eBooks currently down.

Some of you may be unable to find my books on Amazon.com currently or read them on your kindle. This is because my account is currently suspended for a ridiculous reason which is actually quite frustrating. I am trying to contact amazon kdp at the moment but their contact us page just leads me directly back to the homepage and I can only wait for them to reply to my email. I have copied the content of my reply below to show you what I mean.



I have previous replied that I have previously replied that I use no third party for marketing, advertising or anything related. This is not protecting me as a publisher but instead harming me. If there is any illegal activity in manipulating Kindle services, it is not related to me in any way or form and could be considered a hostile act towards me to sabotage my account.
What am I supposed to do right now?
Kind regards,
On Monday, April 9, 2018, Kindle Direct Publishing <content-review@amazon.com> wrote:


We are reaching out to you as a follow-up on our previous communication regarding reading or borrow activity originating from accounts attempting to manipulate Kindle services. We detected continued illegitimate activity after our communication and, as a result, we have suspended your account to protect our publishers and readers experience.

We need you to take the necessary actions to stop the activity. We encourage you to review any marketing services you may have used, since you are responsible for ensuring that the strategies used to promote your books comply with our Terms and Conditions. Once you have done so, please send a response to content-review@amazon.com which includes a statement that you reviewed all marketing services you may have used, and confirms the discontinued use of any that might be responsible for this activity.

Once we receive this affirmation, we will reactivate your account. Please be aware, any additional illegitimate activity may result in termination. If we don’t receive this affirmation, we will terminate your account after 14 days.


Amazon KDP


They had previously contacted me with the below issue, but I had replied asking for more information as I use no third party software to market my books that could lead to them using false accounts to read my books through amazon prime. Unfortunately their reply consisted of basically the exact same content as the first email and remained unhelpful.
I can only ask you all to be patient as I hope for this to be sorted out T.T


  1. I am afraid that Amazon is upset that you postedyour book (at least part of it) online on this website – most authors after publishing in kindle close up web site within days and leave only part text with link to Amazon.
    As i understand Amazon policy is that you can post book only via their site (no additional site even if it is for free).



    1. I may have to take it down or remove them from KU, but the issue with this is illegal accounts being used to bolster pages read. I’m not the only one with this problem as others are having it too. I don’t know whether this is an error in their system/hacking, or someone using malicious scripts to try and “attack” other books on KU to get them kicked off and increase the market share for the other books.
      Amazon does have said policy but I you are allowed to post up to a certain amount (I can’t remember exactly how much). I don’t mind as this blog had always been my way of communicating directly with readers and served to get people attracted to my work.

      An example would be EO vol. 1 the editing is significantly better in the published book in comparison to what I have here, while other books contain additional content and future updates would improve the amazon version more. If amazon wanted it removed one day as per “policy” or anything that was perfectly fine too, but this problem is not that.

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  2. Wow. that is really frustrating, aren’t they supposed to be the one handling the issue on their end?? They haven’t even said the specifics of what, and have no concrete evidence presented that the issue came from you, and the issue they are saying, shouldn’t they handle it themselves, track it and resolve it?



  3. Hmm, something’s fishy there, as I can read books on royal road that are sold on amazon. The edition on amazon is supposedly edited better, but they are free to read on royal road still.



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