News Update

I thought to update you all on several new things, and as it isn’t just a minor piece of news or two, I created its own post to grab your attention.

Part 1:

First of all, I am incredibly excited to announce the page views. I have been waiting patiently for the past month for this blog to reach a million views. I’m not some super conglomerate website, like wuxiaworld – that has recently, very recently, updated the fact that they have now reached 500 million page views, or other massively popular fan translation sites. But to someone like me, a million views is an incredibly big deal to me.

Considering I started End Online as a hobby during unemployment, without the slightest intention or idea I would make it my full time career, a million views back them was smoke and mirrors within a dream.

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Volume 5 Now Available

It’s currently incredibly late for me, but Volume 5 has finally finished Amazon’s reviews and is now available for purchase. All the readers who have been following for quite some time, I’m sure you realized chapter 35 hadn’t been published as I always release the completed book a week before releasing the last chapter.

For all of you that can’t wait another seven days, you can follow the link at the bottom of the post to Amazon.

Once again, I have forgotten to add myself in as a contributor and only the editors show under the book contributors. I, however, do come up as the publisher. There is no changes to the book, it just mean it won’t show up on my Amazon Author’s Page until the publishing finalizes in Amazon’s system and I can update it.

Another chapter of CotE coming tomorrow, along with a few updates to the other pages. I have also been thinking about creating a map (or maps) for the additional continents from Volume 6 onwards. It is a pain because I long since lost the original photoshop file with all the layers of the original map, so I will have to come up with a solution. But that’s alright, despite being inefficient, I am quite a good problem solver! ^.^

I will leave it at that. I hope you all enjoy! ^.^

Volume 5 on Amazon

Volume 5 Cover 1 EmbossedDigitalRGB

Welcome the New Editors!


I would like to thank everyone who trialled for an editor. You all did a fantastic job and left me remarkably impressed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t simply select you all. If I did, we would be following the principle of too many cooks in the kitchen.

The decision was tough, but I believe I made the right one. I would like to welcome two new editors to work with me on the new story, Chronicle of the Eternal. Templar will be the head editor of COTE while Jack Vanatis will work alongside him. I will also try have them help on End Online when they are available to help genericIntent, who is currently working as a one man army.


I also have a few words from the new editors:

Your in for a fun journey!

Jack Vanatis:
Ahem. Editing, like most things in life is a science. In this case, it’s a mad science and if there’s one thing you can trust Jack Vanatis to do, it’s science up something insane and dangerous out of ordinary objects. Like words. Words that are smashed together into a dangerous mashup of universes, quarks, and giant robot. That’s how blueprints work, and not a single person is going to tell me otherwise. With me on the job/s, I promise both effective grammar and correct levels of tense, with the occasional giant robot out of nowhere. Scratch that last one, I’ve just been informed that an editor is not allowed to mess with the plot. Vote Jack Vanatis, 2016.


Hello, I’m Jack Vanatis. I’m editor number two. Hope you like the story.


… (silence intensifies)

Thanks for choosing me.


That will be all for now, so give a big welcome to our two new editors!

I also have a few words myself to say. I am currently all packed up and will be moving house today/tomorrow. The only problem is that I will be without internet for an indefinite amount of time (Maybe between 1 week and 3 weeks)

Still, Chapter 1 of Chronicle of the Eternal should be posted tonight and even without internet, I will keep on writing! ^.^

Update, Announcement, and Recruitment

Being such an important title, I have deemed it to deserve its own post. There are three topics I want to bring up with all the readers.

First of all is an update. It has been over a week since I began as a full time author, yet I still haven’t had the time to fully focus on writing! This is because despite leaving my job, a large job came to me that has had me working Monday – Friday and coming home void of energy.

The weekend gone was my first free time, and with my motivation being above normal, got stuck into writing. Within a 48 hour period, I actually wrote 12,000 words. I will never shut up about such an enormous effort, so feel free to refer to me in the future by my Roman name, Gloatius Maximus! ^.^

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Introduction to Days of Grandeur

 Editors: None! Wahaha

Just a small update on everything. This weekend has been the most productive weekend I have ever had!!

Not only have I published chapter 22; but planned chapter 22.5 and 23, the latter of which is already more than half written. I added in a new part in the ‘About Me’ page, about things that distract me and other feelings, if any of you are interested.

I also added the new page ‘Other Original Works and Reviews’, in which I have already written one review on Zectas, and begun reading into the second on my list.

But let me get straight into the real scope of why you are reading this; my new work that I will be publishing here. Allow me to give you a brief description what it will be.

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Welcome to the new editors!

Some of you may have been wondering where I have been the past few day, others may have been wondering what I could possibly be up to that no progress has happened on even planning volume 4. Well, here I am! Terrible grammar and all!

I spent most of the weekend looking through various peoples edits and trying to decide who would be best to be my new editor. In the end the decision was incredibly hard. I mean, most of you did incredibly well. Without being able to decide on who would best fit the role, I ended up picking a couple. ^.^

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Good news and bad news.

Edit – For all you waiting I think the valentines short will be ready and posted by about 12pm GMT. Later than usual but that is the life of a full time worker.

Okay let’s start with the good news first, that should hopefully dull down the bad news a bit.

Good news, I am doing a Valentine’s short chapter, featuring yours truly, ME! Just kidding, featuring Fen.
It is coming out this Friday. To my editor, Vincent, I will give you access to it tomorrow when it is complete ^.^

Bad news. Okay readers, lock the bomb shelters and bring out the long life canned produce… There is no full chapter this week.

Basically, I had the busiest weekend I have had in about 2 years and lost all that time to write. I then tried to write in overdrive and in my brilliance on Tuesday, left my laptop off the charger in sleep mode.
Now, this may not seem rather dire, but in fact it is. My laptop, even on standby, has a disgracefully short battery life. I also write my work directly into wordpress.

The result? My laptop battery went completely flat, wiping the local memory of my wordpress backup data in my internet browser… Well, I’m no expert, but I lost 3000 words and my motivation for the next 24hours.

But I do want to bring you something, so I am doing the valentines short chapter! The chapter is a part of the story, just like the Christmas special, so definitely worth your time. Plus, we all seem to be FenXLost here ^.^