Writing Style

I have a question for you all that I would like some feedback on. I have also created a poll for those who don’t have any particular remarks to comment but favour one opinion over another.

Poll can be found here.

As many know, or have noticed, I write in the present state, save for events that have already happened. I grew into this style early on when I started writing. During the initial feedback from readers, there was one about “showing not telling”, along with some examples. I found it puzzling at first and was comparing the examples with my work, and also doing research on the subject.

I have learned about it now, but at the time, I had taken it as writing in the present tense was “showing” (involving the reader in the action as it’s happening) where as writing in the past tense was “telling” (telling the reader about what happened). I often mistook verbs back then and wrote as a jumbled mess of both present and past tense. Thankfully weakwithwords, then genericIntent, came along and helped me fix most of it in the editing process.

Since back then, I have gotten much better at writing in my present tense style. The difference between that and past tense often isn’t actually just changing the verb from present tense to past tense, but actually a restructure of the sentence, making them considerably different.

At one point, if anyone recalls, I had tried to write in the standard past tense format most writers do, but the general consensus of the readers was that “it read like a diary.”

I have gotten more skilled in writing present tense compared the then, and understand the differences between the two more.

One of the things I find to be holding me back as an author the most, is that many readers aren’t accustomed to the style, and find it somewhat difficult to read. There has been a bunch of reviews on my writing the complain it is written poorly, difficult to read, or a “poor translation”. I also won’t be able to reach my goal of a perfect 5 star rating book with negative reviews on the writing style.

I’m not mad or upset about this (unless they are fake reviews by people who simply dislike my work), and would rather take it and improve. As a writer, I am constantly trying to write better, sometimes losing my way, other times finding the right path, but it is a long journey.

I would like to know what your thoughts are on this, including whether you think I should keep to what I already know and continue writing in my style, or focus on writing in the general past tense format that you all are accustomed to reading. The poll above is specifically this.

I am aware that my writing may drop in quality slightly if I change it so suddenly, but in the aim and hope of future improvement, I am willing to work the hard yards.


    1. Chapter 8 will be completed first thing in the morning. As for the book as a whole. Give it a week and I should hopefully have an estimate on when the book as a whole will be complete.



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