D has been sick + Update

Well many of you have been wondering where this Immortal D is, well he has been incredibly sick over the past month or so. As some may recall or will now know, I have my nieces and nephews stay with me over the weekends. Well, it is apparently germ season at those infestation breeding grounds we call school and kindergarten.

First these kids brought back their germs and gave me a cold. Pretty minor, I usually spend my time hugging a tissue box and sleeping off the minor headaches. Just as I got better and was about to get stuck back into writing, the little bastards came back and gave me the flu. Many people thinks the flu and the cold are the same, but they are not. The flu is worse. The headaches are much worse, and snot travels back into my throat rather than just down my face.

I finally got better from this but apparently these kids weren’t happy with getting me two for two, but they managed to score a trifecta, and a home run at that. They were still most likely spreading their diseases and whilst I’d already built an immunity to this years cold and flu, the extra germs finally pushed my lymph nodes past the point of which they can hand and it became a serious bacterial infection.

It is the worst of the worst. The first night I came down with it, I had a migraine powerful enough I honestly felt like I was dying. I wanted to call an ambulance but how lucky for me my phone is broken. I lay there for the entire torturous night not being able to ask for help. The lymph nodes at the back of my neck are completely swollen and covered in pus, so I can barely swallow. I have no appetite and have been alternating between having hot flushes and the chillls. I still can’t sleep without waking up shortly afterwards completely covered in sweat. I did manage to stomach some Thai food for dinner the other night but that was completely thrown up and all my efforts went to waste. I’m now practically living off antibiotics or whatever they are, panadol (headache medicine), throat lozenges and gargling aspirin.

On the note of where I am with my stories, it’s all on hold at the moment, I can barely focus on writing this out and my headache is getting worse. There are emails from some of you and comments which I will try get to tonight after I’ve rested.

Eternal Anime War is currently up to chapter 30, I’d been releasing them in patreon first and was planning a mass release here before I fell ill. I’ll do this once I am better. As for End Online, I’m still struggling to read through my old work to catch up to where I was. You guys seriously underestimate how much I hate reading over my old work


  1. Merry Christmas D. We are all still waiting to know if you are still there and all getting pretty worried. Not forcing you to get back to writing if you’re still feeling bad, but a reply whould be really nice.



  2. I hope that you will continue your writing, but if something has come up and continuing to write has become an impossibility, or you have just moved onto a different hobby, than I hope you the best of luck, if you ever feel like you desirer to continue your adventures, than we will always be here for you. Good luck, and I hope to see you.



          1. And you are right I was just re reading almost the whole sight and in his ‘about me’ section it says ‘From there I have picked up an offer for a full time job, doing something I love, and even being able to continue writing. Most of it is done at home, but there are some parts that I do at work. Although, I only try to do what I need to in regards to writing at work. After all I do love my job, almost as much as writing!’


  3. I really like his Deep Space Epoch novel.
    If I were to say it was even better than any sci-fi novel I read in qidian like Age of Cosmic Exploration and Galactic Dark Net.
    Just hope he continue writing.



  4. Well it’s 2020 so Happy new Year to ya. You probably dropped End Online for one reason or another..and that’s cool. It was a good run, much higher quality than most of the MMO novels qidian churns out these days. Hope you’re in good health, see ya dude.



  5. Patreon got back to me regarding D. Wolfin. Unsurprisingly, with nothing revelatory. =/

    Hi Felicity,
    Thank you for reaching out!

    While I understand your concern regarding this creator, I’m not able to provide much information here. Their page is still active, but I’m also not seeing any posts being published recently.

    We are unable to contact this creator, so I’ll recommend trying to reach out to them outside Patreon.

    If there is anything else I can help you with, let me know.




    1. ” From the look of the big 0 posts this year, it seems that he hasn’t posted anything this year” 👈 basically the response you got.



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