Current Status (Book finished-ish)

I really hate too many post on updates and not chapters, but I can’t keep hiding from you all because I’ve been reading and not writing. Seriously, I know how you feel when you need just one more chapter.

Anyway, here is the current status.

I’ve had quite some problems getting stuck back into writing, and it all mainly stems from being absent too long. I started the bonus chapter for CotE Vol.2 at the beginning of last month (I think it was), and I couldn’t get past the first paragraph. It’s almost like when you don’t do anything for a long time and forget how to do it.

Well, I did find my way back into it. I started a small time project of my own elsewhere (It contains mature content and strong language so I’m not referencing for you, go find it on your own if you’re really interested) which helped me get back into the door for writing. I’ve been writing one chapter of that a day, they are short chapters and I’m already done chapter 8, before carrying along and writing CotE, and to be EO.

As for what is next. CotE Vol.2 still needs editing on the final chapter and I need to do consistency edits pre-compiling the book, and make myself some cover art, which is expected to take 3-4 days.

After the book is published, I will have a scheduled silence for about a week while I reread End Online Vol.4-6 and find my place again. I will then be focusing completely on EO Vol.7 until that is completed, if I can get the chapters out quickly enough, I will do a couple of CotE Vol.3 chapters as well, but EO will be my priority.

Remaining edited CotE chapters coming tomorrow. It’s currently 3:30am here and I am going to sleep, check 9 hours after this post for replies to comments!

If you have a comment and I have missed it, I do apologize. Whilst hiding from you all, my email and notifications have become a complete mess…

Yours Truly,


  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy Wolf thx for the update. Cant wait for vol 2 to appear on Amazon! Looking foward for some more EO too.



  2. Name of the other fic? I guess I might be able to find it under your name… but… the hassle! Also I figure a pseudonym may have been used… Anyway, goad to hear you’re alright, and that you’re getting back into writing 🙂



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