Chronicle of the Eternal: Volume 2 Book Cover

CotE Vol 2 Cover full(I updated the picture)*(Book has been sent to Amazon, I will let you know when it becomes live)

I  was quite proud of this one so I thought I might share it with you. This is the temporary cover for Chronicle of the Eternal. It will be left as is for now, as I will be contacting the artist who did Volume 1, Dylan Pierpont, when I have enough money to hire him to do a proper cover for the second volume. For now, this will do. Enjoy.

The spine of the book actually runs down the middle of the strip. I went for a rustic, damaged book look with a CotE theme (Metal)

And here is the front and back pictures alone:

CotE Vol 2 Cover frontCotE Vol 2 Cover back



    1. Thanks!

      First I will focus on End Online Vol. 7, if I have extra time, I may do a little work on CotE Vol. 3, but otherwise it will be incorporated into the schedule after that.



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