CotE Volume 1 Available… and news…

Volume 1 of Chronicle of the Eternal has now become live at Amazon. You can find it by clicking this link, or the image below. It will also be viewable on my Amazon Author’s page shortly.

Book Cover Final_front

I also received an email from Amazon which could be either a false alarm, or bad tidings. This is what the email said:


We’re writing about the following book:

Chronicle of the Eternal: Volume 1 by Wolfin, D (AUTHOR); Pierpont, Dylan (ILLUSTRATOR); Weinstock, Nathan (EDITOR); Vanatis, Jack (EDITOR); genericIntent (EDITOR) (ID:7573160)

During a review of your KDP submission, we found content in your book that is freely available on the web.  Before we can publish your book, you need to take one of the following actions within five days:

1.      If you hold the publishing rights for all of the content in this book, resubmit your book for publishing following the instructions provided below.
2.      If the book is in the public domain, please confirm the initial publication date of the work and the author’s date of death. By sending us the requested public domain information, you are giving KDP permission to publish this book on your behalf. We will contact you if we need additional information.
3.      If you do not hold rights for all of the content in this book, please remove the book following the instructions provided below.

If you publish books for which you do not hold the electronic publishing rights, we may terminate your account or you may lose access to optional KDP services.

Best Regards,

Amazon KDP


I will contact Amazon to ensure that everything is okay because I DO hold all electronic publishing rights as it is my novel. But should any issues come up, I may need to remove the free chapters available on my blog. After all, if Amazon closes my account I practically lose all my income that I live off. I believe that it is the former and that it is a false alarm, but I’m letting you all know now just in case.


  1. Hello, I would like to ask for some advice if you have the time on how you marketed your book to attract viewers. I am an aspiring web novel author and would really appreciate some feedback and/or tips and tricks on how to attract viewers to read my work.

    I would also like to say fantastic job with your two current serials. I have read each story several times each and have also bought the CoE novel on Amazon. I must say, they get better with each subsequent session. Keep up the good work!! 😀



    1. In terms of marketing my book, there isn’t any great big secret and I have been asked that question from time to time.

      I’ve mentioned many times before that I am against self advertising, vehemently so. However, when you are starting a new novel, which nobody is aware of, sometimes you have to put your hand up and let people know. I did a small amount of self advertising back when I started on a couple of forums. That was practically all the advertising I did.

      After that, I have left it to the readers who recommended it to others. A good story will speak for itself, and others will slowly get to know it. Some people nowadays find my work through recommendation lists, amazon’s “you might also like” list, and a couple of other sources that occasionally appear.

      Anyway, thank you for supporting my work. Best of luck with your novel ^.^



      1. Thank you for the advice and I will try to follow it.
        I am of the same opinion of self advertising, becuase I know often times it can be annoying.
        Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions!



  2. Hi D.Wolfin been following you a while first time I’ve commented just wanted to say u really enjoyed all your books can’t wait for the next chapters! 😊



  3. Writing Stage: 60% (Still writing. Also, large chapter release coming once this stage is done.)

    Been visiting my long list of following site for anything to read and saw this…
    Now i have something to look forward to….



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