Chapter 12 – Two Brothers

Author’s note: The final chapter of volume 2, answering some of life’s questions you have all been wondering about! Has been a great pleasure in writing this and hopefully we can look forward to even bigger and better things in volume 3!
I haven’t given it all away, but some of your questions have been answered!
Don’t forget, if you are interested in buying the ebook of volume 2, there is the extra chapter 8.5 from Chronix’s perspective of things. It is only a short, like the Christmas Special, but it may interest some of you. We also need more people to help out with the paperback copies, there is one order so far, so we only need nine more to be able to do it!
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Thank you for your time ^.^

– Lost-

Verde, Prince Charming, Fen and I left Leaz with the new letter of introduction. Although, it ended up in my hands after the prince simply discarded it.

“I have no need for a measly letter of introduction to an innkeeper.”

Those were his words, but it will definitely be useful later on, so I made sure to pick it up and store it in my inventory.

A little out of town, we stop inside a small clearing in a forest, the evening sun completely shaded by the foliage. Calling a break, we agree to log out and meet here again in an hour, after dinner.

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Volume 2 is Live!

So since finishing chapter 11 on Friday, I have worked hard to finish both Chapter 12 – Two Brothers and Chapter 8.5 – Chronix’s Fury. With these two done at a speed which even scared me, I finished all the important bits and pieces with publishing the book, and sent it off directly to amazon for deliberation.

I woke up this morning to find it not only live, but there are people who have already found it! I complete turn around from volume 1 which took nearly a week before any sales happened.

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Chapter 11 – Grael’s Lair

Authors Note: This chapter is a little shorter than normal, the next one will also be the same. It is only due to having to constrain book sizes. If I have them too large I can’t ship them internationally without charging like $20+ for postage alone. I really need to put this in the ebook for all the amazonians to read, most of my four start reviews appear to only be due to the books being shorter than the readers would have liked.
We also need more people to order copies of the paperback. If we can get 10 people we can ship it internationally (If we don’t there will be a link to the page for individual sales, but postage costs will be about $16 instead of $8)
Unfortunately I have worked over a hundred hours in the last week so I could not have the rest of volume 2 done by today, but there is going to be a mini bonus chapter in the ebook and paperback copy as well (A short from the perspective of Chronix and about him – we will be seeing more of that d-bag in the future)
Lastly, today is my birthday! Working hard for all you readers, I have seen lots of mentions of me on other sites which has been fantastic! Still waiting on to review my work so we can have a banner on TopWebFiction!
That is all. Happy Birthday to me ^.^


The dragon, Grael, has one eye open, its deep violet pupil fixated on me. A trickle of sweat rolls down my back as I feel I most definitely have its ‘aggro’. Although, Instead of being intimidated by my aura, it seems to be excited for a fight.

‘As if I would fight this thing!’

There are three exits in this circular grotto, excluding the one we entered from. Fortunately, one of the tunnels out is just a few meters behind us. Everyone is also aware of the exit, ready to flee. Prince Charming is completely pale in front of the dragon. Despite all his earlier bravado, when it came down to the moment, he clearly had nothing to show for it.

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Chapter 10 – Leaz in Trouble!

Authors Note: Some of you will like the in depth about information about cooking, some of you will feel it is a bit much, This is a one time thing just to allow you to understand how detailed cooking in End Online is. Although, I must say, what a wonderful recipe it is. If you wanted to add it to your mother’s cook book, who could blame you, I’m sure she would be delighted to have it.
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I arrive at the north gate with Fen in mere minutes. Although unfortunately, it appears Verde is not here yet.

“Fen, please do at least try get along with her.”

I question whether the two of them in a party together was a good idea, but it should work out. My biggest worry is this girl in front of me, giving me a blank stare and refusing to answer.

Turning away from the look she is giving me, I notice Verde approaching from down the path

She is strangely wobbly on her feet, almost as if she is… Drunk.

“I-I’m here! *hic*” Verde is also talking a little loud, most definitely drunk

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Chapter 9 – Wolf Girl

Author’s Note: I see I have made it to page 1 of the list of recommendations at thanks to Sensi’s comment. A warm welcome to all the new readers from! I actually tried to find that thread going from the forum home page for fun. I learnt that I am forum incompetent. ^.^’


Somehow, I am certain the person clinging onto my back is Fen. Yet, she should be a wolf. Since when could she transform into a human? Was it a new technique, like when she first began to use the ice attacks? Or has she always been able to?

Images of what the wolf look like in human form are flickering through my mind, trying to match up what little I could feel against my body to an image.

‘No. I should not think those things!’

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Chapter 8 – Grigor

Authors Note – Done a full line by line proofread, taking my time to hopefully give you a grammatically perfect on its original release! I have also updated the About Me, Copyright, and Purchase the Book pages, don’t forget to check them out!
Usual updates to the Weekly Update page and Game Info page are being worked on, but I’m sure this chapter release is more important!
I am also creating a kickstarter campaign to help fund the book, lower the prices and hopefully get paperback copies in as many bookstores as possible! Please do continue to support the book, if you know people who may be interested in my work, please do let them know that I am here!


The Christmas update that the game developers released was a massive shock to me. All of a sudden I needed to not only maintain my equipment but also my satiety levels as well. Yet, it was nothing compared to the surprise of Fen’s invasion of my locker.

I was originally worried about what she does when I was offline. Did she wander around? Go into hiding nearby? However, that was no longer a mystery after finding her hiding in the kitchen in my locker.

The only question remains as to how. How does an AI that lives in the game exit it, especially into my VL. She could have somehow downloaded herself onto my VL, connecting to it the same way I do to the game.

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Chapter 7 – Party of Four

Author’s Notes: Merry Christmas everyone! Also, I did it! By an hour mind you, but I managed to write and proof the entire chapter, posting a day early to compensate for chapter 6 being two days behind schedule!
Considering its Christmas and thanks to WOOOOF’s comments on the previous chapter there will be a very special christmas short being posted in a few hours! Been a pleasure serving all you readers ^.^


Fen shows a lot of interest in Iceridge as I show her around, although I notice that she glances behind us from time to time.

‘Don’t worry Fen, if the guards were going to come again they would have already done so,’ I think it just myself as I know it wouldn’t calm her.

Of course I don’t do nothing while I walk around town, I take the little wolf through all the park areas and collect herbs as I pass through, I even manage to collect a few that I have no clue as to the effects, inspecting the item description tells me nothing too, everything shows as just ‘??’.

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