Editor Recruitment

As I’m sure you all saw in the last post. genericIntent is retiring and we are in need of new editors. I will keep it short so see the below rules for applying ^.^


~ Comment below your intent to join our team, or send me a private email to drunkenwolfin[at]gmail[dot]com

~ All editing will be done in google docs. It is preferred if you have a gmail account, but it is not entirely necessary. I should still be able share the document with you if you don’t, google docs just complains to me about it.

~ Once you have submitted your intent to help, I will create a google doc with the first four or so pages of the next chapter of End Online. The document is entirely yours and not the original, so feel free to go wild.

~ You must use suggesting mode. This allows me to see the edits you made.

~ genericIntent will be watching from above and giving me feedback as he is a little (a lot) better at editing than I am, so do your best ^.^


I’ve also got news about my latest adventures in my current favourite game Granblue Fantasy (I have Star Ocean 5 arrive in the mail yesterday, so the title of favourite could move, depending on how good it is). I’m going for the 77,777,777 chips prize at the casino.

It will be a long term project, especially when they changed the double or nothing probability after 1,000,000 chips. Currently at 3,440,000 chips, will keep you all updated on the process. For anyone who plays, starts playing the game, you should understand how much of a large goal this is.


  1. I am interested. This series has been one of my favorites, and it has grown so much. I feel as if helping to edit will be an exciting task as I have not much to do but to browse Royalroadl all day.



    1. If you have done it before, I expect you already know all the ropes. I invited you to a document to trial editing. I look forward to seeing you work ^.^

      As for not having as much time, that shouldn’t be a problem. I will most likely choose two new editors, so being able to support the process is still very helpful.



  2. As much as I would love to help out with editing, I’m afraid my schedule is a bit too hectic as it is ^_^;; best of luck to everyone trying out, though. Ganbatte!



  3. I’d love to apply for an editor position, but I’m currently holding down a full-time internship with college app essays. Maybe in like a month or so.



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