Editor Retirement

It was just over a year ago that our current head editor, genericIntent, joined the team and started helping with the editing for End Online. He has possibly been the greatest help in turning my horrendous grammar, half asleep sentences, and changing my mind in the middle of a paragraph, into a much more readable format.

I often made jokes about him taking a hammer to my writing in the process, and to be honest… No, I’m right, he really did take the metaphorical hammer to it. His well placed Monty Python jokes while editing were also always amusing.

As you have probably guessed by the title, genericIntent will be stepping down from the editing stage.

There will be a recruitment for 1 or 2 new editors, but I will make another post for that tomorrow. Today, I only hope that you all can leave a comment thanking our editor, who has always been working silently in the background, for all that he has done over the past year, and wishing him the best for the future.

End Online: Chapter 39

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, genericIntent
Author’s notes: I know many of you have waited for End Online to be resumed and are not happy with the time in between releases. I have been stuck with writing for a while – not writers block, but everytime I start writing I end up falling asleep! Quite frustrating, but I spent all of today cleaning the house, doing the washing, and redoing the chapter plan to give me fresh motivation for writing. Some of you may not understand what I mean, but imagine I currently have 80% motivation. I need to have 100% motivation to write otherwise I end up counting sheep.
I’ve got a bunch of pages on this site to update, which I have held off from to try focus on writing EO directly, but I will update them in the next day or two as well. Next and Previous Chapter links updated tomorrow, it’s late and I require rest.
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Chapter 39 – Separate Paths

– Lost –

After making the decision to take on different roles for our new guild, ‘The Wanderers’, we all travel to Iceridge before parting ways. I take the lead with Fen and Mason on either side of me, with Verde, Sir Laurence, Matrix, and CaptainGordon following close behind.

The south-eastern area of the new Kingdom of Dalbe, also known as the former Kingdom of Glace, or south-east-most Human Realm, is currently going through a light snowstorm. A few small snowflakes land on my face, but quickly melt away. I am not discomforted from the cold thanks to my cloak blocking the effects of nearly the entire storm, but I do feel a lingering dampness.

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End Online: Chapter 38

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, genericIntent
Author’s notes(Readme): Update on all that is happening. First of all CotE Decision. After constantly rereading all of your input in the comments, I have decided to remove energy weapons from the novel. What will be used to achieve a variety of effects however, is a combination of countless different bullet types and alchemy engravings that can be placed on the weapons (and combinations of the two) Thank you all for the comments, it really helped me reach a final decision.
Next, two pieces of news. Volume 1 of EO has finished it’s professional editing finally after going back between me and the editor a bit. That will be updated to Amazon in about 24hours – and available in 48. I have also secured an artist (the very best, mind you) to create the cover for Chronicle of the Eternal: Volume 1. I had wanted to add another name for the book 1 specific (like Chronicle of the Eternal: Sixty Academia (Volume 1) ) but I couldn’t think of anything that really stands out.
Lastly, I’m going to focus 100% on CotE for April, hoping to finish the book by the end of the month. As a result of this, no EO will be written, so I will release 2 or 3 chapters of CotE. I will focus 100% on EO to finish Volume 6 after that, so I hope I can release 2 books in 2 months.
P.S. If you find that nothing has been updated here and I have seemingly vanished, you can guess with a 99% accuracy that I have just gotten addicted to reading or re reading a book/webnovel. I’m far too easily distracted, and I can’t write properly unless I flush it out of my system. Tonight is my last night of “renegading”, I will speak to you all soon ^.^


Chapter 38 – University


A knocking sound wakes me up. There is no sunlight filtering through the bedroom window, but that is because I spent last night sleeping in my locker with Fen again. The first time was extremely nerve-wracking, but the second time was much more peaceful.

Fen is lying on top of me this morning, her head resting on my chest with her hands over my shoulders, and both of her legs wrapped around one of mine with a vice-like grip. Her face is incredibly peaceful as she sleeps, gently inhaling and exhaling in synch with me. While I can’t see them, I can feel her breasts pressing against my stomach. It is the kind of feeling that makes one happy to be alive.

I made another shocking discovery last night. Resting my hand on her hip, I realized that she was completely bare. I didn’t dare move for a while after that, my heart pounding in my chest as I start debating ‘should I, or should I not?’. This also led me to lie awake much longer than usual and oversleep in the morning.

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End Online: Chapter 37

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis,
Author’s notes: The chapter you have been waiting for? Well, it’s juicy, it’s fresh, and it’s here now.
The chapter plan for this chapter is available for everyone on my Patreon page. It is possibly the greatest one yet… maybe… but it definitely has the best illustration to date from Cr@ppy Artworks Inc.
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Chapter 37 – Ruminu Forgotten Temple

– Lost –

After Matrix interrupts Fen and me, the camp is incredibly awkward. The entire site is silent, and not-so-subtle glances are constantly sent my way. Fen stands next to me as I practice my ‘Potion Production’, eyeing the concoctions nervously.

‘Don’t worry Fen, I won’t feed these to you. Those other people though, I might,’ I sinisterly muse to myself.

Once the morning cleanup is finished, I challenge everyone’s glances before saying, “Nothing happened! Now, let’s keep going into this forest.”

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End Online: Chapter 36

Editors: genericIntent, Templar, Jack Vanatis, Johnist, Scott
Author’s notes: The first chapter of Volume 6! All the editors pitched in for this chapter, which was a nice surprise. Chapter 37 hasn’t been written yet. But writing will start in 2 days, and hopefully be done within 5 or 6 days from now.
There is no chapter plan for this chapter on my Patreon as this chapter and chapter 37 are a part of the same plan. To avoid spoilers, it will be released with the next chapter.
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Editor’s notes:

Chapter 36: Kano City


Grey mist completely surrounds me upon entering the teleportation circle in Grael’s Lair. It gradually begins to clear, revealing a bustling square within a city of timber and stone houses no more than two or three stories tall. The sounds of players bartering and forming parties fill the air, along with what seems to be several flocks of birds cawing in the distance.

I’m surrounded by other players and NPCs; most of them have perky cat ears atop their heads and tails that sway as they walk. The remaining players are mainly humans, but I occasionally see a few other races.

‘There are some differences in the cat traits among players,’ I muse to myself, staring at the different colored and shaped ears and tails. ‘I never got an option to customize my looks upon becoming an ‘Eternal Draconian’, could it just be random?’ Continue reading →

End Online: Chapter 35

Editors: genericIntent, Jack Vanatis, Johnist
Author’s notes: The final chapter of Volume 5! I have already finishing the rough plan for volume 6 and working on the next chapter, but it is still half a week away(estimated) from finishing the written stage.
The chapter plan for this chapter is now available on my Patreon. This one is available to everyone. If you don’t support me there currently, perhaps you will consider it. The Chapter 35 plan is separated into two parts as that is how it was originally planned (Half of chapter 34 and then 35, hence why the chapter itself is so long!)
Editor’s notes:
Chapter 35: Assault, Grenton


“God damn it!” I curse vehemently and throw all the nearby paperwork around in the office shortly after disconnecting the V-Link.

“Mikhail, getting angry about it isn’t going to help,” Henry says as he stands in the doorway watching me with a frown.

I look over at him, trying to use a meditation technique to force the fury in me to calm, “Those arrogant little pricks simply slaughtered us when all I was doing was watching them. Now they messed up our plans!”

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Volume 5 Now Available

It’s currently incredibly late for me, but Volume 5 has finally finished Amazon’s reviews and is now available for purchase. All the readers who have been following for quite some time, I’m sure you realized chapter 35 hadn’t been published as I always release the completed book a week before releasing the last chapter.

For all of you that can’t wait another seven days, you can follow the link at the bottom of the post to Amazon.

Once again, I have forgotten to add myself in as a contributor and only the editors show under the book contributors. I, however, do come up as the publisher. There is no changes to the book, it just mean it won’t show up on my Amazon Author’s Page until the publishing finalizes in Amazon’s system and I can update it.

Another chapter of CotE coming tomorrow, along with a few updates to the other pages. I have also been thinking about creating a map (or maps) for the additional continents from Volume 6 onwards. It is a pain because I long since lost the original photoshop file with all the layers of the original map, so I will have to come up with a solution. But that’s alright, despite being inefficient, I am quite a good problem solver! ^.^

I will leave it at that. I hope you all enjoy! ^.^

Volume 5 on Amazon

Volume 5 Cover 1 EmbossedDigitalRGB

End Online: Chapter 34

Editors: genericIntent, Jack Vanatis, Scott
Author’s notes: It’s a d-double chapter day. T-the excitement is g-giving me the j-j-jitters!
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I am also skipping this chapter plan on my Patreon page. The plan is short and disgraceful. It is also on the same page as the plan for chapter 35. Actually, part of the chapter 34 plan was used in chapter 35 too!
Editor’s notes:


Chapter 34: Battle for Supremacy Commence


As the moment of teleportation arrives,  a grey fog crackling with lightning surrounds us. Apparently, teleportation is a high-ranking spell and has the flashy graphical effects to go with it.

As fog and an occasional flickering discharge fills my vision, I begin to experience strange sensations all over my body. I feel as if I were falling through the air or beginning to drift off into sleep. The fog disappears as quickly as it appeared. Instead of being surrounded by the desert I was in mere moments ago, everything around me is covered in white. The sudden change in not only location but also temperature causes my pupils to dilate in shock. This is an area I have not been to in a long time: Iceridge.

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End Online: Chapter 33

 Editors: genericIntent, Jack Vanatis, Scott
Author’s notes: Surprise!! This one has returned! Actually, my internet returned 5… now 6 days ago. I am guilty of loving literature and netflix so have been going back on some of my greatest hits! It’s strangely difficult to turn off! (For me, at least) Anyway, a pleasure to be back and will be getting stuck into writing! The end of volume 5 is currently at my fingertips and I am excited to keep writing. ^.^
I currently owe 2 chapter plans for to be available on my Patreon page for everyone who supports me there (Donates $1 or more a month) – The 2 chapters have now been posted on Patreon so feel free to go over and have a look! ^.^
Editor’s notes:


Chapter 33: Sphinx


It’s late. I’m feeling strange and uncomfortable in my wheelchair after so many hours running through the sand in End Online. I reflexively attempt to curl and stretch my toes, but nothing happens except to inject some bitterness in with my discomfort.

After a brief meal and attending to personal hygiene, I turn on my computer. After an agonizingly slow start up, I open a popular search engine and input a single word: university.

The site automatically searches based on my location and prioritizes the local universities. By local, I mean the entire east section of the city I live in, Taile. I open up the top result on the web page, Saint Peter’s University.

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EO: Chapter 32 – Poison and Sand

Editors: genericIntent, Scott
Author’s notes: It has been a very busy week so far, I only finished the job I was currently working on (painting an apartment) yesterday. Good news is that now I have a lot of time to get writing. I will first be writing chapter 2 of COTE and then the final two chapters of EO Volume 5! I will also shortly be going through all the old chapters and updating the previous/next chapter links. It is something I have passionately avoided for months, but now it must be done with the new tale coming.
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Editor’s notes:… [I tried to get something out of genericIntent, but apparently my torture and interrogation techniques have room for improvement]


As soon as I step off the boat and onto the sand, a notification appears.


As an explorer of a new land, you have been granted a
new title.

Desert Pilgrim
~ +20% Movement on soft and uneven terrain
~ +5 Agility
~ +5% Fire resistance

Do you wish to equip? Please note, current title will
be lost.
        Yes / No

Considering that my previous title became invalid when my identity was revealed, I immediately accept the new title.

I notice everyone else stopping momentarily as they step off the boat as well. Some people consider the message, while others are overjoyed at their fortune.

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