Chronicle of the Eternal: Volume 1 Paperback giveaway

I have finally received the paperback copies of Chronicle of the Eternal: Volume 1. As I am not able to reduce the cost of the books to a reasonable amount, I have only had several copies printed which I had decided to give away in a competition.

There are three copies to give away to you, the readers.

To take part in this competition, all you need to do is submit an entry to an email I specifically created for this event. Please submit all entries to

The idea behind this competition is simple, all you need to do is submit, in 500 words or less, what you would like to see the most in Chronicle of the Eternal.



Subject: Wolfin Competition (Or whatever you prefer)

Email: What I want to see the most in COTE is…


That is all! There’s no need to include your address or country, all winners will be notified on 4th September and asked to provide an address then to post their copy of the book to.

I wish you all the best!

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Editor Recruitment

As I’m sure you all saw in the last post. genericIntent is retiring and we are in need of new editors. I will keep it short so see the below rules for applying ^.^


~ Comment below your intent to join our team, or send me a private email to drunkenwolfin[at]gmail[dot]com

~ All editing will be done in google docs. It is preferred if you have a gmail account, but it is not entirely necessary. I should still be able share the document with you if you don’t, google docs just complains to me about it.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Chapter 23

End Online Chapter 39: Unedited version currently available on my Patreon for all those that support me there.
Planning Stage: 100%
Writing Stage: 101%
Editing Stage: 90%
Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, genericIntent
Author’s notes: Final chapter to be released today, and final chapter of the book. There is still the Side Story 1: Tanner’s Story, but that is only available in the book. Please do support my work: Purchase a book, or if money is a concern perhaps tell someone else about it, both are equally valued by me. ^.^
Now, for the announcement. I had originally planned on releasing a chapter a week or something similar. Even if releasing chapters to catch up, this is more than what was due. It is actually the rest of the volume to be released. I have done this for a simple reason.
Amazon have been able to automatically locate Chronicle of the Eternal and find that it is currently released for free, as seen by that last false alarm email I received. They don’t do this with End Online, perhaps because the name is too vague and related to too many things that it slips past their automatic search.
Chronicle of the Eternal will be available for Kindle Unlimited a few days into next month. If their system detects it is freely available here and this becomes and issue, which is more than likely, it will need to be removed. Should this happen, I will still be posting Volume 2 chapters here, and I will also write a brief recap of volume 1 for anyone who hasn’t read or can’t purchase Volume 1. I hope you can all understand.

Chapter 23 – Graduation

One week has passed since Regal returned to Bluemist Academy, and it is time for the students to once again delve into Theore Substructure. A quarter of the students have already reached level 10, so the procession into the dungeon is smaller than usual.

Regal’s squad, minus Piora, are among those entering the clock tower. Veronica, Astore and Kilde didn’t enter the dungeon the previous time while Regal was missing, so they haven’t reached level 10 as of yet.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Chapter 22

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, genericIntent
Author’s notes: Fifth chapter release, one more. No complaining that this one is painfully short for a chapter, you just got two chapters that were 1.5x as long. ^.^

Chapter 22 – Return

Regal ascends the stairs and exits Theore Substructure, emerging from the clocktower at the center of Grand Theore with a dazed expression. It is still early in the morning so the two city guards stationed outside are surprised to see a student leaving the dungeon so early. They take a moment before noticing that Regal’s uniform is actually different from the students who entered the dungeon this morning and move to apprehend him.

“Hey, you don’t belong with Mountain Gate Academy, what were you doing in the dungeon?” The taller of the two guards grabs Regal’s elbow to prevent him from escaping.

“I was just leaving, sir. I was trapped within the dungeon and only managed to escape now.”

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Chapter 21

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, genericIntent
Author’s notes: Fourth chapter release, only two left.

Chapter 21 – Monster

As Regal slides off the pipe spanning the shaft, fear and confusion fill his mind. He isn’t afraid of dying, but falling into what appears to be an endless void has a terrifying aspect to it.

The pipe Regal and his squad were crossing grows further away as he falls. After only a few breaths worth of time, it is gone. Regal is enveloped by the endless darkness of the chasm, and it almost appears to stick to and envelop him.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Chapter 20

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, genericIntent
Author’s notes: Third chapter, three more to go. Also, skill books are dropped by enemies, this was changed in earlier chapters and included in the book, so I’m letting you know this now in case it comes up(I’m pretty sure it does). Skill books also come with descriptions!
The player stats screen is the final design that was used throughout the book. I didn’t wrap the text as I don’t like how wordpress makes it appear. Keeping each skill on a single line is more approachable, and for anyone who wants to read every skill, you will need to scroll right at those points.

Chapter 20 – Fall

During the first week of back at Bluemist Academy, the class 4 teacher, Mr. River, takes all the students to the gym. Regal’s first thought is that they are going to be dueling with class 1, as Mr. Razor and all his students arrive there as well. This is the common thought of many of the students from both classes, but most change their mind after seeing there is a long table covered by various sized stacks of countless different skill books.

Mr. Razor clears his throat and explains to the students, “Class 1 and Class 4, welcome back to the academy for your second year. When you began studying last year, you were initially given four skill books to go along with your studies. As second years, you are entitled to another one.”

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Chapter 19

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, genericIntent
Author’s notes: Second chapter to being released, four more to go.

Chapter 19 – Academy Break

After the inter academy tournament, the yearly break from study begins. There is a full month until Regal will need to return to Bluemist Academy for his second year. With no transmission plates, he and his friends have no way of contacting each other either. Not wanting to be apart from Veronica for so long, he takes her home on the last evening to show her where he lives.

“The break lasts for an entire month. If you want to practice together, you can come find me here anytime,” Regal says awkwardly, too nervous to say that he just wants to see her more.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Chapter 18

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, genericIntent
Author’s notes: The first of many chapter being released. Bigger announcement being made upon release of chapter 23! Also, this is post edits made to the writing which was used in the book. There are no longer schools, but instead they are academies. They are not numbered anymore, but have proper names. Regal goes to Bluemist Academy.

Chapter 18 – Tournament

Miss Yatta quickly moves toward a different location in the colosseum while carrying Regal and Hazel. She arrives where Mr. Razor is waiting with the third participating student from his class – Lawe.

The room is an armory, containing weapons and armors of all kinds. It isn’t just the three participants from Regal’s academy that are there either. Fifty or more students are there with their teachers, choosing weapons and armor for the tournament.

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Chronicle of the Eternal Cover Art and Announcement

With Volume 1 of Chronicle of the Eternal current going through Amazon’s reviews, and will be live soon, I thought now would be a good time for this.

First of all, the cover art I have subtly hinted to as being amazing from time to time. The cover art was produced by Dylan Pierpont, a good friend of mine and an amazing artist. He has his own website where you can have a look at some of his work.

Book Cover Final_wrap

Normally I would make the images smaller in the posts, but that would be an injustice in this case.


My second piece of news is something I haven’t really told anyone as of yet, but I came to the conclusion that I should tell you all.

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