch on their skin. Regal and Veronica lay there, legs entwined, chests pressed together and saliva connecting their lips. Regal softly pushes Veronica onto her back, situating himself on top of her and they both share their first experiences in intimacy together.

Late into the night, soft moans continue to escape Veronica’s lips in between ragged breaths. The wooden window in the room rattles continuously from the storm outside, drowning out the sounds of those within and ensures their privacy.


The following morning Regal and Veronica, still naked beneath the woolen rug, are awoken by the door banging open. Its sudden movement causes a few particles of dust in the room to stir, illuminated by the extremely thin streaks of light filtering in through the gaps of the wooden window.

“Shameless!! How could you!?” Aqua shouts at the two in Regal’s room with tears in the corner of her eyes.

Standing beside Aqua is Piora, who smirks at the scene unfolding in amusement but doesn’t say anything. She is more interested in wondering if Aqua is shouting at Veronica or Regal. From her statement it could be either one, or perhaps both of them.

Veronica is the first to react, sitting up unsteadily and causing the rug to fall down to her waist, revealing the upper half of her body in all its splendor. She calmly looks at the two girls as if there is nothing wrong.

“What is shameless?” Veronica asks Aqua, not having enough information to discern exactly what she is crying about.

“You know what I’m talking about!!”

Meanwhile, Regal is hiding his reddened face under the rug in embarrassment. He isn’t wearing any clothes either, but is far too flustered to show himself.

Veronica is puzzled, but she looks at herself, seeing her breasts revealed, and also toward Regal hiding under the rug before casually saying, “I understand.”

She doesn’t offer any kind of excuse or explanation, only getting out of bed and placing on her daily clothes. As she gets out of bed, the corner of the rug is raised and Regal sneakily peeks out at Veronica’s body, which is much easier to see in the golden hues of morning light. He only wishes the window was letting in a little bit more light, so that he could see a bit better.

Regal’s sly action isn’t missed by Aqua, who turns around and flees the doorway. Piora remains momentarily to give the two a tomboyish thumbs up before also departing, leaving the semi-closed door in her wake.

Regal then finally gets up and quickly dressing himself, then hugs Veronica from behind. Veronica entrusts her weight onto Regal, leaning back while analyzing the events of last night. She doesn’t understand all of it because at several moments her mind, which usually calmly thinks through everything, felt that even the most basic logical thoughts would not come to her.

The squad reassembles down in the living area downstairs to discuss what they will do for the day.

“We will go to the main market district today,” Regal says calmly while constantly looking toward Aqua, who is avoiding his eyes. “As we have only just joined the community, I have three days to get accustomed to the town and settled in before starting my work for Lord Solace.”

“First, let’s find some materials to create some furniture. It will be much cheaper if I do it myself instead of getting a carpentry craftsman to come to our villa. After that, we will relax and get to know some of the people around town. I was told there is a large tavern in the southern part of town where a lot of hunters gather each night. Excluding the incident when we were learning ‘Cartography’, it will be our first true experience with alcohol!”

“Let’s do it!” Piora grins wickedly in excitement.

The squad leaves the villa full of enthusiasm, only Aqua seeming disheartened. Lande and Lore are still sleeping even this early in the morning, both emitting a deep rumbling vibrating the ground from the beasts’ snores. With his mental connection to the two, Regal awakens Lore and harnesses the wagon to it.

A cool breeze blows through the town and removes any traces of dust remaining from last night’s storm, almost like it never happened. Regal learned from the suddenness of the storm and wears his brass goggles around his neck so he can equip them at a moment’s notice. The others have also learned from this and wear theirs around their neck, though Veronica and Kilde choose to wear theirs on top of their head.

As the wagon will soon be used for building materials and they are only travelling a short distance in town, Astore, Kilde, Aqua, and Piora walk alongside it rather than sitting inside. Regal is on the front of the wagon, giving the impression that he is driving it, while Veronica sits beside him with her shoulder pressed against his. Regal wanted to think that this is her way of showing intimacy, but Veronica immediately shut him down by saying she will stay close to always protect him.

The wagon travels at an easy pace and reaches the market street in the south end of Greyhorn Townsend. The shops are already open, but there isn’t a large number of people on the road.

The road is substantially wide, easily allowing two wagons to pass each other while people are still walking along the sides. Of course, people are also walking in the middle of the road, so progress with a wagon is still fairly slow.

As the squad gradually moves deeper into the market street, very few people get in his way along the road. He passes stores selling different miscellaneous goods, weapons, ammunition and other assortments. Regal first stops at the far end of the shops where a lone trader is selling cheap Hursewood, the material from a standard tree that can be found everywhere in the northern region of the world. Regal ignores the small section of higher quality Starcoin Wood which is sold for quantities of gold coins, and sticks with the lesser Hursewood.

Regal ends up buying a large amount of the cheaper wood, filling up half the wagon for just thirty silver coins. He then stays to talk with the trader, a local who earns his money by cutting down trees, processing and selling them. Surprisingly, even Veronica shows interest by asking a few questions.

Regal learns a bit more about the town and the area around it while at the same time getting to know the trader, whose name is Hanson. Just next to the timber store, is a blacksmith who purchases iron ores from the monthly traders who also sells crafted nails, screws, brackets and other construction materials. Regal stocks up on a considerable number of pieces, spending another 20 silver out of the squad’s pooled money.

Travelling back up the road after purchasing the main items Regal needs to furnish their new house, the squad stops at a number of other shops to speak with the traders, purchase ammunition, food, supplies, and some slightly better bed sheets then the rugs they all currently have. Regal also enquires about a furnace, which is the only item Regal didn’t purchase because it would have been too heavy to carry in anyone’s inventory. He finds that all the ones offered are at least ten gold coins, too much for Regal to afford.

The squad then comes across a store selling a small variety of skill books, one of which is the ‘Masonry – Beginner’, skill book. This greatly excites Regal.

“I need all of your opinions as these coins are all of ours,” Regal says adamantly to the rest of his squad, demanding a proper answer and not just deciding on what Regal wants. “The skill book is three gold coins, which will leave us with only nine silver coins left.”

Veronica pays little attention to what Regal says and immediately says, “I will choose whatever you want.”

While Regal finds himself unable to scowl at Veronica, everyone other than Aqua, quickly agrees that Regal should buy the skill book. They point out that coins can easily be earned just by hunting mutant beasts, which they will be doing a lot of in order to level up.

Aqua stares at Regal and looks like she is about to says something spiteful because of her residual anger, but her face eventually falls into sadness and she says, “Buy it. No one is more skilled at crafting than you. Even my father said that. It would be wrong for me to tell you not to buy it…”

Regal, seeing her heartache, descends from the wagon and pulls her into his embrace. He softly, yet adamantly, says, “I’m sorry Aqua. I love Veronica, so of course I would be with her.”

A few tears form in the corner of Aqua’s eyes, but she quickly climbs into the back of the wagon, sitting on the materials while trying to stifle her sobs. Regal wishes he could do something for her to make her feel better, but right now he is the last person she would want to be consoled by.

Without thinking about whether it is a good idea or not Regal mouths a plea to Piora, who reluctantly climbs into the wagon and begins exchanging quiet whispers with Aqua. As for what they are saying, it remains a secret between the two of them.

Regal then moves to purchase the skill book from the young looking lady managing her store. She is very cheerful, but adamantly refuses to barter on the price. Regal doesn’t mind much, buying the book at the store price before immediately learning it.

‘Masonry - Beginner’

(Tier 1) Stone Binding – Stone blocks will bind onto flat surfaces 
while this skill is active. The binding has the strength of a basic 
adhesive compound.

Stone Binding
Cost: 1 mana/second

Regal is surprised. The ‘Stone Binding’ Divine Art is not completely necessary in the craft, as a simple tar compound would have the same effect. However, with the skill, not only does Regal save money on purchasing or crafting the tar, but the final product will be much cleaner as well as a tar isn’t used and the bind will be as strong as the materials used itself. The skill also ingrains a basic knowledge of masonry crafting into his mind as well, giving him the most basic of proficiencies in the skill.

‘Masonry – Beginner’, like many other crafting skills, only has a single skill path. Regal automatically learns ‘Stone Binding’, which appears in the crafting skills section of his personal status.

Crafting Skills:

Carpentry: Beginner - Lv. 100 - Mastered 11th Tier (Beginner Constructing, 
Plan Projection, Third Hand, Over-Tier: Overwhelming Strength)  
Cartography - Lv. 100 - Mastered 11th Tier (Mind Projection, Erase, 
Mental Mapping, Over-Tier: Automap)
Compounding: Beginner - Lv. 100 - Mastered 11th Tier (Beginner Medical Arts, 
Enhance, Beginner Poison Arts, Over-Tier: Recovery Aura)
Cooking: Beginner - Lv. 100 - Mastered 11th Tier (Aroma Sense, Butchering, 
Beginner Recipe Arts, Over-Tier: Hundred Knives)
Forging: Beginner - Lv. 100 - Mastered 11th Tier (Smelting, Molding, 
Beginner Guncraft, Over-Tier: Repair Aura)
Masonry: Beginner - Lv. 1 - 1st Tier (Stone Binding)
Tailoring: Beginner - Lv. 100 - Mastered 11th Tier (Tanning, Beginner 
Stitching, Dyeing, Over-Tier: Earth Stitch)  


Regal’s squad returns to their villa not long after. They even used half of the remaining silver coins to purchase some basic masonry chisels, a stonecarving blade, several large blocks of Silverstone and one of the red glass-like Reedrock which can be found near bodies of water.

Lore, the Mutant Stone Beast, truly shows its strength when pulling the full wagon as its stamina barely moved from max during the whole trip to the market and back to their place.

The squad unloads the materials into the courtyard out front of the villa, a toiling process which exhausts everyone. Even with the passive stat increases from his skills, Regal’s stamina is equal to theirs, so the work tires him out just as much. After a short break for everyone to eat some food and satisfy their satiety, Regal begins crafting furniture for their villa.

Veronica sticks close and assists Regal with moving the heavy materials, easing his burden considerably. A large number of various tools are set out on the ground from Regal’s inventory to avoid him having to constantly take them out and put them back in again as he works.

Regal begins with all the Hursewood, a pale white wood whose inferior quality can be identified just by looking. He scribbles a few designs in a small notebook, then uses Divine Art ‘Plan Projection’ to create a ghost image in his vision of the product he will make.

The first items he builds are the beds. Regal begins cutting the larger sections of wood into exact sizes to create the frames. He has a minor inspiration when looking at it, and uses his new masonry chisels to carve identical designs into the bed’s legs. It takes him an hour, but he manages to finish them all in the image of a pile of gears, a unique design that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The rest of the frame also has some minor carvings of springs and tools on it. Regal only feels that it is a shame the pale color of the wood makes it look like a cheap product.

Regal then efficiently cuts out sections for the rest of the beds and takes them up to the rooms with Veronica’s assistance before assembling them, knowing the completed beds would not fit through the front door despite how accommodating the frame is.

Aqua, Piora, Kilde, and Astore are currently in the front courtyard dueling each other in order to train their skills and improve their fighting efficiency. A few hunters returning early from work happen past the villa and form a small crowd outside leaning on the simple fence that marks the edge of the villa property. They watch with amusement and even begin betting against each other on who will win each duel. As the four have unique strengths in different areas, it is a close competition that has everyone excited.

Some of the spectators also watch Regal and Veronica as they create furniture at a frightening rate, each piece more amazing than the last. This group quickly loses interest when he starts clumsily working with the Silverstone, making it clear that this is a new type of crafting for him.

Regal cuts the Silverstone blocks up with the new stonecarving blade before having to use a coarse rock to smooth out the rough and uneven faces.

Night begins to approach and the crowd of hunters begins to dwindle, those leaving approach with a greeting and offering their favorite of the four duelists some advice before saying their farewell and saying they will come next time. The villa also has a yard in the rear that is mainly used for training skills, so the squad most likely won’t be practicing out front again. They are only doing so this time because Regal is out there crafting the furniture.

Regal eventually forms a basic Silverstone frame for a table after exhausting all the stone blocks he bought. He then finally uses the red Reedrock to cut thick partitions off for the top of the table, forming a strange combination of Reedrock and Silverstone that surprises Regal with how good it turns out.

With the last piece of furniture now made, Regal is pleased to find his ‘Masonry: Beginner’ skill has already reached level 5. If it was half a day of training in masonry, he wouldn’t be so shocked, but it grew four levels after creating just this one table!

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  1. dueling each other in order to their traintrain their skills and improve their fighting efficiency

    that surprises Regal with itshow good it turns out



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